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ORF has been invited on the Experts Meeting for the BASIC Group by the MOEF

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Energy News MonitorVol.-XI, Issue-19,  21 October 2014


The Twists and Turns of Indian Gas Pricing have Come to an End...for the Time being

After years of mulling over gas prices in India there has been a decision now, and that's a very positive development, at least, since most potential investors shy away from risk and uncertainty as the devil avoids the holy water.

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Putin loses his best friend: Expensive oil

The decline in oil prices may be depriving Russian President Vladimir Putin of his biggest ally. Oil has been the key to Putin's grip on power since he took over from Boris Yeltsin in 2000, fueling a booming economy that grew 7 percent on average from 2000 to 2008.

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Advisory group on power, coal to submit report by Oct 31

The Advisory Group, set up under former Power Minister Suresh Prabhu to suggest ways to enhance growth and address regulatory issues in the coal and power sectors, will submit its report to the government.

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China's electric-car plans to help Aluminum: Novelis

China's drive to build electric cars is likely to set up a greater-than-forecast surge in demand for aluminum, according to Novelis Inc., the world's biggest supplier to automakers of sheets made of the lightmetal.

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Power Sector Management & Growth-Past & Future

Many people think Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity with his famous kite flying experiments in 1752,

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Highlights of Power Sector - I

Highlights of Power Sector - II

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Navigating the Indian Solar Industry: Prospects and Policies


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Appreciation by Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Appreciation by Central Public Works Deptt.

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