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March 2014

Gender Wage Gap in the Last Ten Years: A Case Study of India
Nayni Gupta

Gender wage differentials are an important concern in developing countries where, more often than not, women are considered inferior to men and therefore lack access to similar economic opportunities. In this light, the main aim of this paper is to examine changes in the gender wage gap in India.

March 2013

Rapid growth in ACI Region changing world strategic landscape
C Raja Mohan

The rapid economic growth in the region consisting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and India has begun to change the strategic landscape of the world.

India’s Regional Security Cooperation: The Nehru Raj Legacy
C Raja Mohan

The paper explores the logic of continuity in independent India’s security policy from where the British Raj had left off. Much like the Raj, Nehru’s India sought to provide security to its smaller neighbours.

October 2012

Education and Employment among Muslims in India
Rakesh Basant

This Paper reviews the available literature and empirical evidence to explore the patterns and recent trends in participation of Muslims in the areas of education and employment.

July 2011

Indian Handicraft and Handloom Workers
Life and Working Conditions in Villages
- A Brief Survey
Jayshree Sengupta

Indian handicrafts, traditionally made by rural artisans, radiate a certain charm of their own that has been long admired the world over for the brilliant mix of colours and exquisite craftsmanship. Rural units, or cottage industries, account for 78.2 per cent of all handicrafts produced in the country. Embedded in India’s traditions and social history, they are the artistic expression of the makers, both women and men. About 77 per cent of the artisans are selfemployed and the rest 23 per cent are wage earners.