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Why is Chinese investment in
 India so low?
China invested more than USD 100 billion overseas last year alone. Its cumulative investments in Myanmar total USD 14.2 billion. The real question is why Chinese investment in India has lagged so far behind. Political mistrust is certainly a large part of the answer.
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Congress must craft a solid policy platform to survive
31 October 2014
Manoj Joshi
The depth of the Congress's problems is evident from the party's inability to come to grips with the problem of party leadership. For structural reasons -- primarily the fact that it is a proprietorial entity -- this is the most critical problem for the party. This was evident from the reactions to P. Chidambaram's remark that a "non-Gandhi" could "someday" become president of the party.
China in Lanka
29 October 2014
C. Raja Mohan
As a rising China becomes the most important extra-regional partner for India's neighbours, India cannot simply wish away the Chinese influence in the subcontinent. The only way to limit the scope and structure of China's security profile is to expand India's own cooperation, including in the defence domain, with all neighbours.
•  Modi and Jokowi
Negotiating the G20 Brisbane summit
29 October 2014
Abhirup Bhunia and Geethanjali Nataraj
The Australian presidency of the G20 has witnessed a focus on the fundamentals: trade, tax issues, infrastructure, employment and banking.
Escalating tension is not good for either India or Pakistan
29 October 2014
The tensions between India and Pakistan have to be seriously examined and ways and means to bring back normalcy should be worked out and implemented. India stands to lose much more if terrorist organisations are deployed in various cities in the country at a time of Pakistan's choice.
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Special Report
NSA calls for UN Convention against Terrorism at Munich Security Conference
22 October 2014
Speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Delhi, NSA A.K. Doval said there is a need for collective response by countries to tackle terrorism as it will be very difficult for countries individually to fight terror effectively. He called for a Comprehensive United Nations Convention against Terrorism.
The ITU and unbundling Internet governance
27 October 2014

Samir Saran
At this month's Plenipotentiary Conference of the ITU in South Korea, India will argue that the ITU has a role to play in Internet governance. Delhi hopes to strengthen the multistakeholder model by unbundling it and distributing various roles to different organizations, including the ITU.
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ORF Policy Perspective
Sustainable Development Goals: The Quest for a Post-2015 Agenda
14 October 2014
Vivan Sharan and Sunil Suri
Issue No. 2
The Observer Research Foundation and Saferworld, UK, with support from the UK Department of International Development, hosted a workshop in New Delhi in August 2014 with the objective of identifying priorities to help secure an inclusive agreement on the SDGs.
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Issue Brief
The Lingering Financial Crisis in the European Union
21 October 2014
Jayshree Sengupta
Issue No. 79
The economic and social problems of the European Union (EU) have not been fully resolved since the euro zone crisis. This issue brief walks the reader through the genesis of the crisis, the reforms and the bailout packages implemented; discusses the adverse consequences of austerity and proposes alternatives; and ends with implications for India.
Lebanon: Caught in the Regional Crossfire
18 October 2014
Avinash Tharoor
Issue No. 75
Lebanon, the smallest nation in continental Asia, is also one of the most populous. A relatively stable, secure and democratic state, its geographical location and the growing regional crisis are leading to pressing internal and external threats that Beirut must face.
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Abe's and Modi's policies on Indo-Pacific becoming concurrent: Japanese Ambassador
27 October 2014
The idea of a united Indo-Pacific put forward by t he Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is becoming increasingly concurrent with the foreign policy initiatives of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to the Ambassador of Japan to India, Mr. Takeshi Yagi.
Digital economy the biggest challenge facing the Indian policy-maker', says ex-PM Advisor
20 October 2014
"The structure of the Indian economy is undergoing a radical transformation, moving towards a highly service-oriented digital economy. In a digital economy we produce less tangible goods and consume more, consequently resulting in reduced savings.
India needs scholars to formulate effective China policy
10 October 2014
For formulating an effective China policy, India needs scholars well versed in Chinese language and culture who should be able to understand and appreciate the Chinese style of diplomacy to foster better synergy and cooperation between the two countries.
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Occasional Paper
Sanctions and the Ukraine Crisis: How Strong is Europe's Dependence on Russian Gas?
15 September 2014
Thomas Elmar Schuppe
Issue No. 53
What can and should the Western world do in reaction to Russia's annexation of Crimea, which has been widely condemned as a harsh infringement of international law?
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Africa Monitor
Africa without electricity
27 October 2014
Vol. IV Issue. 25
According to the in depth analysis by the International Energy Agency on Africa's Energy sector, there are around 620 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa without electricity and fixing that would require burning a lot more fossil fuels. However, according to IEA report, it's because of rise in population.
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China Weekly Report
China's battle with smog intensifies
27 October 2014
Vol IV, Issue 33
China has been struggling with its attempts towards curbing air pollution which has become a major concern world over. The Beijing Marathon took off amidst smog and reduced visibility.
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South Asia Weekly Report
Lt-Gen Rizwan Akhtar, the new ISI boss
24 October 2014
Taruni Kumar
Vol VII, Issue 43
The post of Director-General (DG) of Pakistan's premier intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), believed to be the second most important post in the country's military set-up now, has a designated successor to the outgoing Lt-Gen Zaheerul Islam.
Country Reports: 
Afghanistan | Bangladesh | Bhutan | India | Maldives | Myanmar | Nepal | Pakistan |Sri Lanka
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Energy News Monitor
Shades of Grey: The Annals of the Indian Coal Industry (part II)
10 October 2014
Vol XI, Issue 17
Contrary to common belief that this 'mafia mode of production' is one of the key barriers to reform of the coal sector, the investigative report claims that it is in reality a 'complementary department'
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Space Alert
India's Mars Mission: A Major Boost for its Space Credentials
06 October 2014
Vol II, Issue 6
India's successful Mars mission on September 24, 2014 has ensured India a seat in an exclusive club that include the US, Russia and Europe. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi who witnessed the final insertion of the spacecraft into Martian orbit described the success as ?historic."
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ORF Cyber Monitor
Digital Strategies for Disaster Management: Lessons from Kashmir
05 October, 2014
Vol II, Issue 10
In a passionate letter explaining his government's failure to coordinate relief efforts in Jammu and Kashmir, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah stated that a breakdown in connectivity due to unprecedented flooding caused a 'missing government' in a time of crisis.
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West Asia Monitor
Iran and the coalition against the Islamic State
1 October 2014
Vol I, Issue II
At a meeting held in Paris on September 15 to 'build a coalition' against the Islamic State (IS), Iran was left out of the list of participants.
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South China Sea Monitor
Emerging Asian Power Play and the Maritime Silk Road
1 October 2014
Vol III, Issue 10
Two high-profile visits this month?President Xi Jinping's maiden visits to the Maldives and Sri Lanka, two important islands in the Indian Ocean and later to India as well as President Pranab Mukherjee's visit to Vietnam,
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ORF Special Report
Oil & Gas in India: The Milestones (1825-2012)
11 September 2014
Dinesh Kumar Madhrey
1825: Lieutenant R. Wilcox of the 46th Regiment Native Infantry, who with his small survey party was on a military mission to maintain law and order, spotted oil seepages in the north-eastern corner of Assam in September.
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China Military Watch
Senior Chinese military official warns against Japanese militarism
02 July 2014
Vol III, Issue 13
A senior Chinese military official said on June 22 that all peace-loving people should keep alert about Japan's further inclination toward a wrong and dangerous path and the revival of its militarism.
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Annual Report
Annual Report 2014

Observer Research Foundation (ORF) is an endeavour to aid and influence formulation of policies for building a strong and prosperous India. The expectations of the global community from India are immense as the country is poised to play a leading role in the knowledge age. The Foundation believes that in the next 15 years, India will be one of the great economic powers in the world and contribute to a significant transformation in the quality of life of humanity.
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The Twists and Turns of Indian Gas Pricing have Come to an End...for the Time being
21 Octber 2014
Thomas Elmar Schuppe,

After years of mulling over gas prices in India there has been a decision now, and that's a very positive development, at least, since most potential investors shy away from risk and uncertainty as the devil avoids the holy water.

Diesel Price Deregulation: Who did it and Why it matters
21 October 2014
Lydia Powell,

The political answer to the question 'who deregulated diesel prices in India?' would be 'the bold new government which is committed to economic reform'.

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India's climate change strategy: Expanding differentiated responsibility
07 October 2014
Samir Saran and Will Poff-Webster

For Lima and Paris climate change negotiations to succeed in achieving consensus, the issue of equitable response to the climate crisis must be creatively reimagined.

Modi and the Middle East: Towards a Link West Policy
07 October 2014
C. Raja Mohan

In the past, India avoided talking to major powers like the US and Europe on the Middle East.

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Digital governance: Need for regulating cloud ecosystem
04 October 2014
R. Swaminathan

India will become a digital society. It is also deploying all the right pieces and infrastructure for a digital economy.

Modi and Obama's war
01 October 2014
C. Raja Mohan

The real issue is not about double standards on terrorism. Nor is hypocrisy a monopoly of either America or India. The problem is different.

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Japan and China seeking a limited truce?
09 October 2014
K.V. Kesavan

The forthcoming APEC annual summit, to be held in Beijing in November,

Modi's America
24 September 2014
C Raja Mohan

India must improve relations with both Washington and Beijing and not limit ties with one because of the other.

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Not so coy
08 October 2014
C. Raja Mohan

What is new is the fact that Delhi under Modi is no longer coy about affirming its position in conjunction with the US.

Xi Jinping visit - a wasted opportunity to break new ground
25 September 2014

The Chinese diplomacy seems to have erred on the side of aggression.

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