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ORF Vision:
India, in the next 25 years, will join the ranks of the world?s great
economic powers and transform significantly the quality of life of its one billion people.

ORF Objectives:
  • Aid and impact formulation of policies and evolve policy alternatives.
  • Create a climate conducive to effective implementation of these policies.
  • Strengthen India?s democratic institutions to enable coherent, reasoned and consistent policy-making.
  • Provide reasoned and consensual inputs representing a broad section of opinion to improve governance, accelerate economic development, and ensure a better quality of life for all Indians.
  • Monitor strategic environment.
  • Work towards achieving international peace, harmony, and co-operation.
  • Give direction to India?s long-range foreign policy objectives.


Observer Research Foundation (ORF) was started in the early nineties during the troubled period of India?s transition from a protected economy to a new engagement with the international economic order. Serious threats to its security were rapidly emerging. At that time, a need was felt for an independent forum that would examine the critical problems facing the country and help develop coherent policy responses in a rapidly changing global environment. ORF was thus founded and subsequently supported by many of India?s leading intellectuals, academics, public figures, social activists, business leaders and institutions of higher learning.

ORF was established on 5 September 1990 as a private, not for profit, ?think tank? to influence public policy formulation. The Foundation brought together, for the first time, leading Indian economists and policymakers to present An Agenda for Economic Reforms in India. The idea was to help develop a consensus in favour of economic reforms. Since then ORF scholars have made significant contributions toward improving government policies. ORF research projects have resulted in immediate and tangible impact on economic and strategic policies of the country.

Today, ORF is known among policy makers, both in India and abroad, as a place pulsating with fresh promises and ideas. Ideas are what shape public policy think tanks. Ideas are an expression of unfettered curiosity and an urge to explore ways and means to find solutions to vexed issues that affect us. At ORF, ideas are reflected in the projects and programmes that are undertaken by various institutes and programmes. Young researchers are encouraged to take up challenges of organizing and leading projects which, in the years to come, would be symbols of pride for the Foundation.

The Foundation?s activities can be neatly divided into two categories: Projects and Events. Both are an intrinsic part of the Foundation?s objective in shaping, influencing public opinion and creating viable, alternative policy options in areas as divergent as employment generation in backward districts and real-time strategies to counter Nuclear, Biological and Chemical threats.

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