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Indian food security and the WTO deal
A host of issues that were crucial to the interests of developing countries, and to a large extent India's, were off the table at Bali. For instance, rich country farm subsidies. The US has still not budged from its position vis--vis farm subsidies, despite years of push from poor countries, including in Africa.
India and Japan: Asia's win-win partnership
Abhirup Bhunia and Geethanjali Nataraj
24 January 2014
On the strategic side of things, Japan's economic cooperation with India is also a hedge against a rising China which is a direct threat to Japan as also India, if to a lesser extent.
Networking the Northeast through the 'rail route'
Maulik Mavani
22 January 2014
The rail connectivity schemes in the Northeast, if implemented in a timely manner, would possibly achieve what decades of politico-administrative soft power and military hard power struggled to - bring about peace and economic development in a region embroiled in protracted ethnic conflicts.
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China rise a trigger for Indo-Japanese relationship
14 January 2014
Though the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between India and Japan is an achievement in Indo-Japanese bilateralism, much more needs to be done at the people-to-people level to broaden and strengthen the growing relationship.
FDI need of the hour: Experts
03 January 2014
Economic experts firmly believe that FDI is the need of the hour and with political will and good governance measures, it could prove to be crucial in enhancing development in the region.
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Issue Briefs & Monographs
The Global Financial System: A post-GFC Report Card
Jayshree Sengupta
22 January 2014
The International Financial Architecture has come under much scrutiny following the 2008 global financial crisis. There have been demands for major reforms to the IFA; but despite the steps taken so far, much more needs to be done to ensure global financial stability.
The State of India's Cities and Towns
Jochen Mistelbacher & Prashant Kumar
10 December 2013
This "Book of Charts" on the "State of Cities and Towns", produced by ORF Urban Policy Research Initiative, paints a descriptive picture of the current state and developments in employment, education and public infrastructure provision, among others, and the disparities between states, within states and between different sections of the urban society.
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Occasional Papers
Community Driven Development in Developing Countries
Abhilaksh Likhi
24 May 2013
This paper highlights the increasing importance of Community Driven Development (CDD) in the delivery of public services to the poorest sections and enhancing access, voice and accountability in developing countries.
India's Shifting Governance Structure:From Charter of Promises to Service Guarantee
Niranjan Sahoo and Arjun Kapoor
09 July 2012
The liberalisation policy of India that was initiated in 1991 was designed to dismantle the protectionist regime through removal of industrial licenses, thereby reducing the strict bureaucratic control under which the country’s foreign trade had been suffering for decades.
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Talk on

"India, Sri Lanka and the International Community"
by N Sathiya Moorthy (Director, ORF-Chennai)
Saturday, 26 July 2014
(11:00 AM To 1:00 PM)
Venue: ORF-Chennai Conference Hall




"Rethinking Federalism in India" Wednesday, 30 July 2014
(10:00 AM to 1:30 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall



Lecture Discussion on

"India-China Connectivity: Past and Present"
Dr. Tansen Sen, Associate Professor of Asian History
Thursday, 2 August 2014
(11:00 AM To 1:30 PM)
Venue: ORF kolkata Conference Hall




"Debating Indian Nuclear Doctrine"
Tuesday, 5 August 2014
(10:30 AM to 1:00 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall




Book Nuclear Strategy in the Modern Era: Regional Powers and International Conflict.
Wednesday, 6 August 2014
(3:30 PM to 5:00 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall




"Current Dynamic in Pakistan and the future of India-Pakistan relations"
Thursday, 7 August 2014
(3:00 PM to 4:30 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall



ORF-NBR Workshop on

"Mapping Pakistan's Internal Dynamics: Implications for State Stability and Regional Security"
Sunday, 10 August 2014
(6:30 PM To 10:00 PM)
11 August 2014
(10:00 AM To 6:00 PM)
Venue: The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi



The India Conference on

"Cyber Security and Cyber Governance"
16-17 October 2014
(10:00 AM To 6:00 PM)
Venue: The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi



Conference on

"United States Foreign Policy in International Perspective"
Tuesday, 21 October 2014
(10:00 AM To 5:00 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall



ORF-ZEIT Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius (Hamburg)

"4th Asian Forum on Global Governance"
26 October to 4 November 2014
(10:00 AM To 5:00 PM)
Venue: Hyatt Regency, New Delhi



International Conference on

"Regional Integration in the Indo-Pacific: Prospects and Challenges"
Monday, 24 November 2013
(6:00 PM To 8:00 PM)
Tuesday, 25 November 2013
(10:00 AM To 6:00 PM)
Venue: The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi









India's Solar Mission: Make it work for the economy class not just the business class
15 July 2014
Praveen Kumar Kulkarni

India has been doling out subsidies to the solar Industry that includes cheap land, infrastructure, capital subsidy, income tax holiday,

Budget for Energy 2014-15: An Autopsy!
15 July 2014
ORF Energy Team,

The Budget 2014-15 is out and it is time to dish out customary observations and comments.

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Kashmir rail
2 July 2014
C. Raja Mohan

That China is now preparing to extend its railway into Pakistan Occupied Kashmir should stir PM Modi to

The #NaMo wave yet to translate into effective governance
1 July 2014
Samir Saran

In government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to disrupt the lethargy of the Lutyens communication machinery by

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Development of Northeast and Modi's policy with its neighbours
26 June 2014
Joyeeta Bhattacharjee

Along with proposing new measures and initiatives, the Narendra Modi government should focus on completing

Panchsheel blues
26 June 2014
C. Raja Mohan

While rhetoric is common in diplomacy, Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari, when travelling to Beijing this week,

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Indo-US cyber dialogue should include hardware security
03 July 2014
Jennifer McArdle

Much like the Indo-U.S. strategic partnership, Indo-U.S. cyber engagement appears to have plateaued and could benefit from a tailored reset.

Beyond net neutrality
02 July 2014
R. Swaminathan

Internet of Things ensures that all data cannot be treated as equal. The principle of net neutrality needs an overhaul

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Modi's energy literacy tested by challenges of introducing 'rainbow vision'
24 June 2014
Manish Vaid

India's new Prime Minister Narendra Modi faces a tough challenge in balancing cost-optimisation for ordinary people while mitigating environmental risks,

Rise of the Eurosceptics could hurt Indian interests
21 June 2014
Jayshree Sengupta

The recent European Parliamentary election shows the rise of the extreme right wing parties.

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