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India's climate change strategy: Expanding differentiated responsibility
For Lima and Paris climate change negotiations to succeed in achieving consensus, the issue of equitable response to the climate crisis must be creatively reimagined. And, to negotiate action on climate change despite many challenges, India should promote a more fine-tuned form of differentiated responsibility -- not just between countries, but within them as well.

The second chance
C. Raja Mohan
04 October 2014
Rekindling a romance is never easy. However, if the expansive agenda unveiled by Modi and Obama is matched by bureaucratic purposefulness in Delhi and Washington, India and America have a second chance at building a strategic partnership of considerable consequence.
Modi and Obama's war
C. Raja Mohan
01 October 2014
The real issue is not about double standards on terrorism. Nor is hypocrisy a monopoly of either America or India. The problem is different. Although the US and India see terrorism as a great threat to their societies, they have different priorities in the war against it.
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Iran's nuclear issue: A breakthrough in sight?
Ravi Joshi
01 October 2014
A significant thaw is happening in the relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Once Saudi Arabia decides to mend its ties with Iran, the US should hardly have any reason to go on punishing Iran. In this scenario, it seems the resolution of Iran's nuclear negotiations is not far off.
Can the US and Iran join hands to fight the IS?
Ravi Joshi
05 September 2014
A common enemy does often become a powerful uniting force, but the fact that the US has so many friends and not a single ally to fight the Islamic State speaks volumes about its foreign and defence policies in Wes Asia.
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Xi's visit to Maldives: Should India worry?
N Sathiya Moorthy
29 September 2014
Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit and accompanying independent agreements with Maldives and Sri Lanka, on undefined maritime issues and cooperation, have the potential for causing greater concern not only in India, but in the shared neighbourhood and beyond.
Maldives: Uniting in the name of Islam and Palestine
N Sathiya Moorthy
06 August 2014
In Maldives, the use of religion for political purposes should not be confused with a return or advent of 'fundamentalist Islam' or whatever.
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New Delhi has to be prepared for new Pakistan-based jihadi threats
Vikram Sood
26 September 2014
The threat to India and Indian interests will still come from Pakistan-based terrorist forces. The name of the terrorist regiment or the colour of its uniform is not important. Conceivably, the first test for the Modi government will be in Afghanistan.
No table for three
C. Raja Mohan
21 August 2014
As the NDA government recalibrates India's Kashmir and Pakistan policies, Delhi must do a much better job explaining the logic behind the cancellation of the foreign secretary talks, widely seen as abrupt.
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Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka: Moving away from bottom-trawling still the way out for TN fishers?
N Sathiya Moorthy
26 September 2014
The much-publicised first round of the officials-level talks on resolving the India-Sri Lanka fishing issue has ended up as a non-starter. However, hopes still cannot be ruled out for a possible, if not early, solution.
Sri Lanka fishers' row: 'Fast-tracking' problem, not necessarily solution?
N Sathiya Moorthy
19 July 2014
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, apart from writing to the Prime Minister, could also consider touching base with fellow Chief Ministers for facilitating such early release of 'innocent' Sri Lankan fishers in their prison, from time to time.
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Xi Jinping visit - a wasted opportunity to break new ground
25 September 2014
The Chinese diplomacy seems to have erred on the side of aggression. A golden opportunity "to make a new beginning" was lost mainly due to the face-off in Ladakh. Modi genuinely wanted a much higher level of engagement, but the Chinese President failed to seize the opportunity.
Modi's America
C Raja Mohan
24 September 2014
India must improve relations with both Washington and Beijing and not limit ties with one because of the other. India, as Modi says, has the bandwidth to engage both China and the US. The objective must be to build India's comprehensive national power through whatever cooperation is possible with both America and China.
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Modi's America
C Raja Mohan
24 September 2014
India must improve relations with both Washington and Beijing and not limit ties with one because of the other. India, as Modi says, has the bandwidth to engage both China and the US. The objective must be to build India's comprehensive national power through whatever cooperation is possible with both America and China.
India woos Japan for better economic ties
T. V. Rajeswar
08 September 2014
The larger theme of Narendra Modi is that India, Japan and China have many common interests and that all of them have to build on them and thereby initiate the Asian Century by working together and make the Asian Century a truly peaceful and prosperous one.
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Neither warmongers nor wimps
Britta Petersen
20 September 2014
Driven by the dramatic events in the Ukraine, a far-reaching process has started, in Germany and in other European countries. For this time, the European Union is on the right path.
MH-17 shooting down: A 'wake-up call' to work for truce
Nandan Unnikrishnan
21 July 2014
If efforts to dilute tensions between the West and Russia fail, Delhi will have to intensify its engagement with Moscow to develop the relationship as leverage against what is perceived to be India's primary strategic challenge - the rise of China. India and Russia will have to creatively use various forums to circumscribe Chinese power.
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US-Africa Leaders' Summit: Seeking a new relevance
H.H.S. Viswanathan
19 August 2014
The US-Africa Leaders' Summit in Washington D.C from August 4 to 6 attracted considerable international media attention for various reasons. To begin with, for the US, it was a first of its kind.
BRICS needs doses of steroids to prosper
Samir Saran and Vivan Sharan
14 July 2014
Perhaps, the most critical issue for the five BRICS leaders, who will meet at the sunny shores of Fortaleza, will be practical goal-setting. This will be an exercise in planning and coordination to maintain continuity as well as honing in on objectives for the long term. If there is an opportunity to be seized in cross-leveraging political and economic ties, it will be in the coming years.
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Maritime dispute resolved, Delhi and Dhaka should work for turning Bay into economic hub
Joyeeta Bhattacharjee
16 July 2014
Resolution of the maritime dispute between India and Bangladesh has opened up a new horizon for cooperation between the two countries.
What Sushma Swaraj should look out for in Dhaka
Joyeeta Bhattacharjee
25 June 2014
Friendly Indo-Bangla relations will play a major role in securing peace and prosperity in the South Asia and these can be achieved with sincere initiatives by the government in resolving outstanding issues. India's Bangla policy could be a benchmark for the new government in dealing with other countries in the neighbourhood.
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