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East Asia would have liked PM Abe to be more categorical on war apology
Japanese PM Abe's war statement does talk about his country's pledge not to resort again to aggression, war, and colonial rule and also expressions like remorse, repentance and heartfelt apology rendered by successive governments.

Not with you, nor without you
C. Raja Mohan
25 August 2015
For all the problems with Pakistan, our diplomacy must be animated by hope leavened with the fact that change is inevitable. As the world of India and Pakistan changes, there will always be opportunities to break the current stalemate.
Another charade comes to an end
Vikram Sood
25 August 2015
If Pakistan is fighting terror inside Pakistan it is of their own making. So discussing terror with Pakistan has to be carefully nuanced. The reality of what they do to us and the fiction of what we do to them.
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The Iran opportunity for India
Uma Purushothaman
20 August 2015
Even as its relations with Iran grow stronger with the end of Iran's isolation, India will have to negotiate a delicate balance vis--vis its relations with the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, especially Saudi Arabia given the much-written about new Cold War emerging between Riyadh and Tehran.
US rapproachment with Iran a tectonic shift in regional balance of power
Ravi Joshi
24 July 2015
Despite the sanctions, Iran has continued to act as a regional power with huge influence over the internal affairs of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain and Yemen. That's what threatens Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf kingdoms, and America's rapproachment with Iran is the beginning of a tectonic shift in the regional balance of power.
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Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka: 'Re-vitalising' India relations even more after the polls
N Sathiya Moorthy
18 August 2015
It is not impossible that Sri Lankan PM Ranil Wickremesinghe, like his predecessors and Presidents, might choose India for his first overseas destination. The world, particularly the the SLT Diaspora living in the West, too, would be watching a Ranil-Modi meeting, for signals to larger aspects of ethnic issue.
Can LTTE win or lose elections one more time?
N. Sathiya Moorthy
03 August 2015
In Sri Lanka, whoever wins or loses the parliamentary polls, and whoever forms the government afterward, it's President Maithripala Sirisena who would be at the centre of all post-poll politics over the ethnic issue, political solution and 'accountability issues' of the UNHRC kind.
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Japanese PM's dilemma on the World War II apology
K V Kesavan & Vindu Mai Chotani
17 August 2015
For Japan to have harmonious relations with China and South Korea, one must be able to accept and right the wrongs done in the past. Changing the language of the apology would be misconstrued as doubting or questioning past statements. Hence, one could think of three options for PM Abe.
Abe's defence
C. Raja Mohan
21 July 2015
It's not often that one sees leaders take risks in the pursuit of a political conviction. Abe, a rare exception, has been steadfast in his determination to remove the extraordinary restraints on Japan's military imposed by its post-war constitution. Abe wants Japan to be a "normal" power, 70 years after World War II.
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Is China emerging as an obvious challenger to US globally
Vikram Sood
07 August 2015
To be a world leader, China will first have to be supreme in Asia, which has 10 of the world's largest countries. To be supreme in Asia, it will have to deal with Japan and India.
China's Taliban
C. Raja Mohan
31 July 2015
If New Delhi lets domestic political passions overwhelm the need for a carefully crafted strategy towards Pakistan, it will find the Afghan dynamic will soon make matters a lot more difficult for India.
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Where do the two leading Democratic Party nominees stand on issues?
Sylvia Mishra
04 August 2015
The Democratic election nomination tussle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is going through an exciting time as Sanders' far-left economic agenda is increasingly becoming more appealing to the party's base.
God and the ballot: Religion and voting patterns in America
Monish Tourangbam
03 August 2015
The US constitution builds a wall of separation between the church and the state, interpreted as prohibiting the state from meddling into the affairs of the church and vice versa. However, this constitutional provision cannot negate the church's influence in impacting who gets elected as President.
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Russia and the Iran nuclear deal
Kanak Gokarn
15 July 2015
What is interesting for Russia is how greater cooperation with Iran will affect its ties with other Middle Eastern nations, such as both Saudi Arabia and Israel, which has been a vocal opponent of a nuclear deal with Iran. Israel however does not occupy a special position in Russia's foreign relations as it does for the United States.
Russia's ISIL challenge in the North Caucasus
Kanak Gokarn
09 July 2015
Russia has been dealing with extremism within its borders for several years. So it is not exactly unprepared for whatever threat ISIL currently poses. However, there is a degree of complacency that has set in.
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Maldives: Reconciliation hopes remain despite cancellation of third-round talks
N Sathiya Moorthy
10 July 2015
In Maldives, despite a last-minute 'cancellation' of the third round of talks between the Government and the MDP leader of the combined Opposition, there is nothing to suggest that the current reconciliation process has derailed, irrecoverably.
Maldives: And, Nasheed applies for clemency
N Sathiya Moorthy
19 June 2015
By applying for clemency to President Abdulla Yameen during the month of Ramadan, former President Mohammed 'Anni' Nasheed has put the ball in the court of the Maldives President. Yameen is now under twin-pressure on the Nasheed front.
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'Act East' for better connectivity
Nilanjan Ghosh & Mihir Bhonsale
25 June 2015
The motor vehicles agreement between BBIN nations is a welcome development and marks a good beginning. But now what is needed is a sustainable approach to infrastructure development in the region.
Bangladesh's web of Jihadi terror
Joyeeta Bhattacharjee
24 June 2015
Though the Hasina Government is pursuing an active counter-terrorism programme and has succeeded in controlling the activities of various radical organisations in the real world, it has failed to curb their activities in the virtual world.
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A landmark election, and a new President
H.H.S. Viswanathan & Arushi Gupta
15 April 2015
The Nigerian presidential election on March 28 was nothing short of a historic turning point in the rather fragile democracy. An incumbent Nigerian President was voted out in a general election which was, on the whole, free and fair barring a few technical glitches.
Is China practising new form of imperialism in Africa?
Geethanjali Nataraj and Richa Sekhani
10 February 2015
Many see China to be practicing a new form of imperialism in Africa as it imports primary goods from Africa and exports manufacturing goods to Africa, without transferring skills to the continent. And China-Africa ties are not free from challenges. There is also immense potential.
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