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Why Al Qaeda's new wing is likely to fail in India
Like the ISI, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba or the Indian Mujahideen, the al Qaeda will not meet much success in India because the Indian Muslims are happy with their lot in a secular, democratic country and even al Zawahiri understands that.

India woos Japan for better economic ties
T. V. Rajeswar
08 September 2014
The larger theme of Narendra Modi is that India, Japan and China have many common interests and that all of them have to build on them and thereby initiate the Asian Century by working together and make the Asian Century a truly peaceful and prosperous one.
Vindu Mai Chotani & Sruthi R
06 September 2014
Having historical ties that date back to Nehru and Abe's grandfather Nobusuke Kishi, both India and Japan and their leaders are aware that if the 21st century belong to Asia, India and Japan are the two nations that could really shape and guide this progress.
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Gearing up for the Modi-Xi meeting
Peter Martin
06 September 2014
Not since the era of Indira Gandhi and Deng Xiaoping, perhaps even since that of Nehru and Mao, have India and China been led by such dynamic and forceful politicians as Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping. These leaders are due to meet later this month in Xi's first official visit to India.
What Modi can learn from Xi
Manoj Joshi
04 September 2014
Modi has been ambivalent about the Lokpal, believing, presumably, that a revitalised administration will make this institution redundant. If so, he is wrong. At some point, he will have to take up the fight directly. This is the lesson we can learn from Xi Jinping. From the outset, Xi has been involved in a struggle against corruption.
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Can the US and Iran join hands to fight the IS?
Ravi Joshi
05 September 2014
A common enemy does often become a powerful uniting force, but the fact that the US has so many friends and not a single ally to fight the Islamic State speaks volumes about its foreign and defence policies in Wes Asia.
Making friends with the middle
C. Raja Mohan and Rory Medcalf
25 August 2014
Building a set of flexible Asian coalitions that do not include America or China should become a critical element of India's strategy of coping with the historic power shift in Asia and the uncertain evolution of US-China relations.
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No table for three
C. Raja Mohan
21 August 2014
As the NDA government recalibrates India's Kashmir and Pakistan policies, Delhi must do a much better job explaining the logic behind the cancellation of the foreign secretary talks, widely seen as abrupt.
The Indo-Pak stand-off gets a new twist
Manoj Joshi
19 August 2014
New Delhi, having sent a tough message, will hopefully, be working along a coherent policy perspective. Relations with Pakistan are too important to be left hostage to knee-jerk reactions.
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US-Africa Leaders' Summit: Seeking a new relevance
H.H.S. Viswanathan
19 August 2014
The US-Africa Leaders' Summit in Washington D.C from August 4 to 6 attracted considerable international media attention for various reasons. To begin with, for the US, it was a first of its kind.
BRICS needs doses of steroids to prosper
Samir Saran and Vivan Sharan
14 July 2014
Perhaps, the most critical issue for the five BRICS leaders, who will meet at the sunny shores of Fortaleza, will be practical goal-setting. This will be an exercise in planning and coordination to maintain continuity as well as honing in on objectives for the long term. If there is an opportunity to be seized in cross-leveraging political and economic ties, it will be in the coming years.
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The Iraq Crisis and PM Nouri al-Maliki
Kanchi Gupta
08 August 2014
Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki faces challenges to his power not only from receding American support but also from political rivals like the Sadrists and the al-Iraqiyya bloc, and the rise of Sunni insurgent groups like the Islamic State.
Saudi Arabia-Iran: Resilient animosity?
Kanchi Gupta
11 June 2014
Even as the 'Arab Spring' confrontations develop a sectarian character, the Saudi-Iranian relationship cannot be perceived through the dichotomous lens of sectarianism or of pragmatism. The evolving relationship between the two states incorporates both elements
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Maldives: Uniting in the name of Islam and Palestine
N Sathiya Moorthy
06 August 2014
In Maldives, the use of religion for political purposes should not be confused with a return or advent of 'fundamentalist Islam' or whatever.
Maldives: What after ruling coalition splitting over Speaker's choice
N Sathiya Moorthy
30 May 2014
In Maldives, the three-party ruling coalition, led by President Abdulla Yameen's Progressive Party of Maldives, has split on the very first day of the very first session of the People's Parliament, elected only in March.
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MH-17 shooting down: A 'wake-up call' to work for truce
Nandan Unnikrishnan
21 July 2014
If efforts to dilute tensions between the West and Russia fail, Delhi will have to intensify its engagement with Moscow to develop the relationship as leverage against what is perceived to be India's primary strategic challenge - the rise of China. India and Russia will have to creatively use various forums to circumscribe Chinese power.
After Putin warmth at BRICS, sudden chill for Delhi
C. Raja Mohan
19 July 2014
With much of the international fury directed at Russian President Putin for supporting rebels in eastern Ukraine, the suspects in shooting down the Malaysian airliner, Narendra Modi may soon find that there are costs associated with India's "privileged" partnership with Russia.
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Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka fishers' row: 'Fast-tracking' problem, not necessarily solution?
N Sathiya Moorthy
19 July 2014
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, apart from writing to the Prime Minister, could also consider touching base with fellow Chief Ministers for facilitating such early release of 'innocent' Sri Lankan fishers in their prison, from time to time.
Sri Lanka: What the TNA can do for India to help
N Sathiya Moorthy
10 July 2014
Public posturing apart, moderate Tamils in Sri Lanka seem to want India to intercede on their behalf all over again and help arrive at a political settlement on the ethnic issue with their nation's government.
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Maritime dispute resolved, Delhi and Dhaka should work for turning Bay into economic hub
Joyeeta Bhattacharjee
16 July 2014
Resolution of the maritime dispute between India and Bangladesh has opened up a new horizon for cooperation between the two countries.
What Sushma Swaraj should look out for in Dhaka
Joyeeta Bhattacharjee
25 June 2014
Friendly Indo-Bangla relations will play a major role in securing peace and prosperity in the South Asia and these can be achieved with sincere initiatives by the government in resolving outstanding issues. India's Bangla policy could be a benchmark for the new government in dealing with other countries in the neighbourhood.
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