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Grexit and lessons for India
Greece may be far away from India but the lessons to be drawn are many. Bringing down fiscal deficit through harsh austerity measures has brought Greece to the brink. India should also not cut the important social sector spending in order to bridge the fiscal deficit.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is the key to India's interests
Manoj Joshi
14 January 2015
The election of a new government in Colombo provides New Delhi a great opportunity to reset its relations with Sri Lanka. Both countries need to set aside the contentious past and see how they can construct a 21st century relationship based on economic ties and the awareness of the need to understand each other's security concerns.
Powershift in Colombo is Delhi's opportunity
C. Raja Mohan
12 January 2015
As a new government led by Maithripala Sirisena takes charge in Colombo, New Delhi has a valuable opportunity to arrest the drift in bilateral relations over the last few years. The Modi government, less constrained internally than the UPA government, is in a good position to rebuild the partnership with Sri Lanka that occupies a vital position on India's maritime frontiers to the south.
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Pak boat operation mysterious and deserves some answers
Manoj Joshi
12 January 2015
It is strange that the operation took place on the edge of India's exclusive economic zone, 365 km from Porbandar. It would have made more sense to have allowed the suspect boat to come into our territorial waters where we could have legally boarded it forcibly? Even if it was sunk, you could have then recovered the evidence in the shallower waters.
Pak boat operation: Was there any other option with Coast Guard?
Vikram Sood
08 January 2015
No one really knew what had happened on the high seas off Porbunder on the New Year Eve, yet everyone had an answer within hours. The boat was apparently in the wrong place at the wrong time,
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Bangladesh: Warring Begums
Pinak R Chakravarty
12 January 2015
The political situation in Bangladesh is reverting to the bad old days of hartals and blockades. Major countries which could influence the Sheikh Hasina government, including India, seem reluctant to pressurise her.
Dhaka boundary settlement: Modi bites the bullet
C. Raja Mohan
01 December 2014
Constructing a border of cooperation with Bangladesh should liberate India from one of major geopolitical constraints imposed on it by the Partition of Bengal. When he travels to Dhaka in the near future, Modi is in a position to unveil a genuine strategic partnership with Bangladesh.
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Beijing's South Asia
C. Raja Mohan
03 January 2015
Delhi's economic decision-makers, with their inward orientation, appear to have no capacity to think of a strategy for regional integration in partnership with China, or any other great power. The best it can come up with is to establish an official study group that can spin out the Chinese proposals for a few more years.
Enter the mellowed dragon
Manoj Joshi
30 December 2014
The world often sees China as a monolithic, monochromatic nation, relentlessly marching towards a future which it has clearly defined for itself. The reality, however, is a nation led by a Communist Party elite, which is very good at doing what it does, and which works hard at remaining where it is ? at the top of the country's political pyramid.
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Maldives: Trivialising the Presidency
N Sathiya Moorthy
03 January 2015
In Maldives, a ruling coalition member's decision to move an amendment to the 2008 Constitution, to fix an upper age-limit of 65 years for contesting presidential election, has landed President Abdulla Yameen in an unnecessary controversy.
Maldives: 'Water crisis' shows India's heart is as close as the two nations
N Sathiya Moorthy
11 December 2014
India has assured Maldives to extend all technical expertise to resolve the current water crisis. India pressed the button after Maldivian Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon called counterpart Sushma Swaraj soon after the seriousness of the crisis was known.
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Russia-Turkey deal and geo-politics of gas
Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty
30 December 2014
At a time when it is facing Western sanctions and a proxy war on oil prices, Russia sprang a huge surprise early this month by signing a gas deal with Turkey. The deal will enable Russia to pump natural gas into a Turkish hub, near the Turkey-Greece border and from there into the southern EU market.
Rising Ukraine IDPs: Need for urgent international help
Himani Pant
29 December 2014
While the world remains engrossed in the debates triggered by Western sanctions on Russia over Ukraine and the countersanctions, a serious humanitarian crisis is building up in Ukraine which needs international attention and help.
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Iran steps up fight against Extremism
Ravi Joshi
15 December 2014
Iran recently organised the first international conference on 'World against Violence and Extremism (WAVE)' as per the proposal made by President Hassan Rouhani at the UN General Assembly in September. Most significantly, the conference brought together the Foreign Ministers of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen - four of the most troubled states in the region.
Iran's N-talks: Two steps forward and another act of sabotage
Ravi Joshi
06 November 2014
While the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 are on track and when Iran is conceding most of the demands, why should there be an explosion in a crucial Iranian nuclear site, that too a missiles and munitions centre -- Parchin.
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Will the Japanese PM be able to win 'Abenomics'poll test?
K.V. Kesavan
12 December 2014
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has a fairly heavy political agenda before him. The foremost is his firm resolve to introduce constitutional reforms. If he wins the December 14 elections, Abe would have bright chances to win another term as the LDP president in September next year and stay at the helm for three more years.
Will Okinawa poll shock impact Abe's national politics and US relations?
K V Kesavan and Vindu Mai Chotani
20 November 2014
The consequences of the Okinawa gubernatorial elections, where Prime Minister Abe's party candidate was defeated convincingly, mainly on the issue of relocation of US bases, will resonate on the US-Japan security alliance as well as Abe's ruling LDP party.
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India's big African opportunity
Tim Steinecke
12 December 2014
The success of the next India Africa Forum Summit as well as the future of India-Africa relations not only depends on India's ability to develop an attractive and sustainable approach to Africa, but also on the willingness of African leaders to look beyond Beijing when partnering up with foreign investors.
Increasing Boko Haram pressure on Nigerian President
Arushi Gupta
27 November 2014
In less than a week, more than 100 people have been killed by terror group Boko Haram in the northern part of Nigeria. This brutal Islamic group remains a significant problem confronting the democratic government of President Goodluck Jonathan.
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Why Modi's invite to Obama marks a watershed in India-US ties
C. Raja Mohan
24 November 2014
Strong Republican support for India in the US Congress, the new tensions in America's ties with China and Russia, and the unfolding geopolitical flux in Middle East and Asia, make it possible for Modi and Obama to boldly reimagine the bilateral partnership.
Will Okinawa poll shock impact Abe's national politics and US relations?
K V Kesavan and Vindu Mai Chotani
20 November 2014
The consequences of the Okinawa gubernatorial elections, where Prime Minister Abe's party candidate was defeated convincingly, mainly on the issue of relocation of US bases, will resonate on the US-Japan security alliance as well as Abe's ruling LDP party.
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