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PM Abe's new thrust to Japan's Central Asian strategy
PM Abe has activated Japan's Central Asian diplomacy like no other leader did before. However, he is realistic enough to understand the enormous Chinese influence in the region. Rather than seeking to supplant that influence, Abe only wants to project Japan as an important and useful partner in the Central Asian scene.

The importance of being Raheel Sharif
Vikram Sood
02 November 2015
After PM Nawaz Sharief's visit to the US, now General Raheel Sharif will be visiting the country. Gen. Sharif has seemingly controlled terror emanating from FATA, has restored the image of the Army after the setbacks during the time of his predecessors Musharraf and Kayani. He runs a quasi-independent judicial system.
To be not talking to Pakistan is dumb
Manoj Joshi
31 October 2015
The Modi government appears to have abandoned the multi-pronged policy of its predecessor of simultaneously engaging Islamabad and dealing with cross-border terrorism. This government made a surprise beginning with the idea of promoting South Asian unity . But since then it has been fixated on countering terrorism at the cost of everything else, though Pakistani covert activity in India has seen a sharp decline since 2008.
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Afro-India: Claiming the 21st century
Sanjeev Ahluwalia
29 October 2015
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's muscular outreach to the world has evoked intense curiosity. Foreigners are lining up to check if we are ready to walk the talk. Does reality match the hype? It helps that India has a global reputation for gorgeous shopping ? the jewelry, the silks, the pashmina, fashion wear, all available at competitive prices.
Africa Summit: Between talk and action
C. Raja Mohan
27 October 2015
During the UPA years, Delhi often proclaimed itself as a "net security provider" in the Indian Ocean and beyond. Modi has certainly put security cooperation at the very heart of his regional diplomacy. But the institutional framework in Delhi for such cooperation remains to be developed.
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Exercise Malabar: What does it means for Japan?
Vindu Mai Chotani
29 October 2015
For Japan, which deployed missile destroyer J S Fuyuzuki and SH 60K helicopters on India's invitation, the Malabar Exercise signals the growing importance of ties between the two nations as well as the personal importance that PM Modi has attached to India's strategic ties with Japan.
China in Japan's South Asia policy
Vindu Mai Chotani
15 October 2015
Well aware of China's growing influence in the Bay of Bengal and the changing power dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region, Japan is now presenting itself as an alternative benefactor. With an eye toward Beijing, can the emergence of Japan in this region prove to play a balancing role?
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Trouble in Maldives
N Sathiya Moorthy
28 October 2015
After the arrest of Vice President Ahmed Adheeb following the bomb blast in the official speed boat of President Abdulla Yameen, the police have clamped down on Male gangs that were supposedly connected to him. It will do Maldives a lot of good if the Yameen leadership gives the police a free hand in the matter so they crack down on the gangs. It would also give democracy a boost, and with that a possible reduction in drugs availability as well.
Maldives: When will Modi follow suit after Sushma's visit?
N Sathiya Moorthy
17 October 2015
Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj undertook a two-day weekend visit to Maldives, setting the stage for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to follow suit, but possibly based on the quick-changing domestic developments in the Indian Ocean archipelago.
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China-UK: A strategic partnership
Manoj Joshi
27 October 2015
Xi's visit to the United Kingdom was not about trade and investment only. It has an important strategic component, viz, shaping China as a truly global power. Recall that the end station of both the land and maritime components of the Belt Road Initiative is Europe. As China shifts its economy towards high-end manufacturing and services, it is targeting the European market, where its two largest partners are Germany and UK.
In a week, China fires two rapid response launch vehicles
Vidya Sagar Reddy
21 October 2015
Within the span of a week last month, China has successfully carried out maiden launches of two of its next generation launch vehicles. Besides validating the rockets for future manned and unmanned space missions, they have also demonstrated China?s strategic capabilities pertaining to outer space.
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US elections: Decoding the role of Indian Diaspora
Uma Purushothaman
23 October 2015
While India watches the elections with interest, whether it is a Republican or a Democrat who comes to power, US-India ties are set to improve because of bipartisan consensus in the US that the relationship has to grow stronger in view of shared concerns and interests in the Indo Pacific.
Politics of fear in US presidential campaigns
Monish Tourangbam
21 October 2015
As the election season heats up in the US, the language of fear and name calling is rampant within parties and between parties. Instilling fears of the other candidate into the minds of voters, through campaign rhetoric and negative ads and distributed many times over by the power of new media technologies, has emerged an important feature of the campaigns.
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With Russian buildup in Syria, is Turkey a bigger loser?
Abhijit Iyer Mitra
01 October 2015
Much of this month has witnessed a slow but steady build-up of Russian troops in Syria. The Russian move is of huge significance - militarily as well geopolitically - not by what it brings to the table, but by what it prevents the other protagonists from doing in that tragic conflict.
Russia and the Iran nuclear deal
Kanak Gokarn
15 July 2015
What is interesting for Russia is how greater cooperation with Iran will affect its ties with other Middle Eastern nations, such as both Saudi Arabia and Israel, which has been a vocal opponent of a nuclear deal with Iran. Israel however does not occupy a special position in Russia's foreign relations as it does for the United States.
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Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka: TN resolution not in sync with ground-level political realities
N Sathiya Moorthy
22 September 2015
The Tamil Nadu Assembly's recent Resolution on the 'accountability issues' in Sri Lanka does not seem to be in sync with the prevailing mood and methods of the socio-political majority among the Tamils in that nation. Instead, it may be away from the script the Tamil National Alliance has been writing since the January presidential polls.
UN human rights report on Sri Lanka: Old wine in older bottle
N. Sathiya Moorthy
17 September 2015
The much-awaited UNHRC commissioned OISL report has turned out to be only old wine in older bottle. It could not have been otherwise either, considering that it is only a "human rights investigation, and not a criminal investigation", as it points out in an early paragraph.
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The Iran opportunity for India
Uma Purushothaman
20 August 2015
Even as its relations with Iran grow stronger with the end of Iran's isolation, India will have to negotiate a delicate balance vis--vis its relations with the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, especially Saudi Arabia given the much-written about new Cold War emerging between Riyadh and Tehran.
US rapproachment with Iran a tectonic shift in regional balance of power
Ravi Joshi
24 July 2015
Despite the sanctions, Iran has continued to act as a regional power with huge influence over the internal affairs of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain and Yemen. That's what threatens Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf kingdoms, and America's rapproachment with Iran is the beginning of a tectonic shift in the regional balance of power.
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'Act East' for better connectivity
Nilanjan Ghosh & Mihir Bhonsale
25 June 2015
The motor vehicles agreement between BBIN nations is a welcome development and marks a good beginning. But now what is needed is a sustainable approach to infrastructure development in the region.
Bangladesh's web of Jihadi terror
Joyeeta Bhattacharjee
24 June 2015
Though the Hasina Government is pursuing an active counter-terrorism programme and has succeeded in controlling the activities of various radical organisations in the real world, it has failed to curb their activities in the virtual world.
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