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Yameen greets poor Opposition rally with China visit
In Maldives, the combined Opposition rally on June 12 failed to impress or inspire. The failure is attributed to the confusion caused by the unclear Opposition response to President Yameen's call for political negotiations.

Jeb Bush fires up presidential campaign
Sylvia Mishra
17 June 2015
Whilst Jeb Bush, belonging to a family with two former US Presidents, still hasn't won the primaries, he has managed to conjure a lot of enthusiasm around his candidacy. Even though he has not emerged as the favourite of the GOP's large block of more moderate supporters, junior Bush is often been called the front-runner.
Vietnam and India-US Cooperation
Sylvia Mishra & Pushan Das
15 June 2015
The India-U.S. Joint Vision and the mention of the South China Sea is India's strategic response to the growing Chinese naval profile in the Indian Ocean Region. In this context, US outreach to Vietnam and India's Act East policy are symbolic of India-U.S. cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.
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Xi-Putin bonhomie fails Western policy towards Russia
Uma Purushothaman
16 June 2015
The Western policy of isolating Russia has only served to push Russia deeper into Chinese arms. Russia and China are planning to increase their engagement in Central Asia and will coordinate their policies in the former Soviet territories in Eurasia.
The new Sino-Russian partnership
Himani Pant
12 June 2015
Xi Jinping's foreign policy gives acute emphasis to the development of silk roads. The closer Moscow and Beijing get, the more Russia will have to adjust to China's interests. It is important to understand that while Moscow depends heavily on Beijing, the situation is not true in the reverse.
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Iran opportunity
C. Raja Mohan
16 June 2015
Iran is critical for stabilising India's northwestern marches, providing access to Central Asia and in meeting India's future energy needs. The pursuit of these separate but significant interests in the West Asia is bound to produce multiple contradictions. Managing them will be a great challenge for Indian diplomacy.
India-Iran and the Easing of Sanctions
Kanchi Gupta
14 May 2015
India's deepening engagement with the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council as well as Israel could also moderate New Delhi's diplomatic ties with Tehran. India-Iran relations were at their peak during then Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's visit to Tehran in 2001 and then Iranian President Mohammad Khatami's visit to India in 2003.
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Bilateral vision unfolds amid neighbours' glare
Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty
11 June 2015
Bangladesh and India are standing at a take-off stage in their relationship despite anti-Indian groups and political parties trying to find fault with Hasina's moves. The Chinese and Pakistani lobbies are unhappy with this growing engagement.
Love thy neighbour
Manoj Joshi
11 June 2015
Beyond resolving outstanding problems, Modi's visit to Bangladesh has led to the setting up of agreements, MoUs and protocols which will transform our relations in the future. The key issues here are connectivity and economic partnership.
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Spy Game in Afghanistan
Vikram Sood
05 June 2015
The MoU between the espionage agencies of Afghanistan and Pakistan is a case of the latter showing India the finger, never mind that it flies in the face of history and logic
Sleeping with the enemy
Vikram Sood
29 May 2015
There are now three strands to Pakistan's strategy. One, to keep the pressure on Afghanistan through increased Taliban terrorist attacks; two, take over the dialogue process with the help of China, and; three, tie all this up with an ISI-NDS deal.
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Japan shows how to respect all labours
Prashant Kumar
05 June 2015
To enjoy its demographic dividend, India must stop looking down upon low-skilled workers and treat them with dignity. Examples and experiences from other countries are there to learn from - Japan is one.
UNESCO caught in the Japan-Korea crossfire
K. V. Kesavan
18 May 2015
Historical issues straining Japan-Korea ties have severely limited the two countries to leverage their strategic and economic convergences to strengthen their partnership which could contribute a lot for regional peace and stability.
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Kerry's Visit to Russia: Sign of a Thaw in US-Russia ties?
Uma Purushothaman
26 May 2015
Kerry's Russia visit signals Washington reaching out to Moscow and is the first sign towards normalising the US-Russia relationship. However, it will be prudent to say nothing more than that for now.
West's old enemy is China's new friend
Himani Pant
07 May 2015
Though China has gained from the Ukraine crisis, the present situation also places China in a diplomatic bind. A strong proponent of the absolute nature of sovereignty, it does not support separatist movements.
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Maldives slipping into 'pressure cooker' mode?
N Sathiya Moorthy
08 May 2015
Now, Maldives seems to be slipping steadily into the 'pressure cooker' mode. No solutions are in sight. None one knows what is going to happen next. May be, the ruling Yameen leadership should look around to learn its lessons from neighbouring Sri Lanka.
MDP's 'May Day' call, now again to India
N Sathiya Moorthy
30 April 2015
Combined with the Maldives government's demonstrated preparations for a face-off, the tone and tenor of the Opposition's preparations for the May Day rally, and their call for the civil society to chip in, indicate a possible repeat of the 'December 23 movement' protests (2011-12) that led to President Nasheed's exit.
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Sri Lanka
TNA joins Colombo to pour cold water on Tamil Nadu fishers' proposals
N Sathiya Moorthy
24 April 2015
The Tamil National Alliance, heading an elected Government in Sri Lanka's Northern Province, have shocked well-wishers in India, particularly in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, with its tough stand on the fishers' issue between Colombo and Chennai.
Maldives: Yameen 'returns' Bill barring politics for Nasheed
N Sathiya Moorthy
08 April 2015
While it may be inconceivable in the Third World democratic context that the Bill that restricts political rights of Nasheed was moved and passed without the President's consent, Yameen has now returned the Bill to Parliament.
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A landmark election, and a new President
H.H.S. Viswanathan & Arushi Gupta
15 April 2015
The Nigerian presidential election on March 28 was nothing short of a historic turning point in the rather fragile democracy. An incumbent Nigerian President was voted out in a general election which was, on the whole, free and fair barring a few technical glitches.
Is China practising new form of imperialism in Africa?
Geethanjali Nataraj and Richa Sekhani
10 February 2015
Many see China to be practicing a new form of imperialism in Africa as it imports primary goods from Africa and exports manufacturing goods to Africa, without transferring skills to the continent. And China-Africa ties are not free from challenges. There is also immense potential.
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