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Need for reviewing NELP policies
Experts have suggested that there is a need for reviewing the NELP (National Exploration Licensing Policy) to accommodate signals being sent to the energy market on pricing and regulatory aspects.
Oil & Gas
Dash for Gas: Opportunities & Challenges
January 2012
Fifty years after the first LNG tanker sailed from Mississippi to UK in 1959 natural gas has finally matured into a global commodity. Gas is no longer limited to being a regional resource or a continental resource.
Energy subsidies wipe out over Rs 2 lakh crore of India’s GDP, unsustainable: Experts
15 December 2011
Experts have unanimously cautioned the Government that the current levels of subsidy in the energy sector, which wipes out more than Rs 2,00,000 crores of India’s GDP, is not at all sustainable.
Renewable Energy
Funding solar projects needs Govt. push: Experts
18 January 2012
According to experts, captive power generation offers immense potential for converting into solar based power consumer. However, this change requires a mandatory push from the government through regulations or incentives.
Small Hydro: Too Small for a National Mission?
28 November 2011
As India braces itself for an over-ambitious Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, it also has to deliberate the prospects of developing other renewable energy resources. Of all the non-conventional renewable energy sources, small hydro represents the highest density resource.
BLUE REVOLUTION: Charting South Asia’s Water Future
September, 2011
Water is a scarce natural resource with multifaceted uses cutting across class, economic and political boundaries. Evaluating and recognizing the importance of water in different spheres of life is where the trouble begins.
Water Security in South Asia: Issues and Policy Recommendations
09 February 2011
This brief is largely based on several discussions organised at Observer Research Foundation over a period of time. These discussions were enriched by the presence of some of the well-known experts on water issues in the country.
Climate Change
The Globalisation and Climate Change Paradox: Implications for South Asian Security
July 11, 2011
The interpretation of security through the prism of Westphalia1 for the past three centuries now stands under scrutiny. Traditional state-centric security narratives are giving way to a more complex discussion on security.
Sustainable development and climate change-Sunjoy Joshi and Marlies Linke.
05 January 2011
In this book, the authors explore the persistent dissonances in the climate debate with the aim of identifying the harmonies that can help the world compose a common sympathy that accounts for the concerns, expectations and aspirations of all stakeholders.
End monopoly in Coal sector by introducing competition, say experts
24 February 2010
India is the third largest coal producer and the coal industry one of the oldest sectors of commercial involvement




Talk on

"Anglo-Indians: A 500-Year History"
by S Muthiah (Social Historian, Chennai)
Saturday, 23 August 2014
(11:00 AM To 1:30 PM)
Venue: ORF-Chennai Conference Hall



Talk on

"Putin's Plan for Russia"
by Mr. Andrew Kuchins
Monday, 25 August 2014
(2:00 PM To 3:30 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall/Board Room



Seminar on

"The Converging Strategic and Economic Interests of India and the ROK in the Asia-Pacific Region"
Thursday, 28 August 2014
(10:00 AM To 1:00 PM)
Venue: Yonsei University, Seoul



Discussion on

"India-Pakistan Nuclear Doctrines"
Monday, 8 September 2014
(11:00 AM To 1:00 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall



Conference on

Mr. Modi's First Global Summit: What to Expect at the UN Special Climate Summit"
Monday, 8 September 2014
(3:30 AM To 5:00 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall



Conference on

"The Cost of Precision Strike"
Tuesday, 7 October 2014
(10:00 AM To 12:30 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall



The India Conference on

"Cyber Security and Cyber Governance"
16-17 October 2014
(10:00 AM To 6:00 PM)
Venue: The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi



Conference on

"CyFy 2014"
18 October 2014
(11:00 AM To 1:00 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Auditorium



Conference on

"United States Foreign Policy in International Perspective"
Tuesday, 21 October 2014
(10:00 AM To 5:00 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall



ORF-ZEIT Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius (Hamburg)

"4th Asian Forum on Global Governance"
26 October to 4 November 2014
(10:00 AM To 5:00 PM)
Venue: Hyatt Regency, New Delhi



International Conference on

"Regional Integration in the Indo-Pacific: Prospects and Challenges"
Monday, 24 November 2013
(6:00 PM To 8:00 PM)
Tuesday, 25 November 2013
(10:00 AM To 6:00 PM)
Venue: The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi



ORF-Russkiy Mir Conference

"New Problems and Trends in Global Geopolitics"
4-5 December 2014
(10:00 AM To 5:00 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall









Natural Gas in India: The Tale from Two Papers
12 August 2014
Lydia Powell,

The story of natural gas in India has been told and re-told in different ways by many observers in the last few years.

Pakistan: the next frontier for Indian power companies?
12 August 2014
Ashish Gupta,

Like India, Pakistan is a country plagued with high unrealistic electricity tariff, inefficiency, low recovery of dues and distorted subsidy mechanism.

Gas Pricing Beyond Administered Prices (part IV)
12 August 2014
Thomas Elmar Schuppe,

Natural gas pricing linked to competing fuels is widely regarded as one of the most appropriate pricing methods for gas markets that are in the transitional phase of market development,

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Can Modi turn slogans into concrete actions?
14 August 2014
Jayshree Sengupta

All that the government has to do is to focus on providing basic goods -- high quality primary education and healthcare,

Modi's per drop more crop dream needs a digital cover
14 August 2014
R. Swaminathan

The prime minister has shown a refreshing approach towards Indian agriculture, but for the real challenges to be surmounted,

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Japan's growing engagement in the Indo-Pacific
12 August 2014
Darshana M. Baruah

Tokyo's growing engagement with the countries of the region is a strong reflection of Japan's desire to play a greater role in regional security.

Bubbles and Other Troubles: Risks from Ultra Easy Monetary Policy
12 August 2014
Manmath Goel

Spillovers from unconventional monetary policy in the AEs pose a systemic risk for emerging market economies (EMEs).

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India: Diversifying arms purchases
13 August 2014
Siddharth Sivaraman and Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopal

Technology is important, but who you get it from is even more important. U.S. drones in the Indian inventory would have a huge value in terms of messaging,

Exploring net neutrality
12 August 2014
Anahita Mathai

With India seeking to connect the next billion, and becoming a key player in the global Internet debate, it is important to have clearly formed domestic policies.

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India does not need SAARC Bank
11 August 2014
Prashant Kumar

India will gain very little by taking the lead in this venture. It already holds the rather envied position as the strongest economy within the region.

Why India cannot do away with indirect subsidy
5 August 2014
Jayshree Sengupta

Giving huge amounts of cash subsidies in the developed countries also distorts market. Lowering the actual cost of production artificially,

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