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Rebooting US-India Strategic Partnership
Carter's commitment to deepening defence cooperation with India and Parrikar's determination to recast India's defence structures set the stage for a rebooting of the India-US strategic partnership.
Asian Security Dynamics
Ahead of Secretary Carter's India visit, bipartisan support for expansion of defence cooperation
Sylvia Mishra
26 May 2015
India-US defence ties are driven not only by business and commercial interests, but by the logic of geopolitics. Sustained bipartisan support in favour of burgeoning India-US ties is necessary.
India's disinterest in Asian defence diplomacy continues
C Raja Mohan
26 May 2015
As the annual Shangri La Dialogue in Singapore begins this week, Indian Defence Minister will not be present for the meeting suggesting that the tone of disinterest in Asian defence diplomacy set by the previous government appears to continue.
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Space Security
Revolt of the free-riding Netizens
Sanjeev Ahluwalia
21 April 2015
The mantra of Net Neutrality would require the user to pay for new capacity since telcos then become mere managers of "dumb pipes" conveying data as it comes and recovering costs from users. No one, least of all Netizens, can stomach an increase in Net usage charges.
A time to lead
Samir Saran and Abhijit Iyer Mitra
16 April 2015
India must accept its own exceptionalism. It must thereafter understand how to establish it. India is in a position to shape cyberspace debates, but for that it will need to be flexible, propositional and present everywhere that internet governance is debated. Its strong and diverse contingent at The Hague is a good beginning.
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Indian Defence
India needs long term solution in procuring defence systems
Pushan Das
29 May 2015
Security expert Ashley Tellis recommends upgrading India's aircraft carrier with US systems to counter the Chinese in the Indian Ocean. But does India face a credible enough Chinese threat and does it really need new systems?
Heroes Humiliated in the name of Security
Deepak Sinha
27 May 2015
In Delhi, the Army still honours its martyrs in the airport parking lot as, ostensibly due to security concerns, it doesn't have access to the reception area built last year.
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Procurement & Self Reliance
Why India’s defence procurement is problematic?
Deba R Mohanty
10 April 2012
A country that spends 15 per cent of its Central expenditure on national defence (armed forces and DRDO) and 23 per cent on national security (armed forces and all other security forces like para-military, police) must explain to its citizens as to whether its spending on security is justifiably utilised or not.
From MIC to NSIC
Deba Ranjan Mohanty
11 October 2011
Nomenclature notwithstanding, the evolution of an Indian National Security Industrial Complex (NSIC) must be watched with interest and caution.
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Non-Traditional Security
Moves to enhance response to CBR attacks
Astik Sinha
27 December 2011
The recent Indian government’s decision to equip 800 police stations in 80 cities with radiation monitors is a clear indication of how serious the threats posed by chemical, biological and radioactive (CBR) weapons is being taken.
Winning the aerospace tech battle
Deba R Mohanty
29 August 2011
India had recently decided to partner Russia in a joint project known as Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA). A project like this is a rarity, like Brahmos, that India can ill afford to lose. Prudence would demand employment of a realist strategy of engagement by India in convincing the Russians to expand the scope of involvement.
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Talk on

"Taiwan-India Economic Partnership"
by H E Frank M C Lin.
Saturday, 04 July 2015
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"BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2015"
by Dr. Kaushik Deb, Economist, BP
Monday, 13 July 2015
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Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall




"Bangladesh India Platform on Sundarbans"
Thursday, 16 July 2015
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"Cyber Security / Internet Governance"
Monday, 20 July 2015
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"CYFY 2015"
14-16 October 2015
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"5th Asian Forum on Global Governance"
25 October to 3 November 2014
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Ruling out funding for coal projects is unfair!
23 June 2015
Ashish Gupta,

Fossil fuel (especially coal) based growth which laid the foundation for almost all the richest economies is now being criticised by them in the wake of changing climate dynamics.

Unusually Quiet June 2015

India monthly energy briefing
23 June 2015
Lydia Powell and Akhilesh Sati,

In general energy news in the month of June is dominated by statistics on thermal power plants having little or no coal stock and stories of long power outages even in privileged urban areas.

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Don't hyphenate Israel
15 June 2015
Ashok Malik

Israel being India's most trusted ally in West Asia and among the three or four closest friends in the world,

Modi visit to boost India-Israel ties
15 June 2015
Kanchi Gupta

Even though India's defence, security and economic relations with Israel have been on the upswing since the 1990s,

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Supporting climate resilient development in India
15 June 2015
Sadaf Javed

Indian climate policy-making should 'mainstream' adaptation strategies into development planning to better address climate change.

Government must push women into forefront
15 June 2015
Nishtha Gautam

A lot has been discussed about PM Modi's first year in office. While actions and policies on economy, security, external affairs,

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Xi-Putin bonhomie fails Western policy towards Russia
16 June 2015
Uma Purushothaman

The Western policy of isolating Russia has only served to push Russia deeper into Chinese arms.

The new Sino-Russian partnership
12 June 2015
Himani Pant

Xi Jinping's foreign policy gives acute emphasis to the development of silk roads. The closer Moscow and Beijing get, the more Russia will have to adjust to China's interests.

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Monsoons to test Modi Govt's crisis management
08 June 2015
Jayshree Sengupta

As usual there is speculation about the normalcy of the monsoons. A deficient monsoon this year will certainly aggravate the stress of farmers.

King of the industrial jungle
06 June 2015
Sanjeev Ahluwalia

Is the Asiatic Lion as the symbol of "Make in India" best suits today's "muscular" India's image? Perhaps, it does if we consider India's size and diversities.

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