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India's Sri Lanka abstention: A message for West
Over and above the stated causes, reasons and justification, the Indian 'abstention' on the anti-Sri Lanka vote at the UNHRC this time was a 'message' in itself. Intended or otherwise, the 'message' was for the West-dominated 'international community' on the one hand, and the Sri Lankan stakeholders on the other.
Kejriwal case in Supreme Court and its implications
09 April 2014
Congress and BJP's answer to the Supreme Court's question on Arvind Kejriwal's petition, challenging the imposition of President's rule in Delhi, may have the potential to rearrange the political landscape.
Sri Lanka: What after India?s UNHRC-3
28 March 2014
India's abstention from voting at the UNHRC session in Geneva means that India has now re-positioned itself to re-engage the Sri Lankan stake-holders in a constructive way, as articulated by Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid long before the vote.
In Maldives too, polls underline coalition reality of the times
25 March 2014
As in the world's many democracies, parliamentary polls in Maldives too have underlined the coalition reality of the times. The polls have also proved the add-ons do count, as former President Nasheed had proved in his second-round victory in 2008.
Is air of permissiveness back here?
24 March 2014
Going by the Sri Lanka-related events and developments on the global arena, it looks as if the international community has not learnt any lessons from the recent past in and of the country. Be it the Indian neighbour, or the distant Norway, or whoever had attempted to help resolve the ethnic issue, had to give up after a point.
Maldives: EC crisis ends, polls as scheduled
15 March 2014
After managing well the crisis over the Election Commission in Maldives, the government now will have to initiate legal and political measures to institutionalise facilitating mechanisms for smooth transition. Again, the initiative would lie with President Yameen.
Why Indian fishers cannot chase 'Sri Lankan' fish?
12 March 2014
With Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa linking the officially-blessed second round of fishers' talks in Colombo, scheduled for 13 March, to the release of all fishers arrested by the Sri Lankan Navy, questions have arisen about the future course.
India needs a strong foreign policy: Former MEA secretary
12 March 2014
There is a need for a strong foreign policy, particularly with regard to the India's immediate neighbourhood, according to a former secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs.
Sri Lanka: Why India should not vote against Sri Lanka at UNHRC
06 March 2014
India thus cannot afford to vote against Sri Lanka at UNHRC, now or later. If India needs to engage with Sri Lanka for helping the Tamils, it cannot do so from a perceived position of animosity and antagonism.
Maldives: After convicting MDP MP, will court now turn to Nasheed?
28 February 2014
In Maldives, all the four present and former presidents need to talk to each other, not talk at each other, as has been the case over the past five years if they are serious about constitutional and administrative reforms, in whatever way each one of them visualise.
Sri Lanka: Competing resolutions can complicate decision for India at UNHRC
21 February 2014
At the UNHRC session next month, India should take the initiative to work out a consensus resolution, where not just the Sri Lanka-related 'accountability' concerns of the West but also the competing counter-concerns of 'friends of Sri Lanka' are also addressed.
Maldives: 'Institutions' crying for reforms faster than expected?
15 February 2014
With Maldive's Supreme Court serving 'contempt of court' notice on Election Commission members, a case is now getting increasingly made out for a review of the rights, powers and responsibilities of 'independent institutions'.
Maldives: Talk of 'another coup'
11 February 2014
For a second occasion in almost as many weeks, former Maldives President Mohammed Nasheed hinted at a change of the country's leadership. Such reports will sound credible only if the MDP is able to muster two-thirds majority in Parliament.
'Genocide' and 'equivalent'
04 February 2014
At this rate, the TNA can become ?untouchable? in national politics, as they were earlier. It does not serve the Tamil cause ? and certainly not the moderates? cause. It is the hardliners alone, many of whom are outside the country forever that will be happy.
India needs to prioritise concerns and interests in neighbourhood
15 January 2014
Among other things, India requires its neighbours to 'out-source' its larger geo-strategic security concerns in the shared Indian Ocean neighbourhood - and otherwise, too.
Need for a specific ministry to address fishing issues
13 January 2014
India needs to restructure the administrative set-up at the Centre and in the States. There is a need for separate Fisheries ministry with an independent minister. In Tamil Nadu, fisheries is a separate ministry with an independent minister, but there is no separate secretary.
Saving fish, fishing and fisheries
31 December 2013
In seeking 'Scheduled Castes' identity, fishers across India, including those in southern Tamil Nadu coast, need to acknowledge the double-edged weapon that court orders have been in conferring 'tribal rights' on land-based SC communities.
As Maldives President comes calling....
30 December 2013
India being the closest neighbour with high stakes in the stability of Maldives, President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom's India visit from January 1 to 4 would be keenly watched, nearer home in the two countries, and afar.
Infiltration from Bangladesh more dangerous than from Pakistan: Ex-DGMO
19 December 2013
Though infiltration from Pakistan is of great concern, those from Bangladesh in the form of illegal migrants pose a more serious threat to the nation, according to Lt-Gen (Retd) Anand Verma, former Director-General of Military Operations.
'AAP experiment' and the staying power
16 December 2013
The indecision of the AAP since the announcement of the Delhi poll results has the potential for the national voter to prefer national parties or alliances, rendering regional parties minimal players with maximalist muscle-flexing.
Fishing issue: 'Externalising' the 'internal waters'?
10 December 2013
With festivals fast approaching, time may be running out on Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa's self-set December deadline for her Government to host the third round of talks between fishers' representatives from the State and Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka: Cameron's presence and Manmohan Singh's absence
03 December 2013
Post-CHOGM revival of what otherwise are short-term suspended issues may have the potential to unilaterally commit the Union of India to positions on Sri Lanka human rights issues that may be difficult to rescind closer to UNHRC March session.
'Tamil Diaspora' tag can cut many ways
28 November 2013
The 'multiple identities' of the Tamil-speaking people in the country have suddenly acquired an urgent need for mutual understanding between the State and the citizen. There are contextualised circumstances, which may not provide for a yard-stick to measure 'national interests' or prioritise them.
Maldives: The stranglehold of coalition politics continues
19 November 2013
The recent presidential polls show the continuing stranglehold of 'coalition politics' in the contemporary Maldivian context. It became visible when Nasheed defeated incumbent Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in the second round of the 2008 polls, after securing only 25 percent vote-share in the first round.

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