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ORF VIEWS COLLABORATION with think tanks and esearch organisations across the globe as a vital part of its mandate. For international partners, ORF represents an institution that is able to generate real time and quality analysis on a diverse range of public policy issues. ORF believes that collaborative exercises must be initiated and sustained as equal partnerships in conceptualisation, funding and management.

The Following are our Event Partners
Rosa-Luxemburg Stiftung, Germany
Brookings Institution, Washington, USA
Institute of South East Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore
India Energy Forum, New Delhi
University of Delhi, India
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)
Council for National Strategy, Moscow, Russia
Institute of World Economics and Policy, Kazakhstan
The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR), U S A
International Public Foundation - Experimental Creative Centre, Russia
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India
Ministry of External Affairs
Brazilian Centre for International Relations (CEBRI), Rio, Brazil
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Polity Foundation, Moscow, Russia
Discussion on
ORF-ICWA Book Discussion on Energy
Tuesday, 15 October 2009
(10:00 AM To 1:00 PM) &
Venue:ORF-Delhi, Auditorium

Issues in Captive Coal Block Development in India
24 July 2009
Given the high global demand for and the ever-rising price of oil
International Negotiations on Climate Change: Road to Copenhagen
27 July 2009
The 15th Conference of Parties (CoP 15) on Climate Change is scheduled to begin on December 7, 2009
China outmaneuvers India again
3 September 2009
Kanwal Sibal
China’s provocative statements on Arunachal Pradesh invite a barrage of media criticism,
The ’Spring City’ of China
3 September 2009
K. Yhome
Located in southwest China, the city has already become the hub of large businesses of Yunnan province
Baitullah Mehsud is dead, long live Pak Taliban
22 August 2009
Wilson John
Mehsud, till early 2007, was an anonymous diabetic gym instructor from the Mehsud tribe
Pakistan is the epicentre of global jihad network
17 August 2009
Wilson John
The role played by Laskhar-e-Tayyeba in facilitating jihadi alliances with al Qaida is becoming increasingly clear
South Asia
South Asia Weekly Report 86
17-24 September 2009
Satish Misra
The Sri Lankan government registered an official protest after the London-based Channel
Is Afghanistan the next Vietnam?
05 September 2009
Harinder Sekhon
Afghanistan is proving to be one of Barack Obama’s toughest foreign policy challenges. Eight years after the US