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South Korea and Modi's Act East Policy
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent visit to South Korea has further strengthened and expanded India-Korea strategic and economic ties. Modi's call to take the bilateral relationship to a higher level was responded positively by the South Korean leadership.
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Money Flushed Down the Irrigation Canal
Natasha Sharma
22 May 2015
The government's focus on big ticket investment in irrigation projects without caring for its impact on production capacity defeats the very purpose of investing in agriculture projects. There is a need for monumental policy shift to fight the agrarian crisis
South Asia policy after Modi's China visit
N Sathiya Moorthy
22 May 2015
Indian concerns over a 'rising China' is more about China's 'increasing influence' in the South Asian neighbourhood than over the possibility of a revived border episode or a return to war between the two Asian giants.
Rohingyas Adrift in the Bay of Bengal: The region needs to response
K Yhome
21 May 2015
The region need to response to the unfolding migrant crisis in the Andaman Sea. India and the Indian Navy must move quickly with other regional players to bring an end to the humanitarian crisis in the Bay of Bengal.
Modi Government, one year After: A new manual for diplomats
C Raja Mohan
21 May 2015
As Prime Minister Narendra Modi completes the first year in office, his greatest momentum has been in foreign policy. But the external opportunities he has successfully created for India could be undermined by potential domestic failures.
Peripheral diplomacy
C. Raja Mohan
19 May 2015
After much bonhomie in Beijing, PM Modi has moved on to raise India's strategic profile in two key states on China's periphery - Mongolia and South Korea. Although geography limits New Delhi's role in East Asia, Modi is betting India can win friends and partners through active engagement.
Still battling mistrust
Manoj Joshi
18 May 2015
India and China have themselves shown how it is possible to manage disputes. However, it requires a pragmatic ability to confront festering issues and resolve them. By being unusually forthright in his speeches in Beijing, that is what Modi was trying to tell China.
World War-II mistakes: What should Abe do?
Vindu Mai Chotani & K V Kesavan
18 May 2015
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the World War-II. This day should have been used to reflect on the pain inflicted by the war. Unfortunately, this anniversary appears to be degenerating into a political battle, that could have a critical impact on Japan's diplomacy and reputation, especially in Asia.
Incremental progress, not flourishes in India-China statement
Manoj Joshi
18 May 2015
Both India and China seem to be fixated on a "status quo plus" option, in that each side wants something more than the current LAC. Clearly, much more work needs to be done. For the moment, incremental progress is better than no progress at all.
Land Boundary Agreement - New catalyst in Bangladesh-India ties
Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty
16 May 2015
The passage of the Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) Protocol by Parliament not only removes all hurdles for the final settlement of India's longest border with any neighbour, but also paves the way for exchange of Enclaves and merger of Adverse Possessions by re-drawing the International Boundary (IB), also known as the Radcliffe Line.
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