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India needs new construct to step ahead
If India wants to become the favoured investment destination in the wake of a collapsing China, then it needs to move with alacrity on reforms. There is no better time for India and the BJP to swing into action, leave behind its maladroit and clumsy ways over the last 15 months and capitalise on the Chinese rout.
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Why India-Australia FTA matters?
Richa Sekhani
28 August 2015
The bilateral agreement has been expressed as a top priority by both India and Australia leaders. However, having finalised a successful Australia-China FTA, it is unlikely that India will represent same demand for Australian products.
The Modi Govt is missing the big picture on Pakistan
Manoj Joshi
26 August 2015
The letter of the Ufa agreement spelt out the imperative of dealing with the issue of terrorism. But surely its spirit ought to have accepted the need to discuss the issue of Kashmir - in whose name countless acts of violence and terrorism have been undertaken.
Handloom industry in dire straits
Jayshree Sengupta
25 August 2015
The ordinary handloom weaver living in remote areas of the country is under threat of extinction and is likely to shift to some other profession sooner or later. PM Modi's own constituency of Banaras has many handloom weavers famous for their silk brocades but now living in dire straits.
Not with you, nor without you
C. Raja Mohan
25 August 2015
For all the problems with Pakistan, our diplomacy must be animated by hope leavened with the fact that change is inevitable. As the world of India and Pakistan changes, there will always be opportunities to break the current stalemate.
Don't give Hurriyat undue importance
Manoj Joshi
25 August 2015
Hurriyat business is essentially a genuflection to Pakistan's long-standing Kashmir agenda. The Hurriyat mainly represent themselves and while they have a capacity to bring Kashmiri towns to a stand still through a hartal, they have little or no power to do anything else.
BRICS New Development Bank: Glass is half full
Shubh Soni
25 August 2015
The New Development Bank is in a lot ways revolutionary. It is the first time that a group of five emerging economies, with varying political systems and structures, and which are geographically spread wide apart from each other, have taken up the mantle of development in the Global South.
East Asia would have liked PM Abe to be more categorical on war apology
K.V. Kesavan
25 August 2015
Japanese PM Abe's war statement do talk about his country's pledge not to resort again to aggression, war, and colonial rule and also expressions like remorse, repentance and heartfelt apology rendered by successive governments. However, many in East Asia would still have liked Abe himself to express those sentiments more categorically.
Why Pakistani army is needling Modi
Ashok Malik
25 August 2015
Is the world going to be sympathetic to a Pakistan that turns down an invitation for bilateral talks because it would rather have a chat with Hurriyat busybodies who are anyway losing relevance?
Another charade comes to an end
Vikram Sood
25 August 2015
If Pakistan is fighting terror inside Pakistan it is of their own making. So discussing terror with Pakistan has to be carefully nuanced. The reality of what they do to us and the fiction of what we do to them.
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