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Libya: A failed State
Since the overthrow of the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has been plagued by violence and instability. Internecine fighting for power seems be the new norm in Libya, and the country has gradually slipped into a quagmire of civil war.
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J&K: An election of competing nationalisms
Kaustav Chakrabarti
18 December 2014
Poll analysts in J&K seem certain that the BJP will sweep Jammu and the PDP will emerge as the largest party in Kashmir. But this remains to be seen. Without a clear majority, their collaboration will be interesting to watch; both represent competing nationalisms.
The insane logic of violence
Manoj Joshi
17 December 2014
Pakistan's offensive against terrorists may have come just too late. Because today, violent Islamic extremism has spread across the country, and is not something that can be tackled by the army alone. But the tragedy of the killing of school children could be the opportunity for Pakistan to make that strategic shift away from using violent Islamic extremists against its neighbours.
Decoding India's stand on international sanctions
Rishika Chauhan
17 December 2014
The Modi government's policy of engagement, rather than isolation of sanctioned countries, is very much in line with its predecessor, United Progressive Alliance, led by Manmohan Singh. However, like Singh, Modi too has refrained from speaking on the issue of sanctions.
Beijing's Afghan role
C. Raja Mohan
17 December 2014
China has good relations with most of Afghanistan's neighbours, including Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. But it is Beijing's emerging partnership with the Pakistan army in Afghanistan that is the most interesting new element in the region.
The king, princesses, uncles and the crown prince
Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty
16 December 2014
Thailand appears to be heading for a royal change of guard at the very top. The widely revered and ailing 87-year-old king, Bhumibol Adulyadej or Rama IX of the Chakri dynasty, has not been seen in public for quite some time. Bhumibol is the world's longest serving monarch, having ascended the throne in 1946.
Reimagining Indian economic planning: Planning Commission 2.0
Samir Saran
16 December 2014
The Narendra Modi government is going to close down the Planning Commission as it existed. But, any new organization of Indian economic leadership must learn from the failures and successes of the erstwhile Planning Commission, continuing its best aspects while reforming all that is irrelevant.
The real intention of Hafiz Sayeed's rally
T.V. Rajeswar
16 December 2014
By organising the two-day Lahore convention through Hafiz Sayeed and his Jihadi organizations of LeT and JuD, Pakistan wants to demonstrate that the people of Pakistan are not happy with the way the events have taken place in Kashmir.
The solution to eliminate black money lies in India
R. Swaminathan
15 December 2014
It is commendable that the prime minister has raised the issue of black money at an international level. The solution, however, lies in following up on commitment for 'more governance and less government' by implementing networked and integrated digital solutions.
Between a rock and a hard place
Manmath Goel
15 December 2014
Financial health of Indian banks deserves scrutiny. The RBI should strike a careful balance in its policy objectives. Tighter lending norms are unlikely to be a panacea. It must resist the temptation to resort to such short-term fixes.
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