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Need for reforming poll-management
Once the general elections are over in India, it may be time to look inward at the existing processes and revise certain provisions to make them more meaningful and sustainable. If timely cure is not injected, it could damage the firmament of our democratic scheme.
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Transformative elections bring post-identity politics
Niranjan Sahoo
23 April 2014
The 2014 general elections are all about the economy, jobs, good governance and rising aspirations. Survey after survey conclusively agree that for most voters what matters is stable employment, steady income, corruption free governance and a decisive leadership.
Japan's new energy policy and the revival of nuclear power
K.V. Kesavan
22 April 2014
One compelling reason for Japan to adopt the new energy policy was the Abe government's recognition that in the absence of nuclear energy, which accounted for 30% of the total electricity until recently, the country had to pay heavily for importing oil and gas from abroad.
Pakistan, in Modi's eyes
C. Raja Mohan
22 April 2014
If the reports that Narendra Modi has sent emissaries to Pakistan are true, they indicate a recognition of the need to reassure leaders across the border that, were he to become prime minister, he would not be throwing a grenade at the bilateral relationship.
Black money infiltrates Indian elections
Niranjan Sahoo
22 April 2014
India's 16th general elections, billed as the most expensive elections ever, are witnessing an unprecedented flow of black money into country's electoral process. Analysts claim that a mammoth 400 billion rupees, roughly 0.35 percent of India's GDP, has been pumped into the democratic process.
Ethnic violence in South Sudan viewed through a political lens
Tarini Mahajan
21 April 2014
South Sudan does not possess the political leadership to resolve the current crisis of citizenship and governance. But it is time for an unbiased state to step in and address vital issues and questions that it did not address immediately after independence for the collective sake of all South Sudanese.
India's growing trade deficit with China: What can be done?
Geethanjali Nataraj & Garima Sahdev
19 April 2014
Despite China becoming India's biggest trading partner in 2011, the bilateral trade has seen a downward trend since then, with 2013 registering a 1.5% decline. The current trade deficit with China stands at $ 31.42bn. Alarming levels of deficit has now cast a shadow on the once flourishing trade.
New PM's governance challenges
Geethanjali Nataraj and Abhirup Bhunia
18 April 2014
No government can tread the path of a single-minded focus on GDP growth. But wanton populism is no answer either, as the widening fiscal deficit must be trimmed.
The new fix list for China
R. Swaminathan
16 April 2014
The Chinese economy's has been facing serious structural problems for some time now. Premier Li knows it, and he is making sure that the legislators attending the parliament session also get the message and pass it on.
The outliers who won the PM's post
Manoj Joshi
16 April 2014
If Narendra Modi becomes prime minister, he will join a select band of predecessors who can be called "outliers" - a scientific term used to describe phenomena which are outside the normal experience.
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