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Keeping peace in a war zone
It is important to examine how female peacekeepers themselves experience gender and other relations while on duty where the power differential in relation to locals is in their favour, but remains different in relation to their male colleagues.
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What does the FTA with EEU has in store for India?
Richa Sekhani
26 June 2015
Although India has confirmed it will sign the FTA with EEU, it now needs to take forward the negotiations quickly. The FTA is not just significant from the economic viewpoint but also to counter the growing influence of China in the central Asian region.
International Women's Day: An exercise in futility?
Nishtha Gautam
26 June 2015
Having grown up in the vicinity of Vrindavan, I've observed that one day to "highlight the cause of widows" is simply inadequate for those who live and breathe stigma, abuse and neglect for the rest of the year.
'Act East' for better connectivity
Nilanjan Ghosh & Mihir Bhonsale
25 June 2015
The motor vehicles agreement between BBIN nations is a welcome development and marks a good beginning. But now what is needed is a sustainable approach to infrastructure development in the region.
US must reciprocate Indian stand on Internet governance
Samir Saran & Mahima Kaul
25 June 2015
Even as Washington expects India to be a net security provider in the Indo-Pacific region, the country is offering itself as a key partner in managing the cyber oceans. The US must now reciprocate.
China's Belt & Road diplomacy
Rakhahari Chatterji
25 June 2015
To draw lines on the map along the ancient trade routes of China and to claim that they marked an exclusive zone of trade and dense economic relationship centering around and led by China will beg a number of questions. Does it mean that countries within the zone will sever their trade and economic relations with countries outside the zone?
Bangladesh's web of Jihadi terror
Joyeeta Bhattacharjee
24 June 2015
Though the Hasina Government is pursuing an active counter-terrorism programme and has succeeded in controlling the activities of various radical organisations in the real world, it has failed to curb their activities in the virtual world.
Back to the era of simultaneous polls?
N Sathiya Moorthy
24 June 2015
The Parliamentary Standing Committee's (on Personnel, Public Grievances, and Law & Order) decision to consider the possibility of recommending 'concurrent' or 'simultaneous' elections to the Lok Sabha and all State Assemblies across the country is a suggestion worth serious consideration, like very many other aspects of electoral reforms.
Two-speed regionalism
C. Raja Mohan
24 June 2015
Instead of agonising over the failures of the Saarc, Delhi has recognised that two-speed regionalism is quite common around the world. Also, India has often looked beyond the Saarc to benefit from trans-regional cooperation, like BIMSTEC
Some things are best left secret
Deepak Sinha
23 June 2015
As signaled by the Myanmar operations against militants, the policy shift in New Delhi must be taken seriously. One can hope that it does have a salutary effect on the extremist elements within the Pakistani establishment and the jihadi organisations located in the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir also.
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