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Going beyond the OROP imbroglio
It may be interesting for the Modi Government to look at the manner in which the US has institutionalised its handling of military veterans to utilise their full potential. In 1930, President Herbert Hoover consolidated all different departments providing benefits to military veterans, creating the Veterans Administration. This was elevated to a Cabinet-level executive department by President Reagan and renamed it the Department of Veterans Affairs.
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COP21: Is India stuck on the wrong approach?
Nilanjan Ghosh
26 November 2015
Unfortunately, the Indian dialogue initiators in the global platform are likely to adopt the same techno-centric and carbon-centric approach, and argue on lines of mitigation. They will yet again fail to bring in the concern of ecosystems-livelihoods linkages, and the impacts of climate change on the vulnerable sections of the community, especially women and children.
Urgent need for investment
Jayshree Sengupta
25 November 2015
There is no doubt that India needs investment, both domestic and foreign, because there are many gaps in infrastructure, education and health which only a higher rate of investment can fill. Statistics about domestic investment and capital formation show a decline in the second quarter of 2015.
Dangerous cycle of violence
Saneep Bamzai
25 November 2015
The unprecedented Brussels lockdown is affecting people and costing the government exchequer money. The shutdown reminiscent of New York after 9/11 and Boston after the Marathon bombings is different because it has been done to pre-empt attacks.
Modi vs terror
Manoj Joshi
24 November 2015
What accounts for Modi's over-the-top attempt to become a world leader in fighting the terrorist menace everywhere? In all fairness, one part of it has to do with the events of the times, notably the Paris attack. But the other part that comes to mind is that terrorism is proving to be a convenient handle to bash Pakistan and it helps him to paper over his other failures.
Japan's counter to China's silk road
C. Raja Mohan
24 November 2015
The unfolding economic rivalry between China and Japan is great news for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has put building world-class infrastructure at the centre of his domestic agenda. If he can get New Delhi's domestic act on infrastructure right, Modi will be able to mobilise unprecedented support from China and Japan. Also, in partnership with Japan, Delhi can imagine bold new connectivity initiatives within India and beyond.
Can the Govt afford another pay hike for its huge staff?
Sanjeev Ahluwalia
23 November 2015
Government pay is already indexed 100 per cent to inflation and pension is similarly indexed substantially. Any increase in the "real" pay ? after accounting for inflation ? needs to be justified against additional or better work performed. There is no evidence of any such link compelling the proposed enhancements.
Dealing with the IS in a time of terror
Manoj Joshi
23 November 2015
The Paris attack has focused the attention of the world on the Islamic State (Daesh). Earlier, the impact of the outfit, also known as the ISIS, was confined to the geographical region it controls - eastern Syria and northern Iraq. Now it seems to be everywhere.
Paris attack intensifies Europe refugee debate
Ashok Malik
23 November 2015
The killings on the streets of Paris on November 13 have accelerated matters. Western Europe, reeling under the impact of a refugee crisis and now threatened with an unending war by the Islamic State, is willing to make peace with the Russians and see the old rival as an ally of sorts in Syria.
About economics of intolerance politics
Nilanjan Ghosh
23 November 2015
The economic rationale of anti-BJP forces, coming together is somewhat clear: a share of the pie when there is a clear opportunity to reveal "governance deficit" - the obvious incentives of unionisation or collusion against an ideology.
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