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The China-India Defense Dialogue
China is touting its vision of linking two Indian projects (Mausam and Spice Route) with its One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative. China's main goal is to coordinate regional policy so that each country's economic development plan becomes part of a larger regional vision.
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Afghan President's Taliban predicament
Aryaman Bhatnagar
20 April 2015
More than six months into his tenure, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is possibly as far from achieving a breakthrough with the Taliban. There is no unanimity in the Taliban for peace talks. And Pakistan's failure to bring the Taliban to the table could possibly be a reflection of its limited influence over the group and a bigger obstacle to the talks may be the Taliban itself.
Modi's visits to France, Germany and Canada adapt lessons learnt from China's economic miracle
Manoj Joshi
20 April 2015
Modi's foreign visits resemble roadshows with their attendant hype, even though they also have a larger strategic purpose. But like all roadshows there is a time for publicity, and a time to get down to work on the MoUs, agreements, promises and commitments.
Reimagining the triangle
C. Raja Mohan
20 April 2015
If India is the glue that binds the Sino-Pak alliance, as many argue, Delhi should have the capacity to weaken that bond through its own policies. Delhi has managed to alter the triangular dynamic with Pakistan and America by expanding its partnership with Washington. There might be similar possibilities awaiting Modi in Beijing.
Net neutrality: A threat to PM Modi's vision?
Sanjeev Ahluwalia
18 April 2015
Like the Arab Spring, the netizen revolt was against a "perceived" threat to their empowerment. In this case, cheap access to the internet, which ironically is also one of PM Modi's promises to the entire nation.
Realising Make-in-India dream
Jayshree Sengupta
17 April 2015
The Modi government can do a lot to improve the investment climate at home so that both FDI and FIIs are attracted to India in a big way. If domestic manufacturing growth gets slow, foreign investors will get wary.
Becoming a leading power isn't easy
Vikram Sood
16 April 2015
Fifteen nations in 11 months and important visits to China and RoK in May is a tremendous track record. Considering the pace and scale of Modi's engagements and what each visit is expected to produce, one must congratulate the MEA for measuring up to this scorching pace.
Small steps for big change
Shruti Gupta
16 April 2015
While the launch of the MUDRA Bank is a laudable effort on the part of the government, there still persists ambiguity in the nature of the Bank's undertakings. The most pressing concern is in regards to the Bank's role as both a regulator and refinancing agency which will lead to a conflict of interests.
More tax share to States; Also more challenges
Niranjan Sahoo
16 April 2015
The Fourth Finance Commission recommended devolution comes at a critical juncture of Centre-State fiscal relations that was looking increasingly unsustainable. Yet, with it, lies a different set of challenges and the Centre is expected to play an even greater role to aid States to spend money effectively while managing newer forms of inequality that are bound to emerge out of the new direction.
A time to lead
Samir Saran and Abhijit Iyer Mitra
16 April 2015
India must accept its own exceptionalism. It must thereafter understand how to establish it. India is in a position to shape cyberspace debates, but for that it will need to be flexible, propositional and present everywhere that internet governance is debated. Its strong and diverse contingent at The Hague is a good beginning.
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