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Xi's India trip: Time for a reality check
Dr. Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
18 September 2014
As Xi and Modi meet in first Ahmedabad and then in New Delhi, India has political and strategic issues that it will want China to respond to - the contested border and territorial issues, China-Pakistan cooperation on nuclear, missile, maritime and border infrastructure issues.
Importance of leading the Indian Ocean neighbours
N Sathiya Moorthy
11 September 2014
In the 21st century global and regional contexts, it's too much for India and its southern neighbours to expect the US to stay away from the region, militarily. If the US is there, the assumption is that China will not be far away. India can make a difference to what could emerge as the re-emergence of a 'new cold war' in this region.
ICANN and GAC ? A Review of proposed byelaw changes
Amitabh Singhal
09 September 2014
From an internet governance point of view, and the debate over the ITU staking its claim over managing the internet resources and taking over the ICANN functions, GAC's role is an important one, but which often finds itself as not having enough 'clout' in the ICANN decision making process.
After US cyber revelations, China looks inwards
Manoj Joshi
09 September 2014
China has been cracking down on US companies for a while and the pressure has intensified after revelations that many of them have collaborated with the NSA to spy on the Internet. Google is virtually persona non grata in China now, as are Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
Lessons from BRICS: Developing an Indian strategy on global internet governance
Mahima Kaul
09 September 2014
BRICS countries have tried to move internet governance debates by taking strong stands at the global level. India too, has flirted with the idea, time and again. If nothing else, the biggest takeaway from this grouping needs to be the commitment to putting across new ideas to the global community.
Modi bypasses mainstream media and takes to Twitter
Mahima Kaul
28 August 2014
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's penchant for using social media to address the public directly has apparently caused a rift within India's mainstream press.
Assessing Indo-US defence ties
Manoj Joshi
20 August 2014
A lot of the things are hanging in the air because Indo-US relations are doing so as well. Given India's reticence in giving any kind of political shape to the partnership with the US, Washington is understandably stringing New Delhi along with promises. Modi's forthcoming visit to Washington DC could be an opportunity to move forward in some of the issues
India: Diversifying arms purchases
Siddharth Sivaraman and Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopal
13 August 2014
Technology is important, but who you get it from is even more important. U.S. drones in the Indian inventory would have a huge value in terms of messaging, to friends and foes alike. Strategic partnerships are among the best force multiplier options in an uncertain Asia, and India should leave no stone unturned.
Exploring net neutrality
Anahita Mathai
12 August 2014
With India seeking to connect the next billion, and becoming a key player in the global Internet debate, it is important to have clearly formed domestic policies. The combination of regulatory interest, corporate opposition and constitutional rights suggest that the time is right for a nuanced debate on net neutrality in India.
When it comes to internet governance, India is still engaging actively with the UN
Mahima Kaul
11 August 2014
A final draft resolution at the United Nations, passed in July 2014, has focused on the UN General Assembly's review process of World Summit on the Information Society outcomes implementation.
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