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Focus on pilots selection, training
Deepak Sinha
30 March 2015
Given that pilot training is solely based on an individual's ability to afford it, and his selection by airlines dependent not just on an assessment of his capabilities but also the question of supply and demand, we can be fairly certain that unless this aspect is given due consideration, incidents like that of Germanwings will continue to plague us.
The Budapest Convention and cyber cooperation
Anahita Mathai
18 March 2015
There is no universally accepted international cyber treaty. However, the Council of Europe?s Budapest Convention on Cybercrime, which has been in force for a decade and has been ratified by 44 countries, is the closest.
Securing digital terrain
Samir Saran
17 March 2015
The Sony hack is a textbook example of the fog of cyberwar. The whole incident is a telling manifestation of the many aspects of cybersecurity: the question of state behavior in cyberspace; the threat to business advancing public-private cooperation in combating such attacks; and the question of motive
Trimming the dragon's sails
Nilanjan Ghosh & Pratnashree Basu
17 March 2015
Most Indian Ocean economies such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar have maintained a balanced diplomatic stance while dealing with China, on the one hand and with the US and India on the other. The key potential of the Maritime Silk Route, as touted by Beijing, would be to harness the economic strengths of littoral countries and create a thriving maritime economics.
Blocking online porn: Who should make Constitutional decisions?
Chinmayi Arun
16 March 2015
A constitutional court must not outsource its judgement on freedom of expression online to an industry association even if it convenes others to help make this decision. It must also avoid allowing the executive to take over this role, determining without any transparency what content is blocked.
Documentary ban: State using the law to hide the truth
Mahima Kaul
13 March 2015
Restricting the flow of information, either by stopping broadcasts or banning physical books, is today an analogue problem. Given the porous digital borders, the government would find it difficult to block the documentary.
India's UNSC aspirations: Is China on board?
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
05 March 2015
Earlier this month, the RIC forum meeting in Beijing supported India's aspirations to play a greater role in the UN. Recently, the Chinese spokesperson Hua Chunying too made some small change in its stance on UNSC expansion and India's aspirations. But still, it is not clear whether it is a distinct shift in China's policy.
Restructure the forces before buying hardware
Manoj Joshi
03 March 2015
Before the Government plunges into the physical modernisation of the armed forces, it needs to put in place the much needed modernisation of the way we think about, plan and manage our national security system. Buying or making shiny new hardware for the sake of looking modern neither enhances our security, nor helps our economy.
Need for Strategic Border Infrastructure Board
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
27 February 2015
The military preparedness and security benefits are critical in the North-east region given the long-standing border and territorial issues with China. The government could consider setting up a nodal agency such as a Strategic Border Infrastructure Board under the PMO to oversee projects on a periodic basis.
New digital age and importance of privacy of data
Mahima Kaul
23 February 2015
New digital age won't be as much fun if we don't talk about privacy. Privacy should not be limited to headline grabbing revelations about surveillance, Snowden and Sony; these conversations need to be mainstreamed to every citizen-consumer.
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