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Chinese submarines
C. Raja Mohan
01 July 2015
India paid a high price for failing to anticipate the Sino-Pak nuclear nexus in the 1970s and 1980s. It is erring again by neglecting the potential for a maritime alliance between China and Pakistan that could severely constrain India's freedom of action in the Indian Ocean.
China's WU-14 nuclear device: Impact on deterrence equation
Arka Biswas
01 July 2015
The successful tests of Chinese nuclear device WU-14 has brought the emphasis back on deploying effective ballistic missile defences. The Chinese test is also definitely going to speed up the US' quest for enhancing both its offensive and defensive technological capabilities.
US must reciprocate Indian stand on Internet governance
Samir Saran & Mahima Kaul
25 June 2015
Even as Washington expects India to be a net security provider in the Indo-Pacific region, the country is offering itself as a key partner in managing the cyber oceans. The US must now reciprocate.
Raw deal to special operations
Deepak Sinha
18 June 2015
For more than a decade now, the Armed Forces, especially the senior hierarchy, finds itself besieged by all manners of unprecedented challenges, both from within the establishment and outside. There is critical shortage of weapoins, ammunition and manpower. The blame for this should be shared by political and military leadership.
Let us get our wings at home
Pushan Das
12 June 2015
Even if the Centre's Rafale deal for the two squadrons comes through, it will only temporarily arrest the decline of squadrons for the IAF. The long-term answer may just lie in the home-grown Advanced Multi-role Combat Aircraft, being developed by the Aeronautical Development Agency , Bangalore.
Rebooting US-India Strategic Partnership
C Raja Mohan
02 June 2015
Carter's commitment to deepening defence cooperation with India and Parrikar's determination to recast India's defence structures set the stage for a rebooting of the India-US strategic partnership.
India needs long term solution in procuring defence systems
Pushan Das
29 May 2015
Security expert Ashley Tellis recommends upgrading India's aircraft carrier with US systems to counter the Chinese in the Indian Ocean. But does India face a credible enough Chinese threat and does it really need new systems?
Heroes Humiliated in the name of Security
Deepak Sinha
27 May 2015
In Delhi, the Army still honours its martyrs in the airport parking lot as, ostensibly due to security concerns, it doesn't have access to the reception area built last year.
Ahead of Secretary Carter's India visit, bipartisan support for expansion of defence cooperation
Sylvia Mishra
26 May 2015
India-US defence ties are driven not only by business and commercial interests, but by the logic of geopolitics. Sustained bipartisan support in favour of burgeoning India-US ties is necessary.
India's disinterest in Asian defence diplomacy continues
C Raja Mohan
26 May 2015
As the annual Shangri La Dialogue in Singapore begins this week, Indian Defence Minister will not be present for the meeting suggesting that the tone of disinterest in Asian defence diplomacy set by the previous government appears to continue.
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