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Making agriculture attractive, a major challenge for Modi Govt
Jayshree Sengupta
24 April 2015
The Modi government is encouraging less dependence on agriculture and the creation of smart cities. To make agriculture more remunerative and attractive, especially for the youth, a lot has to be done - farm credit, access to farm machinery and use of IT. So many villages even today are without power and many more do not have internet connectivity.
Modi's visits to France, Germany and Canada adapt lessons learnt from China's economic miracle
Manoj Joshi
20 April 2015
Modi's foreign visits resemble roadshows with their attendant hype, even though they also have a larger strategic purpose. But like all roadshows there is a time for publicity, and a time to get down to work on the MoUs, agreements, promises and commitments.
The China-India Defense Dialogue
Arushi Gupta
20 April 2015
China is touting its vision of linking two Indian projects (Mausam and Spice Route) with its One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative. China's main goal is to coordinate regional policy so that each country's economic development plan becomes part of a larger regional vision.
Land policy vital for Modi's manufacturing dream
Geethanjali Nataraj and Richa Sekhani
13 April 2015
The land amendment bill, brought in by the Modi government, represents a crucial plank of his government's economic agenda to turbocharge Indian growth. The government would find it difficult to execute its Make-in-India policy without improving the legislative framework for land acquisition.
Leakgate: Govt needs more transparency, not less
Sunjoy Joshi
31 March 2015
For a government committed to 'minimum government, maximum governance' it is time that policy making in key economic ministries become far more open and consultative, its acts and actions predictable. In the long run, that is the only way to ensure that policies for the auctions of licenses, processes of tendering and award, and actions to ensure their implementation -- are not subject to capture by select coteries.
Behind the lines of credit
Samir Saran & Vivan Sharan
30 March 2015
The Modi government must now attempt to transition India's economic engagements towards a more deliberate, durable and definitional framework. Well-administered LoCs offer a great avenue to do this -- and therefore must be given commensurate strategic priority and attention.
Focus on pilots selection, training
Deepak Sinha
30 March 2015
Given that pilot training is solely based on an individual's ability to afford it, and his selection by airlines dependent not just on an assessment of his capabilities but also the question of supply and demand, we can be fairly certain that unless this aspect is given due consideration, incidents like that of Germanwings will continue to plague us.
Reigniting an old, crucial friendship with Sri Lanka
Richa Sekhani
25 March 2015
With the inauguration of a railway track in the Northern Province, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his two-day visit to Sri Lanka from March 13 to 14, has managed to hit the right string amidst the people of Sri Lanka. The trip has marked the beginning of a renewed India-Sri Lanka ties.
Border paradox
C. Raja Mohan
24 March 2015
Unlike many other countries where China is making risky investments, Delhi is a more credible long-term economic partner for Beijing. If China is ready for a genuine consultative approach with India and is willing to facilitate serious tie-ups between companies in both countries, Modi should embrace President Xi Jinping's Silk Road initiative.
Smart Cities: How serious is the Modi Govt?
Jochen Mistelbacher
21 March 2015
Building one hundred smart cities, towns or townships will not change India's urban landscape much. India needs an overall smart, well-discussed, thought-out, and lastly effective and efficiently implemented urban development strategy in a holistic urban policy framework. Now is the time to shape it.
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