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Inflation Zero, and fears of deflation
Jayshree Sengupta
20 December 2014
The Wholesale Price Index has come down to zero, and retail inflation or the Consumer Price Index is at a low 4.4 per cent. Yet, there is little rejoicing about the sudden and steep fall in inflation and already there is talk of deflation creeping up in the economy which is always a bad sign.
J&K: An election of competing nationalisms
Kaustav Chakrabarti
18 December 2014
Poll analysts in J&K seem certain that the BJP will sweep Jammu and the PDP will emerge as the largest party in Kashmir. But this remains to be seen. Without a clear majority, their collaboration will be interesting to watch; both represent competing nationalisms.
Modi must moderate the Sangh
Manoj Joshi
18 December 2014
Narendra Modi came to power with an unexceptional agenda: push economic growth; transform the infrastructure; bring about a social transformation. But this agenda appears to be in danger of being drowned out by a cacophony of voices from Hindutva organisations.
Reimagining Indian economic planning: Planning Commission 2.0
Samir Saran
16 December 2014
The Narendra Modi government is going to close down the Planning Commission as it existed. But, any new organization of Indian economic leadership must learn from the failures and successes of the erstwhile Planning Commission, continuing its best aspects while reforming all that is irrelevant.
The solution to eliminate black money lies in India
R. Swaminathan
15 December 2014
It is commendable that the prime minister has raised the issue of black money at an international level. The solution, however, lies in following up on commitment for 'more governance and less government' by implementing networked and integrated digital solutions.
India's big African opportunity
Tim Steinecke
12 December 2014
The success of the next India Africa Forum Summit as well as the future of India-Africa relations not only depends on India's ability to develop an attractive and sustainable approach to Africa, but also on the willingness of African leaders to look beyond Beijing when partnering up with foreign investors.
India, Russia, here and now
C. Raja Mohan
10 December 2014
As hard-boiled realists, Modi and Putin must acknowledge the new dynamic around them, find ways to limit its impact on the bilateral relationship and move quickly towards expanding the scope of their commercial ties and revitalising their cooperation in energy, defence and high-technology sectors.
Putin's Delhi visit: A new journey of rediscovery
Abhijit Iyer Mitra
09 December 2014
Russian President Putin's Eurocentric approach and having a Europeanist as his primary foreign policy advisor seem to be impacting on his policy towards Asia. The clout that the Orientalists and Indologists once had in the Kremlin is well and truly gone, and the relationship is that much weaker for it.
Modi's critical moment: What can India learn from Brazil?
Helder Ferreira do Vale
09 December 2014
Under Modi, India must find the right balance between a strong national leadership, popular expectations for change and an optimistic vision of progress. Change can certainly be achieved, but Indians need more than just the will of a strong leader.
Gender balancing the disaster management
Nishtha Gautam & Vidisha Mishra
04 December 2014
Gender-sensitive disaster management can be best aided by gender inclusive efforts. There is a lot that women could do to aid the process of relief and rehabilitation. For instance, traditional knowledge and skills of women can be used to manage natural resources, aid the injured and sick, prepare community meals.
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