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Going beyond the OROP imbroglio
Deepak Sinha
26 November 2015
It may be interesting for the Modi Government to look at the manner in which the US has institutionalised its handling of military veterans to utilise their full potential. In 1930, President Herbert Hoover consolidated all different departments providing benefits to military veterans, creating the Veterans Administration. This was elevated to a Cabinet-level executive department by President Reagan and renamed it the Department of Veterans Affairs.
COP21: Is India stuck on the wrong approach?
Nilanjan Ghosh
26 November 2015
Unfortunately, the Indian dialogue initiators in the global platform are likely to adopt the same techno-centric and carbon-centric approach, and argue on lines of mitigation. They will yet again fail to bring in the concern of ecosystems-livelihoods linkages, and the impacts of climate change on the vulnerable sections of the community, especially women and children.
Can the Govt afford another pay hike for its huge staff?
Sanjeev Ahluwalia
23 November 2015
Government pay is already indexed 100 per cent to inflation and pension is similarly indexed substantially. Any increase in the "real" pay ? after accounting for inflation ? needs to be justified against additional or better work performed. There is no evidence of any such link compelling the proposed enhancements.
About economics of intolerance politics
Nilanjan Ghosh
23 November 2015
The economic rationale of anti-BJP forces, coming together is somewhat clear: a share of the pie when there is a clear opportunity to reveal "governance deficit" - the obvious incentives of unionisation or collusion against an ideology.
Modi can leverage foreign policy to repair domestic image
C. Raja Mohan
21 November 2015
A week, it is said, is a long time in politics. If the Bihar results seemed to diminish Modi's standing, the PM has reasons to bet that he can engineer an early turnaround. Might foreign policy be of some help to the prime minister? While walking the global stage may not get you many votes, it certainly helps boost the PM's political image.
Arrogance is path to perdition
Sandeep Bamzai
18 November 2015
As the Sangh and its affiliates continue to push their toxic religious and cultural agenda, irrespective of the domestic and international audiences' deep sense of revulsion, it is clear as daylight that there are two Indias.
Fishers: Local issues go global
N Sathiya Moorthy
17 November 2015
A dedicated fishing ministry would be able to deal with fishermen's problems holistically. India can thus begin her correctives at home, and without reference to either the neighbourhood seas or the nations that own them.
A lot of pomp and show, but little strategic content
Manoj Joshi
17 November 2015
PM Modi's official visit to the UK is unexceptional. This is despite the hype and hoopla that accompany any Modi tour. However, what was different was that for the first time Modi had to respond to issues like Gujarat 2002 riots and the climate of intolerance back home.
Is the Sangh Parivar right in attacking Tipu Sultan?
Deepak Sinha
16 November 2015
Whatever be the truth about Tipu Sultan, the one fact on which there can be little debate is that he fought against British occupation till the very end. If we are to look at our history through the lens of religious bigotry, the first war of independence in 1857, for example, would be of little significance.
Why the protests over Tipu Sultan are so misplaced
Manoj Joshi
13 November 2015
The best way to understand what the Tipu Sultan controversy is all about is to see who is at the forefront of the protests against the observance of his birth anniversary ? the Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Bharatiya Janata Party.
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