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Calibrating India's climate-change response
Samir Saran
28 July 2014
The most critical area for India's response to climate change must be adaptation. It needs to invest in actions against the imminent threats posed by climate change irrespective of how the global discourse progresses. Investments must be made through innovative channels, using a mixture of capacity-building programmes, awareness campaigns, traditional solutions, and new technologies.
Best time for Modi to take tough decisions
Manoj Joshi
28 July 2014
Experience would suggest the best time for Modi to take tough decisions is now when his popularity is at an all time high and his adversaries, both within his party and without, are still shell-shocked. If he can stake out the key elements of the long-awaited second generation reforms, he can spend the balance of his tenure working to implement them.
Getting judicial appointments right
Sanjeev Ahluwalia
28 July 2014
An autonomous Judicial Commission can effectively nudge the judicial system towards its intended Constitutional mandate; apolitical, enlightened and efficient application of the rule of law and protection of the fundamental rights of private entities, against encroachment by the executive or the legislature.
Modi Govt's challenge in Nepal
C. Raja Mohan
25 July 2014
The Modi government's real challenge in Nepal is not China. It is the tragic failure of Delhi's own engagement with Kathmandu. Despite geographic proximity, cultural intimacy, economic interdependence and shared political values, India has stumbled in Nepal.
India should worry over West Asia flareups
Vikram Sood
24 July 2014
India should worry over the claim of Ansar-ul-Tawhid ul-Hind, a terrorist organisation, that Anwar Bhatkal, one of their brethren and related to Riaz Bhatkal, the founder of Indian Mujahedeen, attained what they call martyrdom battling in Afghanistan. We also cannot ignore the claims of Maulana Salman Hussaini Nadvi that he would raise a force of 5,00,000 to support Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.
Changes required in CSR clauses in Companies Act
Prashant Kumar
24 July 2014
While mandating CSR operations for large companies was a more justifiable social policy programme by the UPA-II than others, some of its provisions and recommendations reflect a lack of understanding of the Indian social and economic environment and of the real needs on the ground.
Why is India's West Asia policy ineffective?
Ravi Joshi
23 July 2014
Does India's foreign policy towards West Asia have to be as fragmented as the region? Probably not. One could start by enunciating a few guidelines that are minimalist; that we are against religious extremism, toppling established states and condemning disproportionate use of force by Israel.
First Xi-Modi meeting finds common ground
Samir Saran
21 July 2014
The crucial factor that can help transform India-China bilateral is Modi himself. For the first time, the Chinese will interact with an Indian leader who can be politically strong in safeguarding India's sovereign interests, while at the same time being very welcoming in embracing China economically.
How woman friendly is the annual Budget?
Nishtha Gautam
21 July 2014
It is gratifying to note that women's safety did figure in the Annual Budget 2014-15 with an outlay of Rs 200 crore. Good enough for the lowered expectations but not sufficient given the exponential rise in violence against women across the country. Same allocation for the Patel statue has made the matters worse by pitting living and breathing population against a memorial.
AI 144 emergency: A mirror to serious sectoral issues
Prashant Kumar
19 July 2014
Without a course correction, the Indian civil aviation industry, which grows at a staggering 18 percent per annum and is projected to carry 293 million passengers by 2020, may just crash completely.
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