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Connecting northeast India
Sriparna Pathak Raimedhi
01 July 2015
India's Northeast remains disconnected from the rest of the country. This disconnect is not just in the geographical realm, but also at the level of the superstructure. With the advent of newer forms of communication, many research organisations or think tanks have come up to to study the eight States in the region.
'Act East' for better connectivity
Nilanjan Ghosh & Mihir Bhonsale
25 June 2015
The motor vehicles agreement between BBIN nations is a welcome development and marks a good beginning. But now what is needed is a sustainable approach to infrastructure development in the region.
Back to the era of simultaneous polls?
N Sathiya Moorthy
24 June 2015
The Parliamentary Standing Committee's (on Personnel, Public Grievances, and Law & Order) decision to consider the possibility of recommending 'concurrent' or 'simultaneous' elections to the Lok Sabha and all State Assemblies across the country is a suggestion worth serious consideration, like very many other aspects of electoral reforms.
Yoga diplomacy
C. Raja Mohan
23 June 2015
The impressive participation around the world on International Yoga Day is indeed a testimony to India's immense soft power. However, Modi should remember that India's soft power has the greatest impact when official New Delhi keeps its heavy hand away from it.
It's time to adhere to those high standards
Ashok Malik
20 June 2015
There is little doubt that the Lalit Modi controversy has hurt the image of the Narendra Modi Government. Mr Lalit Modi is an infamous and notorious character, who ran his businesses, including the Indian Premier League cricket, like a bucket shop.
Iran opportunity
C. Raja Mohan
16 June 2015
Iran is critical for stabilising India's northwestern marches, providing access to Central Asia and in meeting India's future energy needs. The pursuit of these separate but significant interests in the West Asia is bound to produce multiple contradictions. Managing them will be a great challenge for Indian diplomacy.
Supporting climate resilient development in India
Sadaf Javed
15 June 2015
Indian climate policy-making should 'mainstream' adaptation strategies into development planning to better address climate change. The Indian Government had formulated the National Action Plan on Climate Change in 2008.
Government must push women into forefront
Nishtha Gautam
15 June 2015
A lot has been discussed about PM Modi's first year in office. While actions and policies on economy, security, external affairs, 'Make in India' are being deliberated upon extensively, there is little attention on how the government has fared on gender equity.
Vietnam and India-US Cooperation
Sylvia Mishra & Pushan Das
15 June 2015
The India-U.S. Joint Vision and the mention of the South China Sea is India's strategic response to the growing Chinese naval profile in the Indian Ocean Region. In this context, US outreach to Vietnam and India's Act East policy are symbolic of India-U.S. cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.
Borders, enclaves and progressive exchanges
Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty
10 June 2015
The unanimous passage of the LBA bill through both houses of Parliament underlines the growing maturity of the political discourse on foreign policy in India. In particular, the larger political parties have shown that building consensus on India's foreign policy can increasingly be a bipartisan affair.
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