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Modi and Obama's war
C. Raja Mohan
01 October 2014
The real issue is not about double standards on terrorism. Nor is hypocrisy a monopoly of either America or India. The problem is different. Although the US and India see terrorism as a great threat to their societies, they have different priorities in the war against it.
India, US must go beyond geopolitics
Manoj Joshi
01 October 2014
Whatever Modi may want to do in the coming years is circumscribed by the fact that India does not have too many cards in its hands. It is not an oil-rich country, or one with some ideology to export. It is a poor country whose primary goal is to transform the lives of its people.
Can Ganga governance problems be engineered away?
Paula Hanasz
30 September 2014
There is no easy answer to the question of how best to balance all the competing water use priorities of the Ganga. But one thing is clear: as long as rivers are seen merely as pipes for conveying water, and challenges of distribution are addressed primarily through engineering rather than policy, then no solution will be appropriate.
PM Modi spells out his vision
Manoj Joshi
30 September 2014
Given the ground realities - where China's power exceeds ours by orders of magnitude - we need allies. That is where relationships with the US, Japan, ASEAN and Australia come in.
New Delhi has to be prepared for new Pakistan-based jihadi threats
Vikram Sood
26 September 2014
The threat to India and Indian interests will still come from Pakistan-based terrorist forces. The name of the terrorist regiment or the colour of its uniform is not important. Conceivably, the first test for the Modi government will be in Afghanistan.
Will BJP draw correct lessons from the electoral setbacks?
T.V. Rajeswar
20 September 2014
Commentators across the country have put their fingers on the issue on which the BJP erred, which resulted in such a setback in the byelections. The people of the country look up to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a harbinger of peace, progress and development.
Chance to resolve China-India border dispute
Manoj Joshi
16 September 2014
Any border settlement between India and China will be unsettling for important constituencies in both countries. If Modi has to get an agreement through Parliament and, before that, the Sangh Parivar, Xi needs to take his Politburo, if not his Central Committee with him. Both know that they can only do it now when they are at the height of their powers.
India's smart 100: 10 cities, 10 lessons
R. Swaminathan
15 September 2014
Narendra Modi seems serious about building 100 smart cities. Just look at how the port city of Dholera in Gujarat is shaping up. It's might as well become an emblematic talisman of how a few handpicked men and women can build a new urban India at breakneck speed.
Angels and Demons: Rescuing Kashmir
Samir Saran
10 September 2014
The Indian Army and the much-vilified social media is coming to the rescue of hapless victims of unprecedented flood in J&K. The use of social media for malicious purposes is proven. The use of the medium to incite and radicalise is also rampant. Yet it is a force for good as we saw this past week. Challenge and vilify the user, do not condemn the tool.
India woos Japan for better economic ties
T. V. Rajeswar
08 September 2014
The larger theme of Narendra Modi is that India, Japan and China have many common interests and that all of them have to build on them and thereby initiate the Asian Century by working together and make the Asian Century a truly peaceful and prosperous one.
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