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Reigniting an old, crucial friendship with Sri Lanka
Richa Sekhani
25 March 2015
With the inauguration of a railway track in the Northern Province, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his two-day visit to Sri Lanka from March 13 to 14, has managed to hit the right string amidst the people of Sri Lanka. The trip has marked the beginning of a renewed India-Sri Lanka ties.
Border paradox
C. Raja Mohan
24 March 2015
Unlike many other countries where China is making risky investments, Delhi is a more credible long-term economic partner for Beijing. If China is ready for a genuine consultative approach with India and is willing to facilitate serious tie-ups between companies in both countries, Modi should embrace President Xi Jinping's Silk Road initiative.
Smart Cities: How serious is the Modi Govt?
Jochen Mistelbacher
21 March 2015
Building one hundred smart cities, towns or townships will not change India's urban landscape much. India needs an overall smart, well-discussed, thought-out, and lastly effective and efficiently implemented urban development strategy in a holistic urban policy framework. Now is the time to shape it.
New Land Bill a missed opportunity?
Niranjan Sahoo & Shubh Soni
19 March 2015
Land is at the heart of India's current development predicament. Hundreds of its mega projects and big ticket projects are caught up in the land logjam. But the proposed Land Bill still lacks effective provisions to provide reasonable price to land owners in rural areas where there is no land market.
Why releasing Alam was right
Manoj Joshi
17 March 2015
In dealing with separatism, social protest and public anger, what the state requires is a subtle, rather than a heavy hand. What is needed is a refined strategy that combines elements of toughness, with strategies that promote trust and reconciliation.
Growing agricultural stress in India
Jayshree Sengupta
16 March 2015
A lot of thinking should be done about how to reinvigorate agriculture because rural demand is important for reviving manufacturing sector. Agriculture is important also because 52 per cent of the population is still occupied in agriculture and it has a share of 17 per cent in the GDP.
Modi's Sagar Mala
C. Raja Mohan
11 March 2015
As he swings across the Indian Ocean this week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's biggest challenge is not about countering China. His real problem is in Delhi, afflicted by a condition called continentalism, which has proved rather difficult to overcome.
India: Mooring in foreign shores?
Manoj Joshi
04 March 2015
India needs to find money to put into strategic investments and projects across the IOR -- whether it is Myanmar, Iran, Sri Lanka or Mauritius. The way to do it is not governmental schemes which are all running late, but to draw strength from India's entrepreneurial class and the private sector.
Northwest turbulence
C Raja Mohan
04 March 2015
What Delhi needs is a strategy that will generate some influence for India in shaping the future of the critical northwest sub-region. Such a strategy will necessarily involve sustained dialogue with Pakistan, a recalibration of the Afghan policy, encouragement to the peace talks between Kabul and Rawalpindi and the readiness to engage all powers who have a stake in the region's stability.
Has the Budget done enough to boost Infrastructure?
Geethanjali Nataraj
04 March 2015
Overall, the infrastructure sector is the winner in this year's budget. The allocation to the sector will go up by 700 bn rupees in 2015/16 over last year. But this sector needs consolidation in policy framework starting from approval to implementation and an institutional mechanism for fair pricing and competition.
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