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New PM's governance challenges
Geethanjali Nataraj and Abhirup Bhunia
18 April 2014
No government can tread the path of a single-minded focus on GDP growth. But wanton populism is no answer either, as the widening fiscal deficit must be trimmed.
The outliers who won the PM's post
Manoj Joshi
16 April 2014
If Narendra Modi becomes prime minister, he will join a select band of predecessors who can be called "outliers" - a scientific term used to describe phenomena which are outside the normal experience.
Testing time for Modi?
T.V. Rajeswar
11 April 2014
There is hope among the politicians of various political groups in Kashmir as well as the people of Kashmir that Narendra Modi as Prime Minister would take some decisive action in keeping with their expectations. Modi himself has moderated his stand to that there should be a discussion on Article 370.
Kejriwal case in Supreme Court and its implications
N Sathiya Moorthy
09 April 2014
Congress and BJP's answer to the Supreme Court's question on Arvind Kejriwal's petition, challenging the imposition of President's rule in Delhi, may have the potential to rearrange the political landscape.
Modi's world
C. Raja Mohan
09 April 2014
If elected to power, Narendra Modi's success on the diplomatic front will depend on an emulation of the last BJP prime minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who successfully carved out foreign policy autonomy from his party's antediluvian world view.
Updating India's nuclear posture
Manoj Joshi
09 April 2014
India's nuclear doctrine and strategy still continues to harp on the mantra of "minimum credible deterrent", even though Pakistan has now overtaken India in the number of nuclear warheads it possesses. Some analysts say that there are no signs that the Pakistani buildup is slowing down.
Why is the Indian counter-insurgency failing repeatedly?
Rajesh Rajagopalan
08 April 2014
The Indian tendency to muddle through is likely to continue when it comes to counter-insurgency. The distance between the Army and its civilian masters is so gaping that advice, however enriched by experience and reflection, is likely to fall on deaf ears.
Why the Governments are shying away from the Henderson-Brooks Report?
Manoj Joshi
07 April 2014
The focus on the Henderson-Brooks report creates a bias in our minds that the failure of 1962 was that of the Army. Perhaps that is what the babus and politicians wanted. In fact, the real failure was of the Nehru government's China policy and the management of that policy.
Tough India more likely under Modi
Manoj Joshi
05 April 2014
Narendra Modi's view of foreign affairs is likely to be shaped by the outlook of his contacts in the world of commerce. This is not a bad thing, because, the key to any "tough" or decisive policy rests on the state of the Indian economy. But toughness as policy is fraught with all manner of danger, like Nehru's "tough" policy with China in 1962.
Time for smart negotiations with Maoists
Niranjan Sahoo
03 April 2014
At a juncture like this, rather than losing its energy and focus, the Centre and Maosts affected States need to keep up the pressure on the rebels and if possible make smart negotiations with rebel leaders with attractive surrender and rehabilitation packages.
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