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Our crumbling judicial system
Deepak Sinha
31 July 2015
The judicial system of India has much to be proud of, but unfortunately, providing justice is not one of them, more so, if you happen to be one of the 'aam janta' (common people). If the judiciary and its other elements have not heard the clarion call to action, they may soon be in the unfortunate position of finding themselves not just ignored, but even worse, treated as irrelevant.
Bleeding heart liberals are social hypocrites
Sanjeev Ahluwalia
31 July 2015
After Independence, none of the national parties - the Congress, the Janata Dal, leave alone the BJP - have ever had anyone other than a Hindu as their supreme political leader. The only recent exception is Sonia Gandhi of the Congress. But even her links into politics are exceptionally pucca, upper caste Hindu.
How to secure equal representation in Parliament?
Vidisha Mishra
29 July 2015
The loopholes and technicalities of the Women's Reservation Bill should be open to scrutiny, but the Bill and its purpose must not be forgotten. Perhaps the revival of the debate over the bill could be an opportunity for PM Modi to demonstrate his party's focus on gender equality.
Vyapam scam: State Govt has a lot to explain
Ashok Malik
28 July 2015
The sheer magnitude of Vyapam has stunned people. The Bharatiya Janata Party, in power in Madhya Pradesh for the duration of Vyapam, is clearly answerable for the mess. Its government and chief minister have a lot to explain.
Citizen Kalam: Fine mind, biggest heart
Ashok Malik
28 July 2015
In generations to come, India will no doubt produce finer minds; but it is unlikely to give us a bigger heart. More than his achievements as a missile and defence technologist, beyond governmental accomplishments and far removed from the prizes and honours he received, President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam touched human lives.
Kalam raised the status of the presidency
Manoj Joshi
28 July 2015
Many politicians and leaders go out of their way to claim that they are the aam aadmi. But if there was ever a man of the people, it was A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who rose from a humble background to become India's true People's President.
Addressing India's missing girls: Time to re-evaluate strategies
Vidisha Mishra
28 July 2015
The government is approaching the issue of declining sex ratio with a new commitment. It should be tackled with nuanced policy interventions. Instead of introducing more schemes, the existing schemes could be made more accessible and the loopholes could be confronted.
For child trafficking victims, rehabilitation, and not just rescue, is critical
Nishtha Gautam & Debdatta Dobe
27 July 2015
In the case of trafficked children in India, excesses or oversights are commonplace. Gaping holes in the existing system of home enquiry lead to inaccurate assignations on the part of courts and concerned agencies.
How will the Trans-Pacific Partnership affect India?
Sylvia Mishra
21 July 2015
The US-led TPP would face increasing competition as China recently concluded a free trade agreement with Australia (ChAFTA) and South Korea and is pushing for a broader Asia-trade pact - Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.
The skilling gap
Sanjeev Ahluwalia
20 July 2015
The private sector can best fill the skilling gap. The information technology industry did this to grow and continues to do. Old economy companies in steel, cement, chemicals, engineering and construction are less willing to fund this public good. They complain that trained employees leave for better opportunities and skilling becomes a never-ending drain on company resources.
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