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South Korea and Modi's Act East Policy
K.V. Kesavan and Vindu Mai Chotani
22 May 2015
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent visit to South Korea has further strengthened and expanded India-Korea strategic and economic ties. Modi's call to take the bilateral relationship to a higher level was responded positively by the South Korean leadership.
PM Modi's foreign policy
Sanjeev Ahluwalia
15 May 2015
Modi's strategy to navigate the impossible trinity of US, China and Europe-Russia is clear. Engage with the US, Japan and Germany aggressively and integrate into their value chains. Keep expectations low but exchange lofty targets with the Chinese and the Russians.
PM Modi in Mongolia
C. Raja Mohan
12 May 2015
Why has Modi chosen to be India's first prime minister to visit Mongolia? Mongolia is indeed a very sensitive neighbour of China, and the investment of the PM's time in Mongolia seems worthwhile. To be sure, there has been a geopolitical dimension to India's engagement with Mongolia.
Will Germany's Bundestag vote for Palestine?
Sam Bahour
01 May 2015
One way or the other, Germany's Bundestag is about to make history with the upcoming vote on the issue of recognising Palestinian statehood. The Bundestag has a choice to make. It can continue looking backwards in history on this issue and ignore its leading role in securing peace in the Middle East, or it can courageously look forward, maybe even recognising something it owes history.
India should overcome hesitation to play greater role in Afghanistan
Britta Petersen
27 April 2015
There is a certain - surprising - amount of unease ahead of the visit of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to New Delhi. Why analysts and policymakers in India alike are worried, that their country could lose out on the latest developments in Afghanistan? The main reason seems that with the change of government in Kabul last year, a new sound keeps emanating from the Afghan capital.
Reimagining the triangle
C. Raja Mohan
20 April 2015
If India is the glue that binds the Sino-Pak alliance, as many argue, Delhi should have the capacity to weaken that bond through its own policies. Delhi has managed to alter the triangular dynamic with Pakistan and America by expanding its partnership with Washington. There might be similar possibilities awaiting Modi in Beijing.
Modi's visits to France, Germany and Canada adapt lessons learnt from China's economic miracle
Manoj Joshi
20 April 2015
Modi's foreign visits resemble roadshows with their attendant hype, even though they also have a larger strategic purpose. But like all roadshows there is a time for publicity, and a time to get down to work on the MoUs, agreements, promises and commitments.
Afghan President's Taliban predicament
Aryaman Bhatnagar
20 April 2015
More than six months into his tenure, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is possibly as far from achieving a breakthrough with the Taliban. There is no unanimity in the Taliban for peace talks. And Pakistan's failure to bring the Taliban to the table could possibly be a reflection of its limited influence over the group and a bigger obstacle to the talks may be the Taliban itself.
Becoming a leading power isn't easy
Vikram Sood
16 April 2015
Fifteen nations in 11 months and important visits to China and RoK in May is a tremendous track record. Considering the pace and scale of Modi's engagements and what each visit is expected to produce, one must congratulate the MEA for measuring up to this scorching pace.
Pakistan in the eye of the storm
Manoj Joshi
15 April 2015
The 12-point resolution approved by Pakistan's Parliament said that Islamabad must maintain "neutrality" in the Yemen conflict. Pakistan has good reasons to have rejected what could have become a quagmire for its forces. But, it has angered Pakistan's friends, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates.
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