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Libya: A failed State
Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty
18 December 2014
Since the overthrow of the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has been plagued by violence and instability. Internecine fighting for power seems be the new norm in Libya, and the country has gradually slipped into a quagmire of civil war.
The king, princesses, uncles and the crown prince
Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty
16 December 2014
Thailand appears to be heading for a royal change of guard at the very top. The widely revered and ailing 87-year-old king, Bhumibol Adulyadej or Rama IX of the Chakri dynasty, has not been seen in public for quite some time. Bhumibol is the world's longest serving monarch, having ascended the throne in 1946.
Modi's critical moment: What can India learn from Brazil?
Helder Ferreira do Vale
09 December 2014
Under Modi, India must find the right balance between a strong national leadership, popular expectations for change and an optimistic vision of progress. Change can certainly be achieved, but Indians need more than just the will of a strong leader.
SAARC: Balancing regional realities, global modalities
N Sathiya Moorthy
06 December 2014
In context of SAARC, the reality of the situation demands that India handles Pakistan separately. India also has to approach the rest of SAARC neighbours with a more accommodative mind-set. Such mind-sets cannot be confined to sharing history and culture, economic prosperity and development-spending.
Life lessons from three European families and one group of friends
R Swaminathan
01 December 2014
In defining the term 'quality of life', there is no better way to give it a concrete shape than trekking in the woods of an alien land, traversing the streets and bylanes of its cities and staying with people whom you would otherwise never meet in your life.
The tricky path to a global climate agreement
Samir Saran and Vivan Sharan
01 December 2014
In Lima and Paris, the global community must ensure that obsession with the legal nature of the post-Kyoto agreement does not detract from achieving what is eminently possible. The next year will in any case determine whether or not climate multilateralism will work.
Modi's regionalism
C. Raja Mohan
26 November 2014
To improve South Asian regional cooperation, Modi has three options. The first is to focus on a two-speed Saarc. The second is to build on transregional institutions like the BIMSTEC. However, it is the third way -- unilateral action -- that offers Modi the greatest opportunity. For example, Modi has already proposed to build a Saarc satellite for use by its neighbours.
Modi's historic Obama coup reveals PM's 'out of the box' vision for India
Manoj Joshi
24 November 2014
The decision to invite US President Barack Obama to be the chief guest at the 66th Republic Day is the clearest indicator of the directions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's strategic outlook.
SAARC Summit: Long term opportunities and immediate threats
Mirza Sadaqat Huda
24 November 2014
Despite SAARC's failures of the past, the repeated declarations by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the need to reinvigorate ties with neighbouring states have created a renewed interest in the possibilities of multilateral cooperation under SAARC.
War against ISIS: The picture is gloomy
Ravi Joshi
17 November 2014
In the war against ISIS, the picture is gloomy. The ISIS is unlikely to be pushed back as long as the Coalition's War against it remains only aerial. The Iraqi troops battling them were trained by the Americans, who after spending billions of dollars on their training find they are not up to the task.
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