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Japan's growing engagement in the Indo-Pacific
Darshana M. Baruah
12 August 2014
Tokyo's growing engagement with the countries of the region is a strong reflection of Japan's desire to play a greater role in regional security. As Beijing continues to take assertive and aggressive actions in the region, Tokyo has found a way to renew its partnerships with the key actors of the region.
Bubbles and Other Troubles: Risks from Ultra Easy Monetary Policy
Manmath Goel
12 August 2014
Spillovers from unconventional monetary policy in the AEs pose a systemic risk for emerging market economies (EMEs). Unconventional monetary policies to ensure cheap liquidity and easy credit conditions have been used not only in the US but in Europe as well as Japan.
Can mere Australian lessons help develop Ganga basin?
Paula Hanasz
07 August 2014
Australia's Murray-Darling example is not a panacea for the basin-wide river management of the Ganga. And it is not through lack of international role models that a genuinely holistic, basin-wide approach has not been applied to the Ganga; it is through a lack of domestic political will to do so.
Waking up to the BRICS
Samir Saran
06 August 2014
In spite of its modest economic weight in the initial years, the New Development Bank (NDB) can change the ethos of development finance irreversibly. Rather than replacing or supplanting existing development finance institutions, the NDB will seek to supplement existing resources.
Taking India-US ties forward
Manoj Joshi
01 August 2014
Most observers blame a "trust deficit" for the current state of Indo-US relations. Actually, the idea of a "trust deficit" is merely a cover for the real problem - the lack of political will on either side to take the relationship between the two countries to the stage that the rhetoricians have been promising. Blame must be shared by both sides
Japan-Australia agreement to take ties to new level
K.V. Kesavan and R. Sruthi
23 July 2014
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to Canberra will be remembered for signing the long pending bilateral trade agreements between Australia and Japan. The agreement is expected to take the bilateral economic relations to a new and a much higher level.
China's increasing openness and self-confidence
Manoj Joshi
22 July 2014
China sees its primary focus as on neutralising the US- Japan challenge on its eastern seaboard. To that end, maintaining an even keel in its relationship with India makes good sense.
BRICS Bank: A long overdue development
Mohan Guruswamy
19 July 2014
The BRICS bank, now tentatively called the New Development Bank, is indeed a new and long overdue development. It is the first step towards reforming the world financial system. It has to be read against the decision of the BRICS nations to do trade more with each other on the basis of currency swaps.
BRICS of a new world
Samir Saran
14 July 2014
The Fortaleza summit will represent the reboot of BRICS. Prime Minister Modi has the biggest political mandate among his BRICS counterparts, and also the weight of the largest expectations.
BRICS needs doses of steroids to prosper
Samir Saran and Vivan Sharan
14 July 2014
Perhaps, the most critical issue for the five BRICS leaders, who will meet at the sunny shores of Fortaleza, will be practical goal-setting. This will be an exercise in planning and coordination to maintain continuity as well as honing in on objectives for the long term. If there is an opportunity to be seized in cross-leveraging political and economic ties, it will be in the coming years.
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