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Unbundling the coal-climate equation
Samir Saran & Vivan Sharan
07 October 2015
Ahead of the Paris climate summit, India announced on October 2 its INDCs for climate change mitigation and adaptation. While this commitment has drawn fulsome praise from many, the green ayatollahs have predictably ignored its herculean clean energy ambitions and focused on Indian dependence on coal. It is time to lay bare the 'coal hypocrisy' of these privileged 'western greens'.
What is the 'Hindu-German conspiracy'?
C. Raja Mohan
07 October 2015
If Merkel's Berlin republic is discarding its many postwar political inhibitions and reconstituting the Eurasian landscape, Modi's putative "third republic" is looking beyond non-alignment to the idea of India as a "leading power". In their second summit in six months, Modi and Merkel may have decisively nudged India and Germany towards a goal that was first articulated 100 years ago.
German businessmen expect more from Modi
Britta Petersen
06 October 2015
German CEOs, who flew in with Chancellor Angela Merkel, think Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is yet to fulfil his promise of making doing business in India easier. "We all really believed that he is the man who can make a difference. But now, half a year down the line, it seems that not much has happened to ease business in India", they say.
In Syria, the Big Boys are playing
Vikram Sood
01 October 2015
Syria and Iraq are no longer just a do-and-kill struggle being enacted by extreme radical Islamists in their brutal search for a Caliphate. The Big Boys - US and Russia -- are now out in the open, the gloves are off and mind games are now being played.
Giants of Asia in Silicon Valley
Manoj Joshi
30 September 2015
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping have just made back to back visits to the United States. In keeping with the times, both began their tours from that Mecca of our age - Silicon Valley.
China's slowdown: An opportunity to boost Indo-Africa ties
Richa Sekhani
29 September 2015
In light of Africa's increasing dependency on and trouble with Chinese actors, African leaders are beginning to look beyond China in an attempt to diversify. India and the long-standing presence of Indian businesses in the continent can help Africa deal with the losses from China.
The Hajj - One-way ticket to heaven?
Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty
28 September 2015
The tragedy last week snuffed out over 750 lives and injured over 800 pilgrims, during the annual Hajj ritual of stoning the Devil at Mina, a few kilometres from Mecca. This incident again highlights a recurring theme that has dogged the Hajj for hundreds of years.
Syria to shake Obama-Putin handshake in New York
Himani Pant
28 September 2015
The issue of radical Islamism remains Russia's fundamental concern in Syria. Having fought two Chechen wars, it would not want another conflict to erupt on its territory. If either the ISIS or the rebels succeed in overthrowing Assad, there is a huge likelihood of expansion of jihadist activity to the Caucasus and southern Russia.
European ideal at stake
H.K. Dua
24 September 2015
The US overtook Europe after the latter went through two world wars. Now, Europe has to contend with a rising China as well as an upcoming India. Europe has to worry that its place in world affairs is not as prominent as it used to be. Is Europe a declining power?
A new multilateralism
C. Raja Mohan
21 September 2015
The world is probably ready to accommodate India's special interests on important global issues as climate change and internet governance if Modi moves Delhi down the path of pragmatic multilateralism. For the PM though, the challenge is really at home, where getting the system to reform itself has not been easy.
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