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Modi's multilateral moment
C. Raja Mohan
01 December 2015
Whatever the eventual results from Paris, the current round of climate talks marks an important shift in India's multilateral diplomacy. In developing a negotiating strategy for Paris over the last 18 months, Modi has underlined that India's essential interests can't be secured by mere moral posturing.
COP21: Is India stuck on the wrong approach?
Nilanjan Ghosh
26 November 2015
Unfortunately, the Indian dialogue initiators in the global platform are likely to adopt the same techno-centric and carbon-centric approach, and argue on lines of mitigation. They will yet again fail to bring in the concern of ecosystems-livelihoods linkages, and the impacts of climate change on the vulnerable sections of the community, especially women and children.
Dangerous cycle of violence
Saneep Bamzai
25 November 2015
The unprecedented Brussels lockdown is affecting people and costing the government exchequer money. The shutdown reminiscent of New York after 9/11 and Boston after the Marathon bombings is different because it has been done to pre-empt attacks.
Paris attack intensifies Europe refugee debate
Ashok Malik
23 November 2015
The killings on the streets of Paris on November 13 have accelerated matters. Western Europe, reeling under the impact of a refugee crisis and now threatened with an unending war by the Islamic State, is willing to make peace with the Russians and see the old rival as an ally of sorts in Syria.
Why Europe must resist war rhetoric
Britta Patterson
20 November 2015
Europe has to come to grips with the fact that not even the USA is strong enough to create a new order anywhere in the world, neither in Afghanistan nor in the Middle East. Instead, anything that will increase the conflict without an achievable goal will play into the hands of the IS.
Twisted ideology is a dangerous game
Sandeep Bamzai
20 November 2015
The world too has dealt with different forms of terror in the past from Black September to Baader Meinhof and Red Army Faction, none is more dangerous an adversary than the Islamic jihadist who goes beyond semantic aberration.
Modi, Cameron and India's neighbours
C. Raja Mohan
18 November 2015
Britain's strong endorsement of India's regional interests marks an important shift in the way two countries relate to each other in the Subcontinent and the Indian Ocean.
How to deal with foreign policy headaches from neighbourhood
Ashok Malik
17 November 2015
Despite the promise of 2014, India's neighbourhood policy has run into some confusion. There are many examples. With Pakistan, India is paying for the Narendra Modi government's initial missteps.
The final burial of non-alignment
C. Raja Mohan
17 November 2015
India, which clung to non-alignment as its international identity since Independence, had little inclination for defence diplomacy. But now New Delhi is slowly moving away from a fastidious avoidance of military partnerships in the past to making security cooperation an important part of India's foreign relations now.
The ideal solution for an ideal world
Shagun Gupta
17 November 2015
As the International Court of Justice at The Hague moves forth with proceedings on the cases involving India and Pakistan, it is worth considering whether a decision in favour of the Republic of Marshall Islands would truly be the beginning of a new era.
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