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War against ISIS: The picture is gloomy
Ravi Joshi
17 November 2014
In the war against ISIS, the picture is gloomy. The ISIS is unlikely to be pushed back as long as the Coalition's War against it remains only aerial. The Iraqi troops battling them were trained by the Americans, who after spending billions of dollars on their training find they are not up to the task.
Pakistan needs to be rescued from its current predicament
11 November 2014
On November 2, the Wagah border which collects curious crowds on either side of the border gate to witness the interesting manoeuvres of border guards on either side were witness to a gory incident of a terrific explosion on the Pakistani side,
The gathering storm
Vikram Sood
30 October 2014
It is a troubled world that we live in today. However, so far India has been a sea of tranquility and it is too early to say if there is a link between the storm brewing on both flanks, but the security agencies, indeed the entire country, have a task on their hands.
Block fundings to terrorist outfits to break their backbone
Vikram Sood
27 October 2014
Terrorism, like almost every other human activity that involves production and creation of goods and services, needs money. Described by experts like Raymond Baker as Gross Criminal Product, this included illegal capital flight, narcotics trade, smuggling of arms and other goods, human trafficking, counterfeiting and computer crimes.
New Delhi has to be prepared for new Pakistan-based jihadi threats
Vikram Sood
26 September 2014
The threat to India and Indian interests will still come from Pakistan-based terrorist forces. The name of the terrorist regiment or the colour of its uniform is not important. Conceivably, the first test for the Modi government will be in Afghanistan.
Fighting the Islamic State, without a strategy
Ravi Joshi
24 September 2014
Does Obama really intend to defeat, disrupt and dismantle the ISIS terror structure or will he simply guide them away from Iraq and Turkish borders towards Damascus.
Asim Umar: A new actor in the world jihadist stage
Isha Sharma
24 September 2014
The 'old boys' network has given Asim Umar an extensive reach among the jihadi groups active in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He can tap into the Taliban network with as much ease as he could work with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan.
Intelligence overload
Vikram Sood
16 September 2014
India has had to deal with terrorism and conventional threats but our capacities to watch these threats are minuscule compared to US abilities. In a way, threats to India from terrorism and hostile neighbours are far more immediate. There is now the added problem of involvement of Indian youth in the terrorism of ISIS.
Fighting the 'Islamic State', with Islamic States as Allies?
Ravi Joshi
15 September 2014
If the War on Terror-2.0 is to be carried out only by drones and the US/NATO Air-forces, one can be certain that the 'Islamic State' will retain control over its territory in Iraq and Syria for a long time to come.
Al Qaeda video and its message for India
Wilson John
12 September 2014
The al Qaeda video showing its current head Ayman al-Zawahari declaring a renewed bout of jihad in the Indian subcontinent has triggered widespread alarm in the region, especially in India. The alarm over a video may seem exaggerated but there are enough reasons for India to worry.
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