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ISIS's Caliphate declaration: Regional reaction
Sikandar Azam
16 August 2014
Although Nouri al-Maliki's government might be able retake the towns overrun by the IS and the tribes with the help of Iran, United States and Russia, it might not be able to bring peace and stability to the country until an exclusive and effective policy is introduced.
Jihadi threats: Need for a dedicated intelligence satellite
T.V. Rajeswar
15 July 2014
While there is no information about the linkage between the ISIS and the established Jihadi terror groups of Pakistan like LeT and the JuD, it is bound to happen sooner or later. India should be prepared to face this new onslaught.
Question marks on US training to troops in the region
Vikram Sood
11 July 2014
The speed with which the ISIS initially overran an Iraqi army trained and equipped by the Americans causes some concern about the fate of similar armies trained and equipped by the Americans in the region. For instance, the Afghanistan army and its implications for India.
Seeking nuclear legitimacy
Dr. Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
11 July 2014
The sanctity of "NPT-signatory" is laughable because that is a crude way of assessing a country's nuclear non-proliferation record. China has signed the NPT but has flouted every single idea behind the treaty. On the other hand, while India is not a signatory, it has upheld all the principles.
Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and the rise of the ISIS
Kanchi Gupta
07 July 2014
Baghdadi, who has led the ISIS since 2010, has acquired significant financial and military power and influence among Sunni foreign fighters. But the ISIS's violent and extremist methods have alienated Sunni militias and Baghdadi's unwillingness to share power is likely to limit the group's territorial expansion.
Iraq crisis and regional implications
Ravi Joshi
04 July 2014
The old colonial borders drawn in the Middle East appear headed for a major overhaul and the fresh re-drawing of the map will set out tremors far beyond the region.
Running out of control
Vikram Sood
17 June 2014
Instead of shutting down its jihadi factories ten years ago, Pakistan's leaders nurtured them selectively and today, their proteges have come to haunt them. They can still be shut down, but will need an honest Pakistani appreciation of its predicament.
Pakistan's domestic jihad
Vikram Sood
17 June 2014
It is possible that, unable to control the various jihadis in their country or control events in Afghanistan, Pakistan's military rulers will first try to blame India for all its troubles and then launch a diversionary jihadi attack to provoke a reaction from the Indians and bring the whole world into play.
US read the script wrong
Deepak Sinha
11 June 2014
America's release of five Taliban leaders recently in exchange for one of its troopers has grave implications for not just Afghan security but also the India-Pakistan détente.
Whatever happened to MH370?
Vikram Sood
20 March 2014
The MH370 incident has occurred very close to our Tri-service Command at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands which has three radar stations. Regardless of whether or not MH370 actually flew over or close to the Command, it would doubtless be useful to learn lessons from this and that switching off radars at night is a dangerous way to economise.
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