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Baloch - the people the world forgot
Vikram Sood
20 August 2015
The Baloch have received little attention as the rest of the world is more involved with what is happening in West Asia and the rise of the ISIS. In the region itself, the US and the West are more concerned with pulling out of Afghanistan.
Biggest threat to India is from the ISI, and not IS
Ashok Malik
07 August 2015
It would appear Pakistan's ISI and the army are talking up the Islamic State presence to divert attention from and in a sense even mainstream the Taliban. The fantasy plan of an India-Pakistan joint front against the IS has also emerged from Pakistan government sources. But the threat to India is from ISI, and not the IS.
The meaning of the Gurdaspur attacks
Vikram Sood
06 August 2015
What the country saw in Gurdaspur was a police force in neglect as it made up its deficiencies of equipment and training with its courage. A smarter force, better equipped and trained, would have tried to capture the terrorists alive. An even better security and intelligence apparatus would have not let them come in so deep into India in an area bristling with the security apparatus.
Why Gurdaspur attack was no 26/11
Deepak Sinha
04 August 2015
While superficial similarities between the recent Gurdaspur attack and the Mumbai attack may be apparent, there are major differences in the manner both planned and executed. The scale of the attack itself suggests that it certainly doesn't seem to have had the support of the highest echelons of power as in the Mumbai attack.
The IS threat: India is not on the frontline
Manoj Joshi
04 August 2015
India need not be concerned over the Islamic narrative in the country which, in any case, has produced a remarkable quiescent Muslim community in an era of turmoil in the Islamic world. What the Union Home Ministry needs to worry about are the growing instances of communal violence in the country in the past year.
China's Taliban
C. Raja Mohan
31 July 2015
If New Delhi lets domestic political passions overwhelm the need for a carefully crafted strategy towards Pakistan, it will find the Afghan dynamic will soon make matters a lot more difficult for India.
Is there an ISIS in Jammu and Kashmir?
Vikram Sood
29 July 2015
Pakistan, with its innumerable terrorist organisations, some of them now working on their own, would provide enough fertile ground for organisations like ISIS to thrive within and spread outwards from here. It must be remembered that Al Qaeda leadership is still based in the FATA of Pakistan from where it continues to give directions.
Decoding what lies behind the terrorist attack in Punjab
Manoj Joshi
28 July 2015
Monday's terrorist attack on Dinanagar police station in Gurdaspur district, the first major terror attack in Punjab since 2002, and that took the lives of 11 persons, is a puzzle. This could be a routine warning from the LeT to both the Indian and Pakistani governments against getting too close to each other.
ISIS: Neither death cult nor just a terror group
Deepak Sinha
13 July 2015
The IS, despite its defeats on the battle field and losses suffered from air attacks, is far from neutralised and is probably gaining volunteers internationally. The problem with the international community's approach is that it has projected the group as a purely terrorist organisation.
Al-Qaeda, ISIS and India's challenges
Vikram Sood
10 July 2015
There are two epicentres of terrorism today. One is in the AfPak region, a byproduct of the Cold War. Another epicentre which has risen in the recent times is in West Asia, which in some ways represents the first post-Cold War conflict between various competing forces.
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