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Issue. 103
Justice System in Crisis: The Case of India's Undertrial Prisoners
Niranjan Sahoo and Vivek Jain
20 August 2015
Six of every 10 of India's prisoners languishing in jails across the country are undertrials: their cases have yet to be tried, and they are spending more time in jail than they would have, if convicted. The slow march to justice for undertrials must be seen in the context of a criminal justice system in need of an overhaul. This paper examines the plight of the country's undertrials and recommends ways to move forward.
Issue. 102
SAARC: The Way Ahead
Jayshree Sengupta
13 August 2015
SAARC is nearly 30 years old yet is still weak. Today, South Asia is one of the world's least integrated regions. Members have weak economic ties, issues of national identity persist, and political tensions remain. What lies ahead for SAARC?
Issue. 101
Pushing India's Small-Scale Industries to the Economic Forefront
Shruti Gupta
12 August 2015
India's small-scale industries contribute 15 percent to GDP yet they have been long ignored, receiving little policy support and inadequate infrastructure. As they have the potential to transform the socioeconomic architecture of the country, policy interventions are necessary to make small enterprises more efficient and achieve higher growth rates. This paper describes initiatives to propel India's small-scale industries.
Issue. 100
India's Economic Footprint in the Developing World
Shubh Soni and Parijat Lal
10 August 2015
The world is witnessing a paradigm shift: India is becoming a more active player not only in contributing goods, services and training, but also in shaping the global development agenda itself. This Brief is a map of India's growing economic footprint in the developing world.
Issue. 99
Net Neutrality and Antitrust: Options for India
Bedavyasa Mohanty
03 August 2015
By most indications, India has arrived at a principled affirmation of net neutrality; the country must now turn its attention to its regulatory aspects. This essay examines whether the Competition Commission of India (CCI) can assume the primary role in enforcing net neutrality. It will trace the Commission?s short history to determine whether it has adequate jurisdiction and the strength of precedent to regulate the internet.
Prospects for the Asia Pacific Region
29 July 2015
Proceedings of the 7th joint conference organised by ORF and Moscow's Experimental Creative Centre. This report follows the highlights of the conference that sought to examine the current challenges faced by the Asia Pacific region.
Rethinking Security in the 21st Century
29 July 2015
Security challenges are changing in the current, integrated world. A number of challenges have emerged in newer areas like space while traditional threats have acquired new dimensions. These evolving security challenges make it imperative to constantly rethink the State?s policy approach. The Jodhpur Security Dialogue was held to address these security challenges and explore viable policy options.
Issue. 98
India's Intelligence Agencies: In Need of Reform and Oversight
Manoj Joshi and Pushan Das
23 July 2015
This report draws from the conference on the Future Challenges to India's Intelligence System organised by ORF in February 2015. What tasks face India's intelligence agencies in implementing reforms in order to address the more complex national security threats confronting the country today?
Issue. 97
Re-examining India's Nuclear Doctrine
Pushan Das
08 July 2015
This paper follows the proceedings of a workshop organised by ORF in August 2014 to re-examine India's nuclear doctrine. The workshop explored the challenges posed to India by Pakistan's introduction of battlefield nuclear weapons or Tactical Nuclear Weapons (TNWs), New Delhi's interest in acquiring a Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) system, and the growing threat perception from China.
Issue. 96
Nuclear Safety and Regulation in India: The Way Forward
Aniruddh Mohan
26 June 2015
While the regulatory and safety structures of India's civilian nuclear programme have served the country well, they are in need of an upgrade. This paper examines the paths that lie ahead.
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