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Issue. 116
India's Energy Transition in a Climate-Constrained World
Sonali Mittra
27 November 2015
The climate debate emphasises on increasing the share of renewables in the energy mix to mitigate the impact of climate change. But is this easy for India? This paper examines the history of energy transition and finds various factors that determine the success of such shift.
India-Myanmar Connectivity: Possibilites and Chall
Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury and Pratnashree Basu
26 November 2015
Myanmar is key to India's 'Act East' policy; and Myanmar gains, too, from its relations with India. What does the future hold for their bilateral relations?
Issue. 115
Technology and Climate Change: Innovation and Partnerships for Transformational Change
Vikrom Mathur and Aniruddh Mohan
10 November 2015
This paper summarises the most innovative ideas shared at an ORF roundtable held in September 2015 to discuss technology strategies towards transformative changes in global energy systems.
Issue. 114
The US-China Cyber-Agreement: Implications for India
Arindrajit Basu
09 November 2015
This paper examines the implications of the new cyber-security agreement between China and the United States in terms of the evolution of an international legal regime governing the use of cyberspace.
Common Futures: India and Africa in Partnership
09 November 2015
This e-book brings together six contributions each from African and Indian scholars on the interlinked themes of growth, empowerment, security, sustainability, employment, and nutrition. It is a step towards creating an actionable India-Africa agenda.
Issue. 113
Cyber Arms Race in Space: Exploring India's Next Steps
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan and Daniel A. Porras
06 November 2015
As India's reliance on outer space increases, so too does its vulnerability to cyber warfare. This paper explores possibilities in India's counter-space capabilities.
Issue. 112
The Politics of Water Governance in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna Basin
Paula Hanasz
03 November 2015
This paper examines state-level water governance in India and its impact on the country's interactions with its co-riparians, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.
Issue. 108
India's Gender Digital Divide:Women and Politics on Twitter
29 October 2015
This study explores the spatial politics of Othering and whether women are marginalized in political conversations online in India. It shows a significant underrepresentation of women in Twitter's political conversations, which mirrors a real-world marginalization of women in India's political processes.
Issue. 109
The Technological Revolution andIts Impact on Gender Relations with a Special Focus on India and Africa
29 October 2015
The information technology revolution made governance more transparent, empowering the citizen. However, there is mixed evidence on the potential of ICTs for women. If ICTs are to empower women, they have to be designed in a manner that suits female skills and interests.
Issue. 111
Counter-terrorism in South Asia: New Threats Call for Deeper Cooperation
Wilson John and Joyeeta Bhattacharjee
29 October 2015
The story of counter-terrorism in South Asia has been that of individual countries crafting distinct strategies to deal with a problem which has long ago gone trans-national. This paper describes the threat of new terrorism and argues for a more integrated, regional approach to counter it.
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