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Issue. 1
A Roadmap for RIC
Nandan Unnikrishnan, Samir Saran and Uma Purushoth
25 March 2014
Together, Russia, India and China occupy around 50 percent of Asia's landmass. The three countries constitute some of the largest economies in Asia. There are a lot of potential synergies among the three countries, making a compelling case for their collaboration.
Issue. 68
The UN and Cyberspace Governance
Rahul Prakash and Darshana M. Baruah
15 March 2014
Even though governments have attempted to address issue related to cyber governance by creating national-level mechanisms, the very transnational nature of cyberspace has forced the international community to debate and form norms or rules that should promote good behaviour in cyberspace.
Issue. 69
Corporate Funding of Elections: The Strengths and Flaws
Samya Chatterjee and Niranjan Sahoo
15 March 2014
This Issue Brief seeks to outline the history of corporate funding in India, legislation governing corporate funding, institutional innovations in corporate funding like electoral trusts, and international experiences and their relevance in the Indian context. Given the increasing clamour for transparent and accountable corporate funding of political parties, the Brief also explores the perils of over-reliance on corporate funding.
Issue. 67
Future of Natural Gas in India: Paving the Way to Benefit from Upside Risks of LNG Supply
Thomas Elmar Schuppe
25 February 2014
This Issue Brief seeks to provide inputs for further discussion to gain from potential windfall opportunities that might arise for India's natural gas industry as well as lay the requisite foundation for a future plan.
Issue. 4
National Security: The Need for a Doctrine
Manoj Joshi and Abhijit Iyer-Mitra
10 February 2014
Many strategic analysts in India have suggested that the country evolve a national security doctrine to guide its armed forces and governmental system in dealing with matters relating to national security. The Observer Research Foundation took the initiative to examine the issue in its entirety. This report details the outcome of a discussion amongst the country's noted security experts.
Issue. 68
Myanmar and the Geopolitics of the Bay of Bengal
K. Yhome
10 February 2014
The opening up of Myanmar has added a new strategic value to the Bay of Bengal. Isolated for decades, Myanmar is actively engaging the world's major players in redefining its geopolitical identity today. This has further encouraged naval exchanges, exploration of energy resources and development of connectivity infrastructure in a vital littoral of the Bay. Within this evolving context, this paper attempts to examine the implications of these changes on the geopolitics of the Bay and argues that Myanmar's balancing policy is in the long-term interest of the region.
Issue. 66
The Global Financial System: A post-GFC Report Card
Jayshree Sengupta
22 January 2014
The International Financial Architecture has come under much scrutiny following the 2008 global financial crisis. There have been demands for major reforms to the IFA; but despite the steps taken so far, much more needs to be done to ensure global financial stability.
Issue. 66
Geneva II: Breakthrough or Stalemate?
Kanchi Gupta
21 January 2014
With the stage set for the Geneva II conference on Syria, positions have been drawn, bargaining will be tough and the outcome could go either way.
Issue. 65
South-South Cooperation:A Survey of Recent Trends
Vivan Sharan, Prashant Kumar.
31 December 2013
This Issue Brief highlights the role for South-South cooperation in the 21st century and evaluates North-South and South-South flows in trade, investment and aid during the past two decades.
The State of India's Cities and Towns
Jochen Mistelbacher & Prashant Kumar
10 December 2013
This "Book of Charts" on the "State of Cities and Towns", produced by ORF Urban Policy Research Initiative, paints a descriptive picture of the current state and developments in employment, education and public infrastructure provision, among others, and the disparities between states, within states and between different sections of the urban society.
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