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South Asia annual review 2015
27 March 2015
Political transitions and a looming threat of terrorism dominated much of South Asia in 2014. ORF's annual South Asia Review provides insights into the developments n each country in the region.
Issue. 8
East Asia and Japan's foreign policy
25 March 2015
This special report is a talk given by Professor Hitoshi Tanaka on a transforming East Asia and Japan's foreign policy. Prof. Tanaka is a former diplomat who retired as Japan's Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs.
Issue. 89
The Changing Contours of Regionalism and Multilateralism in a Globalised World
H.H.S. Viswanathan
16 March 2015
This issue brief looks at the trends of regionalism and multilateralism, their importance and evolution in an age of problems without borders that require regional or global solutions.
Mekong-Ganga Dialogue 2014
16 March 2015
Mekong-Ganga Dialogue, an inter-regional initiative, is a step towards achieving common understanding towards diverse and complex challenges that plague sustainable resource management in Mekong and Ganga regions through sharing of experiences and knowledge. Here is a report on Mekong-Ganga Dialogue 2014.
Issue. 88
India's NSG Membership: Examining the Relationship between NPT and the NSG
Arka Biswas
02 March 2015
This paper examines the relationship between the NSG and the NPT and assesses the relevance of NPT to the debate on India's participation at the NSG.
Issue. 87
Gender and Identity on Social Media
Nishtha Gautam
31 January 2015
This Issue Brief looks at the world of digital spaces and analyses issues such as the politics of silencing women; propriety; and health and gender-specific vulnerabilities.
Issue. 86
Capital Flows in the Quantitative Easing Era: Building Resilience in Emerging Economies
Manmath Goel
28 January 2015
This paper highlights the risks that emerging economies are exposed to given the extended use of Unconventional Monetary Policies in advanced economies. It also explores how financial resilience of emerging economies can be increased to ensure stable economic growth.
Issue. 85
An 'India Exception' and India-US Partnership on Climate Change
Samir Saran (ORF) and Bruce Jones (Brookings),
13 January 2015
The authors propose an 'India exception' in global climate talks as the only realistic pathway to a global climate deal, which could also be a key tool in cementing stronger ties between India and the US, two critical actors in the evolving international order.
Nuclear security in India
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
07 January 2015
Unlike other recent evaluations, India's nuclear security measures are indeed comparable to best practices globally, but we have done a poor job of publicising our achievements. The Indian reluctance to highlight these aspects has resulted in international concerns, which equated this lack of transparency with poor procedures and weak standards. India needs to get proactive in its outreach efforts.
Issue. 7
India and Israel: Reinforcing the Partnership
Taruni Kumar
02 January 2015
India and Israel share a unique partnership. It is both varied and comprehensive and is characterised by pragmatism and trust. This Special Report analyses the relationship and the potential for greater cooperation between the two countries.
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