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Issue. 99
Net Neutrality and Antitrust: Options for India
Bedavyasa Mohanty
03 August 2015
By most indications, India has arrived at a principled affirmation of net neutrality; the country must now turn its attention to its regulatory aspects. This essay examines whether the Competition Commission of India (CCI) can assume the primary role in enforcing net neutrality. It will trace the Commission?s short history to determine whether it has adequate jurisdiction and the strength of precedent to regulate the internet.
Rethinking Security in the 21st Century
29 July 2015
Security challenges are changing in the current, integrated world. A number of challenges have emerged in newer areas like space while traditional threats have acquired new dimensions. These evolving security challenges make it imperative to constantly rethink the State?s policy approach. The Jodhpur Security Dialogue was held to address these security challenges and explore viable policy options.
Prospects for the Asia Pacific Region
29 July 2015
Proceedings of the 7th joint conference organised by ORF and Moscow's Experimental Creative Centre. This report follows the highlights of the conference that sought to examine the current challenges faced by the Asia Pacific region.
Issue. 98
India's Intelligence Agencies: In Need of Reform and Oversight
Manoj Joshi and Pushan Das
23 July 2015
This report draws from the conference on the Future Challenges to India's Intelligence System organised by ORF in February 2015. What tasks face India's intelligence agencies in implementing reforms in order to address the more complex national security threats confronting the country today?
Issue. 97
Re-examining India's Nuclear Doctrine
Pushan Das
08 July 2015
This paper follows the proceedings of a workshop organised by ORF in August 2014 to re-examine India's nuclear doctrine. The workshop explored the challenges posed to India by Pakistan's introduction of battlefield nuclear weapons or Tactical Nuclear Weapons (TNWs), New Delhi's interest in acquiring a Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) system, and the growing threat perception from China.
Issue. 96
Nuclear Safety and Regulation in India: The Way Forward
Aniruddh Mohan
26 June 2015
While the regulatory and safety structures of India's civilian nuclear programme have served the country well, they are in need of an upgrade. This paper examines the paths that lie ahead.
Issue. 95
Turkey Says 'No' to Presidential Government
Anita Sengupta
25 June 2015
The general elections of 7 June 2015 were Turkey's last scheduled elections until the next one in 2019. Coming at a time when the country and its neighbours are on the brink of profound transformation, and given the increasing complexity of the socio-political situation in the Middle East, the elections results may well re-define the direction of West Asian politics for some time to come.
Issue. 94
India and its Eastern Neighbours: Prospects for Sub-Regional Cooperation
Sridhar Ramaswamy
17 June 2015
This Issue Brief focuses on the reasons for the need to have sub-regional integration and cooperation between the four South Asian countries of BBIN--Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal. It also looks at previous attempts made at sub-regional cooperation by countries in the region and the areas of potential cooperation.
Issue. 92
Youth and Radicalisation: The Threat to India
Taruni Kumar
09 June 2015
In common discourse on extremism, it is widely thought that the poor and unschooled are most easily recruited to militant organisations. Today, however, an increasing number of young professionals are embracing extremism. Is this true for India? If such a pattern is indeed present, what threats does it pose to India?
Issue. 93
A Baseline Assessment of Climate Finance
Vivan Sharan and Manmath Goel
09 June 2015
This Issue Brief gives an assessment of the gaps and shortages in climate financing flows, available monies in the global system and suggestions to mobilise resources towards mitigation and adaptation needs of developing countries.
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