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Vol. IX Issue. 37
Energy in the Budget
01 March 2013

"The other budget statement that is significant in the context of oil & gas is the potential shift from profit sharing to revenue sharing exploration and production contracts. The industry is unlikely to be pleased with this development. Exploration for oil & gas especially in deep and difficult waters is a high risk business and so private investors would have preferred to retain the model of profit sharing after full cost recovery..."

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India nearing its renewable goal adding 12.4 GW in 3 yrs is commendable but also unbelievable. Is renewable energy growing on the back of inefficiencies in conventional power generation and delivery? Page 22


Are inappropriate domestic pricing policies responsible for pushing Indian LNG market below expectations? Page 9


The Chief Minister's comment that people should switch off their lights if they cannot pay higher tariff is equal to asking people to starve if they cannot afford to buy food! Not what a politician should say! Page 14

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