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Vol. III Issue. 6
Is India Prepared for $ 100/bbl Oil?
26 July 2006

“Assuming that oil prices touch $100/bbl mark and holding all the other factors constant, India’s oil import bill for six months will be around $40 billion, which will be close to 45 per cent of the total estimated $89 billion import bill for the six-month period…”

Brazil: Energy Independence through Ethanol

“However, future thinking is that if ethanol is to have a major influence on world fuel supplies, its primary source will not be corn or sugar cane, but the more abundant feedstocks, such as agricultural and forest residue, switchgrass, and woodchip…”


Essar Oil to start refinery from Oct

Railway use CNG diesel mix fuel

BPCL to set up trading arm in S’pore

GSPC looks for KG basin partner

Iran, China sign €2.17bn refinery contract 

Asia needs oil reserves – IAE 


PM urges pricing review to meet energy needs 

India, Bhutan to promote hydel project 

Tata Power to set up 1,000MW project in UP

BHEL commissions 500 MW thermal station

Russia, Kazakhstan sign nuke deal

Asia goes nuclear to meet rising energy demands