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February 2015
Vol. XI Issue. 36; 20 February 2015
Is the budget the only hope for coal & power sector? - 20 February 2015
The General Budget will be presented in the last week of February, 2015 and the industry is coming out with its wish list and coal & power sector is no exception.
Vol. XI Issue. 35; 13 February 2015
Crude Oil: The Problem of Plenty - 13 February 2015
This raises some interesting questions. What led to the problem of too much oil when all along we were anticipating a problem of too little oil?
Vol. XI Issue. 34; 06 February 2015
Energy forecasts: More than that meets the eye? - 06 February 2015
The objective of forecasts, especially from Western funded research bodies such as the IIASA, the International Energy Agency (IEA), the energy think tank for OECD countries and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
January 2015
Vol. XI Issue. 33; 30 January 2015
Death Warrant for Fossil Fuels? - 30 January 2015
The entire population of the world is internal to the problem and not external observers as it was the case with the movement against tobacco and apartheid.
Vol. XI Issue. 32; 23 January 2015
Over-Supply in Global Coal Market is an Opportunity for India - 23 January 2015
India will be importing coal from various coal exporting countries like Australia, Indonesia, and South Africa but India's vulnerability is decided by coal prices in the global coal market.
Vol. XI Issue. 31; 19 January 2015
Can The New Gas Price 2.0 Drop Below Former APM Price Of $4.2/MMBtu!?Cap Or Floor Needed? - 19 January 2015
Since the markets for energy commodities are inherently interlinked by various interconnections the ongoing downturn of crude oil price will certainly spread out with some effect to other energy markets.
Vol. XI Issue. 30; 09 January 2015
Falling Oil Prices: Who is Celebrating?] - 09 January 2015
All parties in power know that increase in global crude prices, if passed through fully to the retail consumer, would not only earn the wrath of the consumer (voter) but also contribute to inflation which would in turn add to the wrath of the voter.
Vol. XI Issue. 29; 05 January 2015
2015: It Will be Different For Energy - 05 January 2015
It is likely that businesses and the Government are not passing on the benefits of low oil prices to consumers because they know that these prices are unsustainable in the longer term.
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Other Monitor Archives: Bangladesh |China |Iran |Japan |Maldives | Monthly Assessment |Myanmar |Nepal |Nepal Election Watch |Pakistan |Pakistan Crises Watch |Pakistan Election Watch |SAARC |Sri Lanka |Weekly Assessment |2008 Assessment