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September 2014
Vol. IX Issue. 13; 12 September 2014
Independent energy regulators are good "deal" makers - 12 September 2014
Putting an Independent Regulator in Oil and Gas, fully empowered to license production and determine prices, can have similar advantages in "deal making".
Vol. IX Issue. 12; 02 September 2014
China's Wager on Natural Gas - 02 September 2014
China is racing ahead of India and also other much larger natural gas consuming and producing nations around the world to produce and consume gas. This should not surprise those watching China's energy and other moves.
August 2014
Vol. IX Issue. 11; 29 August 2014
Politics of Hope: The Myth of Smart Cities - 29 August 2014
But cities were once the solution to the problem of prosperity for many. By diminishing distance and increasing density it created the perfect environment for prosperity through specialisation, exchange and trade.
Vol. XI Issue. 10; 22 August 2014
Energy Security: Multiple interpretations of an undefined idea! - 22 August 2014
The important priority for India is to provide electricity to all, infuse efficiency and expedite indigenous resource production. India must acquire stakes in energy blocks overseas. India's energy security program lacks vision because of the weak political structure.
Vol. XI Issue. 9; 15 August 2014
Pakistan: the next frontier for Indian power companies? - 15 August 2014
India's power sector is also inefficient but we are in a relatively better position. Though there have been improvements in the generation side, half hearted approach to reform is leading Pakistan towards complete collapse.
Vol. XI Issue. 8; 08 August 2014
Sub-Prime Crisis in the Indian Power Sector - 08 August 2014
While the objective of providing universal access to electricity cannot be questioned, it creates problems as it is forced to ride on a defunct system.
Vol. XI Issue. 7; 01 August 2014
Arguments over under-recoveries - 01 August 2014
The CAG report correctly observes that 'in the absence of an explicit and consistent policy, the share of under-recovery to be borne by each stake-holder (Government, upstream oil companies and OMCs)
July 2014
Vol. XI Issue. 2; 28 July 2014
Changing Climate Narratives: Return of the Prodigal Sons - 28 July 2014
In the new positive narrative, China and to a lesser extent the United States are cast as the prodigal sons who have finally returned to the family because they are signalling the possibility of committing to cap on carbon emissions.
Vol. XI Issue. 6; 25 July 2014
Why Natural Gas is not priced like Socks - 25 July 2014
In India, despite the adoption of liberal economic policies in the early 1990s, massive energy poverty and the consequent need for redistributive policies have largely limited the role of markets in the natural gas sector so far.
Vol. XI Issue. 1; 21 July 2014
A Review of Climate Change Assessments for India - 21 July 2014
India has carried out assessments of climate change and its impacts on crucial sectors such as agriculture, water resources, forests and health.
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Other Monitor Archives: Bangladesh |China |Iran |Japan |Maldives | Monthly Assessment |Myanmar |Nepal |Nepal Election Watch |Pakistan |Pakistan Crises Watch |Pakistan Election Watch |SAARC |Sri Lanka |Weekly Assessment |2008 Assessment