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August 2015
Vol. XII Issue. 11; 28 August 2015
Living with Low Oil Prices - 28 August 2015
If we take into account that one of the causes for lower oil prices is slowing global growth and the consequent decline in demand for oil in emerging markets (including India), expectation that lower oil prices will result in growth becomes a flawed circular argument.
Vol. XII Issue. 10; 21 August 2015
Looking back to move forward - 21 August 2015
The reformer's contention is that the end-use consumer should patiently wait for 'efficiency to trickle down' through the 'structural layers', in the meantime pay heavily for the inadequate and low quality power being supplied or give up the subsidy being enjoyed, whichever may be the case.
Vol. XII Issue. 9; 14 August 2015
Privatising Power Sector NPAs - 14 August 2015
Mistakes can be made by anyone and a capitalist system does accommodate mistakes. But the rate at which the private sector in India is making mistakes by creating energy assets that quickly turn into stranded assets leaves one wondering if this is part of their business model?
Vol. XII Issue. 8; 07 August 2015
Climate Change threats - Intended Nationally Determined Contributions for India - A Plea for Action - 07 August 2015
India's obligations in containing the GHG emissions are not only to meet its international obligations, but also to take care of the true welfare of its own people on a sustainable basis.
July 2015
Vol. XII Issue. 7; 31 July 2015
July 2015: Moving Closer to Electricity for All? - 31 July 2015
In the power sector, the most important news in July was the repackaging and re-launching of the Rajiv Gandhi Vidyudikaran Yojana as Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana with an outlay of ₹ 76,000 crore.
Vol. XII Issue. 6; 24 July 2015
People's Action Plan on Climate Change for Karnataka - 24 July 2015
These recommendations can go a long way in strengthening the National Action Plan and the State Action Plan on Climate Change, whose recommendations have not been known to the public. Since about 1,000 people from various walks of life have contributed to these recommendations,
Vol. XII Issue. 5; 17 July 2015
Iran Nuclear Framework Agreement: Impact on India's Energy Calculations (part I) - 17 July 2015
With the lifting of sanctions on Iran, Indian refineries will once again be in a position to freely source crude in a manner that optimises product yield and simultaneously also maximise the profitability of the refinery.
Vol. XII Issue. 3; 03 July 2015
Environmental Issues Persist Not Because of Mining But Due to Institutional Failure! - 03 July 2015
The Indian mining industry contributes significantly to the economic development of the country and more specifically to the advancement of the less developed regions.
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