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Issue. 68
Space 2.0: Shaping India's Leap into the Final Frontier
Narayan Prasad and Prateep Basu
26 August 2015
What can drive India's leap in the global space market? This paper examines why India's space industry has failed to take advantage of opportunities for market expansion. It argues that the country has inherent advantages in its skilled workforce, a stable government and low cost of operations, and with these, it can very well develop a strong private space industry ecosystem.
Issue. 67
Regional Integration in West Africa: The Evolution of ECOWAS
Arushi Gupta
21 August 2015
The paradox of the African continent is that it is resource-rich but remains poor in many parts. Has regional integration improved economic performance and does it pave the way to a better future? This paper examines West African integration--its evolution, the successes it has scored and the challenges that remain.
Issue. 66
Resurgence of Al-Qaeda in South Asia Post-US Drawdown
Aryaman Bhatnagar and Wilson John
10 July 2015
An examination of the prospects for al-Qaeda following the US drawdown in Afghanistan and the likely threats which the region, and India in particular, might face in the future. A supplementary scrutiny of ISIS, and the group's possible expansion in the region, is also proffered.
Issue. 65
The Dance of the Elephant and the Dragon: The Promise and Perils of Sino-Indian Relations
Himanil Raina
18 May 2015
Why is it that despite sharing significant commonalities, India and China remain trapped in a relationship that projects them as inevitable rivals? This paper examines the promise of these bilateral relations and attempts to sound the death knell to the old narrative.
Issue. 64
India's Participation in the NSG: Capturing the Debate
Arka Biswas
27 April 2015
The paper examines how the Nuclear Suppliers Group has evolved over the years and the role the Group defines for itself. It also attempts to provide a more nuanced understanding of the consequences of India's NSG-membership.
Issue. 63
Nuclear Developments in Iran:Comprehending the Indian View
Arka Biswas
21 April 2015
This paper examines Indian policies and decisions on Iran's nuclear programme and reveals a number of critical factors which have influenced New Delhi on this matter in varying degrees.
Issue. 62
Centre-State Relations in India: Time for a New Framework
Niranjan Sahoo
09 April 2015
This paper assesses the major shifts that have occurred in the country's federal system in the last three decades. It also provides a list of recommendations to improve Centre-state relations in India.
Issue. 61
India's Small Satellite Mission: Time for the Next Leap Forward
04 April 2015
The paper analyses small satellite activities within India in various institutions and identifies the opportunities as well as the gaps.
Issue. 60
Modi in Mauritius: Renewing a Special Relationship
M. Ganapathi
10 March 2015
On the eve of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit, M. Ganapathi, former High Commissioner of India to Mauritius, analyses India-Mauritius ties and suggests areas of cooperation to further strengthen the relationship.
Issue. 59
Royal Succession in Saudi Arabia: Challenges before the Desert Kingdom
Talmiz Ahmad
11 February 2015
With a new king in power, this paper looks at royal politics in Saudi Arabia and identifies topical domestic and regional challenges from the Saudi perspective.
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