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Vol. I Issue. 13
Rivers of Conflict or Rivers of Peace: Water Sharing between India and China
15 November 2014
Prof. Pranab Kumar Ray (Director, Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Research, Kolkata) scrutinises the need for water sharing between India and China, dispels misconceptions and provides a framework for an Integrated Basin Water Management system.
Issue. 9
Streamlining India's Defence Procurement System
08 July 2014
Despite a large industrial base and a growing economy, India is one of the world's largest importers of defence equipment. Our inventory shows an indigenous purchase ratio that is barely 30% of the total procurement.
Vol. I Issue. 12
India's Healthcare: Building on Gains, Facing Challenges
Patralekha Chatterjee
10 September 2013
This publication seeks to make a case for accessible and affordable healthcare by contributing to the discourse on the state of public health highlighted at a global meet, and which resonates within the wider public health community.
Vol. I Issue. 11
Regional Energy Cooperation: Accessing and Developing Hydrocarbon Resources in South Asia
31 May 2013
Edited Proceedings of the 11th Petro India Conference organised by India Energy Forum and Observer Research Foundation.
Vol. I Issue. 12
The Indigenisation of India's Defence Industry
Nirbhay Sharma
07 May 2013
Despite several initiatives undertaken by the government, the stated goal of achieving self reliance in defence production still remains elusive. In continuation with ORF's ongoing endeavour on the subject, a seminar was organised recently to discuss the way ahead. This publication, by ORF Distinguished Fellow Lt. Gen. Nirbhay Sharma, provides a comprehensive summary of the discussions and recommendations.
Vol. I Issue. 11
Niranjan Sahoo & Samya Chatterjee
10 April 2013
While the process of industrialisation is facing many problems that need to be addressed, the problem of land for industry is among the most serious. Many major projects today are stuck due to problems related to land acquisition. According to an estimate by ASSOCHAM, projects worth US$100 billion are at stake-many of them critical infrastructure projects linked to railways, national highways, ports and power plants.
Maritime Capacity of India: Strengths and Challenges
Dr. P. K. Ghosh & Sripathy Narayan
24 December 2012
The geo-strategic position of the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) has risen in economic and political significance in the last two decades that have witnessed a tectonic shift in international power play from the Atlantic Ocean to the Asia-Pacific more specifically to the IOR.
Vol. I Issue. 9
Safeguarding Prosperity In The Indian Ocean: Exploring India-US Cooperation
13 June 2012
The Indian Ocean Region has long commanded the attention of the strategic community and remained the focus of traditional International Relations; security experts view it as one of the world's most important geo-strategic areas of the 21st century.
Vol. I Issue. 7
India-US Defence Trade Relations: Trends and Challenges
Uma Purushothaman
Compiled and edited
18 May 2012
Indo-US relations have seen a qualitative change since the end of the Cold War because of greater strategic convergence between the two countries. Bilateral cooperation has expanded to areas as wide ranging as defence, education, health and agriculture.
Vol. I Issue. 8
Campaign Finance Reforms in India: Issues and Challenges
Samya Chatterjee & Niranjan Sahoo
Compiled and edited
18 May 2012
The Observer Research Foundation organised a roundtable on "Campaign Finance Reforms in India: Issues and Challenges" on February 1, 2012. The panelists included Mr. Manish Tewari (MP, Indian National Congress), Mr. Rajiv Pratap Rudy (MP, Bharatiya Janata Party), Professor E. Sridharan (Academic Director, Centre for Advanced Study of India, University of Pennsylvania.) and Mr. S.K. Mendiratta (Consultant-cum-Legal Advisor to the Election Commission of India). This publication highlights the key observations made by the panelists and others on how to address the "pernicious and all-pervasive" influence of money in Elections and resolve related issues, like inner party democracy.
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