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Need for proper structure of PPPs to address specific cyberspace risks
Experts say mere compliance with an international cyber security standard does not ensure that a product being used in a CII is protected from invasion. Threat analysis, mitigation systems and assessment practices need to be adopted to attain total protection of CII.
South Korea's 'Act West' policy to match India's 'Act East'
18 June 2015
The combination of Indian demography, Korean technology, its value for money aspects, and the government support has made Korean companies in India quite successful, according to the Consul-General of the Republic of Korea in Chennai, Mr. Kim Kyungsoo.
South Asia region needs to be integrated as Europe
16 June 2015
Like Europe interlinked themselves and how it has benefitted their economy as a whole, Dr. Muhammad Hasan Mahmud, a former Minister in Sheikh Hasina Cabinet, thinks the same kind of integration could be done between India and Bangladesh and the whole of South Asia.
Maritime security issues in the region cannot be separated: Japan's Vice Minister
12 June 2015
During a lecture on 'Japan's foreign policy: Strategy and practice', Japan's Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Akitaka Saiki reiterated the Japanese position that the security issues in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, the South China Sea and East China Sea cannot be treated separately.
Maritime Strategy vs Continental Defence
06 June 2015
Debate on whether Indian armed forces need a continental land defence strategy or a sea-based maritime strategy has gained currency in recent years, but there is yet a clear answer to emerge.
India-Bangladesh Cross-border Connectivity
03 June 2015
At the release event of the report on India-Bangladesh Connectivity: Possibilities and Challenges, participants stressed the need for leveraging the positive political climate and emphasised pro-active role of state governments in cross-border connectivity.
Post-Genocide Rwanda's dramatic transition
22 May 2015
As Rwanda commemorates 1994 genocide, now it has become a global example of successful post-conflict reconstruction. A talk at ORF by Rwandan High Commissioner Ernest Rwamucyo focussed on post-genocide Rwanda's unique story where ownership and innovative "home-grown solutions" helped re-construct the nation.
Muscle-power giving way to money-power in elections: Expert
22 May 2015
The process of reforms in the electoral system to ensure electoral integrity has began, but much remains to be achieved. Ultimately, electoral integrity could be restored only by the will of the people and it is in people's power to do so.
Lack of clarity on legal nature of Paris deal a concern for India
21 May 2015
Lack of clarity on the legal nature of the Paris deal and the INDCs has been a cause of concern for India. There has been a proposal for a kind of "hybrid agreement", which suggests that Paris deal will not actually be legally binding but have certain legally binding elements.
Minister for organic relationship between Govt and think tanks
20 May 2015
ORF, along with Brookings India and University of Pennsylvania, organised a Round Table on Think Tanks, Public Policy and Governance. The agenda was to explore the ways in which India's think tanks are currently making a difference in the country's development and how they can become increasingly relevant and important contributors to India' growth.
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