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Situating South Asia in the US response to transnational threats and Islamic militancy
The rise of Islamic State does pose a strategic threat to South Asia, although the influence might not be direct, according to Prof. Stephen Tankel of American University. He says since the decline of the Al Qaeda senior leadership in Pakistan, the IS has emerged a source of new leadership.
Greek crisis a threat to EU sustainability, says expert
20 August 2015
In the face of the Greece crisis, the fundamental problem that needs to addressed is whether the European Union was sustainable, as very soon Spain would also be faced with a financial crisis similar to Greece. A total re-writing of the books and balance sheet of the European economy is required as it was done in 1945, according to Dr. S. Narayan.
Japanese expert says India's cooperation with Russia, China is revisionist orientation
20 August 2015
From the beginning of the 21st century, India's foreign policy got a strategic orientation. Until then, it lacked coherence due to the absence of an overall plan or document stating the foreign policy objectives, says Professor Takenori Horimoto of The Open University of Japan.
Financing development: India and beyond
19 August 2015
Focusing on financing sustainable development, in India and elsewhere, ORF organised a conference that explored the future of global financial architecture for development and highlighted the difference between financing and implementation.
Shared values of US, India face profound global challenges, say US Ambassador
14 August 2015
The shared values that the United States and India hold dear face profound challenges in a number of areas that threaten global security and the international order, according to the US Ambassador to India, Mr. Richard Verma.
India has only been 'managing' Kashmir, says former Vajpayee advisor
13 August 2015
Taking part in the discussion on his new book "Kashmir: The Vajpayee Years", Mr A.S. Daulat, a former Advisor to Atal Bihari Vajpayee, said there have been troubling signs in the Kashmir Valley, such as a number of disappearances and the radicalisation and training of certain sections of youth.
BRICS Think Tanks Council recommends easy visas for researchers
11 August 2015
Easy visas for researchers from BRICS countries and creation of a BRICS framework programme similar to EU FP7 with funding from the New Development Bank are some of the important recommendations made by the BRICS Think Tanks Council's third meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The Strategic Rationale for Deeper U.S- Indian Economic Ties
11 August 2015
Grouped under key issues, the just released publication titled 'The Strategic Rationale for Deeper U.S- Indian Economic Ties' by Dr Ashley Tellis and Dr C. Raja Mohan examines the strategic rationale for expanding U.S-Indian economic integration.
Harnessing renewable energy sources for sustainable development in Africa
10 August 2015
Given the need to prioritise growth in the developing world, the goals must be 'development-climate compatible,' not, 'climate-development compatible', according to Dr. Youba Sokona, coordinator, African Climate Policy Centre (ACPC) based in the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.
Translating aspirations into foreign policy a key challenge: Former FS
07 August 2015
Discussing Dr. C Raja Mohan's book 'Modi's World: Expanding India's Sphere of Influence' in Kolkata, former Foreign Secretary K. Srinivasan said foreign policy has to be a combination of aspirations and capabilities. He said translating aspirations into policy would be a key challenge for the government.
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