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Modi effect: Revival of trust in India-Nepal relations
To foster India-Nepal relations, the focus should be on the 3Cs -- connectivity, communication and communities - according to Sujeev Shakya, Founder CEO, Beed Management and Chair of the Nepal Economic Forum.
Indo-US ties moving to transformational stage, says ex-diplomat
17 November 2014
Viewed through the prism of recent difficulties in India-US engagement, the focus of PM Modi?s US visit was in the nature of the leadership of the two nations getting to know each other, as well as aimed at building trust and fostering commitment between them, says former Secretary in the MEA, Mr. M. Ganapathi.
US's total power cannot be challenged by China, says Japanese expert
12 November 2014
The increased interdependence between the various players in the East Asia region is a potential area that needs to be harnessed more effectively to foster the relations and avoid the territorial conflicts and animosity, according to Hitoshi Tanaka of the Japan Research Institute.
Determining India's engagement in Africa
01 November 2014
The manner in which to determine the relationship between India and Africa is two-fold: micro analysis and macro analysis. This includes focusing on economic and energy diplomacy, political and security engagement and pan-African projects and strategies, says Dr. Arndt Michael of the University of Freiburg, Germany.
PLA attempting for expeditionary status, says expert
28 October 2014
There are strong indicators of a regionally dominant People's Liberation Army of China attempting for an expeditionary status, says Mr. Abraham M. Denmark, Vice President of the National Bureau of Asian Research.
Abe's and Modi's policies on Indo-Pacific becoming concurrent: Japanese Ambassador
27 October 2014
The idea of a united Indo-Pacific put forward by t he Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is becoming increasingly concurrent with the foreign policy initiatives of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to the Ambassador of Japan to India, Mr. Takeshi Yagi.
NSA calls for UN Convention against Terrorism at Munich Security Conference
22 October 2014
Speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Delhi, NSA A.K. Doval said there is a need for collective response by countries to tackle terrorism as it will be very difficult for countries individually to fight terror effectively. He called for a Comprehensive United Nations Convention against Terrorism.
Digital economy the biggest challenge facing the Indian policy-maker', says ex-PM Advisor
20 October 2014
"The structure of the Indian economy is undergoing a radical transformation, moving towards a highly service-oriented digital economy. In a digital economy we produce less tangible goods and consume more, consequently resulting in reduced savings.
A new approach to global security: Munich Security Conference meets in New Delhi
20 October 2014
The Munich Security Conference Core Group Meeting is beginning in New Delhi from Tuesday. Around 70 senior decision-makers from politics, business, media and civil society from India, as well as the Euro-Atlantic, Asian and the Middle East region will discuss key issues of international security policy.
India needs scholars to formulate effective China policy
10 October 2014
For formulating an effective China policy, India needs scholars well versed in Chinese language and culture who should be able to understand and appreciate the Chinese style of diplomacy to foster better synergy and cooperation between the two countries.
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