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Ukraine crisis aftermath leading to international instability
The India-France Experts Policy Dialogue discussed "Eurasia and international affairs following the Ukrainian crisis", "Rise of ISIS and West Asia" and "the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) and the possibilities of Indo-France co-operation in IOR".
Challenges of Nuclear Deterrence in a Multipolar Nuclear Architecture
22 May 2015
The India-France nuclear dialogue, organised by Observer Research Foundation on April 1, discussed, debated and exchanged ideas on some of the mutual challenges faced by both countries. Both the countries share concern on issues ranging from Chinese-Pakistani nuclear cooperation, nuclear proliferation in Iran and possibilities of an arms race in the West Asia.
Muscle-power giving way to money-power in elections: Expert
22 May 2015
The process of reforms in the electoral system to ensure electoral integrity has began, but much remains to be achieved. Ultimately, electoral integrity could be restored only by the will of the people and it is in people's power to do so.
Post-Genocide Rwanda's dramatic transition
22 May 2015
As Rwanda commemorates 1994 genocide, now it has become a global example of successful post-conflict reconstruction. A talk at ORF by Rwandan High Commissioner Ernest Rwamucyo focussed on post-genocide Rwanda's unique story where ownership and innovative "home-grown solutions" helped re-construct the nation.
Lack of clarity on legal nature of Paris deal a concern for India
21 May 2015
Lack of clarity on the legal nature of the Paris deal and the INDCs has been a cause of concern for India. There has been a proposal for a kind of "hybrid agreement", which suggests that Paris deal will not actually be legally binding but have certain legally binding elements.
Minister for organic relationship between Govt and think tanks
20 May 2015
ORF, along with Brookings India and University of Pennsylvania, organised a Round Table on Think Tanks, Public Policy and Governance. The agenda was to explore the ways in which India's think tanks are currently making a difference in the country's development and how they can become increasingly relevant and important contributors to India' growth.
Energy for All: How can India pursue its goal of providing energy to all sustainably?
20 May 2015
To meet its poverty eradication, human and economic development targets, India will require much greater availability of energy. Poverty eradication is critical for building resilience to potential climate impacts.
20 years of WTO: What next?
19 May 2015
The US is currently training various African economies on how to meet common value systems standards, and India along with other economies, needs to press for a more inclusive system where countries "pressurise on how to manage concerns and reach viable solutions."
Social marginalisation in urban India and role of the State
18 May 2015
Social marginalisation in urban India can be overcome by identifying committed non-State individuals/institutions, and supporting them so that they are able to successfully contribute to the government's reform process.
The Modi-Xi Summit: Addressing Core Issues
15 May 2015
The Chinese understanding about the border has changed many times and while a swap agreement would be a feasible solution to the issue, the Chinese have asked for more concessions on the East, says Dr. Manoj Joshi
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