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Need for separate regional councils for J-K
At a discussion on "Conversations on Kashmir: Socio-political and economic aspirations of J&K" at ORF, panellists insisted upon the need for truth and reconciliation which, however, can only be possible after the admission of guilt by the parties concerned.
2015: PRIMER
29 January 2015
The 2015: Primer discusses 10 issues - crisis situations or potential ones - that India must engage with this year. It is a reference 'handbook' that provides an indication of where India positions itself in a dynamic and ever-changing global order.
Will Panchsheel be key to India-China relations?
28 January 2015
In a first of the kind, Observer Research Foundation, Kolkata organised an inter-university debate competition on 'Panchsheel and its Relevance' on January 17 to commemorate completion of 60 years of signing the agreement.
The India-US Dialogues
28 January 2015
The India-US Dialogues, hosted by Observer Research Foundation and Network 18 on January 24 with panels ranging from security and international relations to business and economics, encapsulating the range of issues on everyone's minds.
Civil society and nuclear weapons policy
27 January 2015
At a conference on "Civil Society and Nuclear Weapons Policy", organised by ORF and Chatham House in Bangkok, there was a general consensus among participants that the emphasis should be given on raising awareness on the various hazardous impacts of the nuclear weapons explosion, especially in the nuclear weapons states.
Indian experts surprised by the election result in Sri Lanka
23 January 2015
Prof. S.D. Muni, a Sri Lankan expert, says that it was unlikely that the 13th Amendment would be implemented, but the spirit of the amendment, i.e., accommodation, would play a much larger role relative to Rajapaksa's rule.
ORF in Top 10 Asian think tanks
22 January 2015
As part of the worldwide launch of the Global Go To Think Tank Index Report 2014, an event was organised at ORF in Delhi on Thursday. According to the Report, ORF has been placed at 8th position amongst the Top 10 think tanks in Asia.
Statute-change mooted for better civil-military cooperation
20 January 2015
As evolved in the US and the UK, an Integrated Defence Staff, in which 'army controls army', is the need of the hour for better implementation of required reforms. This weakness can be resolved only through a constitutional amendment or to the Rules of Business of the Government, or both, says Lt-Gen. S. Pattabhiraman (Retd).
Briefing: UNFCCC COP 20 Meeting in Lima
19 January 2015
Climate change defined officially as 'a change in the state of the climate that can be identified among other things by changes in the mean and / or the variability of its properties, and that persists for an extended period, typically decades or longer' is among major challenges facing countries.
Next Russian nuclear power plant likely to come up in Andhra Pradesh
08 January 2015
The next Russian nuclear reactor plant is likely to come up in Andhra Pradesh, according to Russian Consul-General at Chennai Sergei Kotov. Initiating a discussion on "President Putin's Visit and India-Russia Relations" at ORF Chennai Chapter on January 3, Kotov confirmed that the next plant will not be constructed in Tamil Nadu.
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