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Debating India's nuclear doctrine
The nature of nuclear threat that India faces is not "binary" as India's concerns related with Pakistan and China are intertwined. The history behind China-Pakistan nuclear collusion makes it important to look into the "interlink".
IORA members should address security issues themselves
10 September 2014
Noting that maritime disputes and strategic competition in the Indian Ocean are at the core of changing geo-politics in the IO, participants of the Indian Ocean Dialogue concluded that the members of the IORA should address the security concerns themselves rather than relying on international forces.
Need of the hour for Asian nations is to stay united
09 September 2014
Given the emerging geo-political tensions in the region, the need of the hour for India, South Korea and other nations is to integrate and stay united, according to Mr. Anil Wadhwa, Secretary, Government of India.
Chennai - Industrial and trade hub leader
08 September 2014
Chennai may have lost out on the petroleum, petro-chemicals, pharmaceutical, and biotech fields, but it still remains the home-base of several solid market leaders from myriad industries.
Annual Report 2014
04 September 2014
Observer Research Foundation (ORF) is an endeavour to aid and influence formulation of policies for building a strong and prosperous India. The expectations of the global community from India are immense as the country is poised to play a leading role in the knowledge age. The Foundation believes that in the next 15 years, India will be one of the great economic powers in the world and contribute to a significant transformation in the quality of life of humanity.
The Post-2015 Development Agenda: Perspectives from India and beyond
02 September 2014
Observer Research Foundation, Saferworld, UK and the Department for International Development, UK, hosted a one-and-a-half-day international workshop on the "Post 2015 Development Agenda: Perspectives from India and Beyond" from August 13.
Ukraine's future not in either East or West
02 September 2014
It may be the strategy of Russia to bleed Ukraine dry, says Dr Andrew Kuchins, an expert on Russia. Ukraine has had 5-6 per cent negative economic growth this year. He says even a 30 plus billion dollar package from the IMF and others may not be enough to put Ukraine back on its feet again.
Australia-India relationship has reached new maturity: Report
01 September 2014
The relationship between Australia and India has reached a new maturity: that was key theme of a major bilateral dialogue convened from Sydney to Canberra to Melbourne, in early 2014.
India should act as an elder brother to Bangladesh
28 August 2014
The new political leadership in Delhi has given a ray of hope for the prospect of regional cooperation. In this regard, it is very important for India to understand how it is perceived by neighbouring countries in the South Asian region, says Bangladesh's Deputy High Commissioner Mahbub Hasan Saleh.
Nuclear strategies in the modern era
26 August 2014
China has modernised its nuclear arsenal to enhance mobility and concealment in order to increase the survivability. And, China's nuclear strategy will remain immune to any Asian nuclear imbalance, even in a scenario wherein Japan acquires nuclear weapons, argues author Dr. Vipin Narang.
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