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What to expect at the UN Special Climate Summit
As India, China, US and the European Union grapple with the need for equitable and meaningful climate action, strategies are also needed to address the differing needs and capabilities of the sub-national entities that make up these big players.
Rise of new powers in Asia challenging for US, allies
26 September 2014
The rise of new powers in Asia and the changing power distribution in the region is equally challenging for both the United States and its allies in the Asia Pacific region, according to Mr. Abraham M. Denmark, Vice President for Political and Security Affairs at The National Bureau of Asian Research.
Planning Ministry can coordinate Commission's work
25 September 2014
Former Union Revenue Secretary M.R. Sivaraman suggests that there should be a planning unit attached to the Prime Minister's Office or the Planning Ministry, to focus on indicative planning.
Major powers in Asia Pacific strengthening militaries
24 September 2014
All the major powers in the Asia Pacific region are ramping up their defence budgets and modernising their militaries. They are also building coalitions with each other through defence partnerships agreements and ports calls.
India-Bangladesh connectivity: Possibilities and challenges
24 September 2014
Participants at a Consultative International Workshop on India-Bangladesh Connectivity: Possibilities and Challenges, organised in Kolkata, emphasised the need for a common transport policy for the entire region.
Lima conference should set reasonable expectations for Paris
20 September 2014
Climate change experts at a roundtable at Observer Research Foundation emphasised the need for maintaining a pragmatic attitude at the 20th Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change at Lima. According to them, the goal should be to set reasonable expectations that can be achieved in Paris.
Debating India's nuclear doctrine
12 September 2014
The nature of nuclear threat that India faces is not "binary" as India's concerns related with Pakistan and China are intertwined. The history behind China-Pakistan nuclear collusion makes it important to look into the "interlink".
IORA members should address security issues themselves
10 September 2014
Noting that maritime disputes and strategic competition in the Indian Ocean are at the core of changing geo-politics in the IO, participants of the Indian Ocean Dialogue concluded that the members of the IORA should address the security concerns themselves rather than relying on international forces.
Need of the hour for Asian nations is to stay united
09 September 2014
Given the emerging geo-political tensions in the region, the need of the hour for India, South Korea and other nations is to integrate and stay united, according to Mr. Anil Wadhwa, Secretary, Government of India.
Chennai - Industrial and trade hub leader
08 September 2014
Chennai may have lost out on the petroleum, petro-chemicals, pharmaceutical, and biotech fields, but it still remains the home-base of several solid market leaders from myriad industries.
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