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Municipal governance - The Indian narrative
"Municipal governance" has once again taken centre stage in Indian polity. There is a current re-shaping of narratives within the national government to make local governance effective. It is realised that deficit in the delivery of urban services results in chaos, which forms the basis for citizens doubting the functioning of the local government.
Hong Kong protests put China in a quandary, says expert
18 December 2014
The central administration in China is wary of a protracted confrontation about the public in Hong Kong, and considering the nature of the demand, a prolonged protest would certainly be an embarrassment to China in the global political arena, says a China expert.
Emerging challenges in an urbanising India: Governance, security and climate change
15 December 2014
As part of a three-year research project undertaken by ORF and PRIO to study and analyse urban governance, urban security and environment related trends and concerns in selected regions of India, an international conference was organised on "Emerging Challenges in an Urbanising India: Governance, Security and Climate Change".
India should take on more responsibilities in Indo-Pacific
08 December 2014
It is clear that countries in the region would like to see India play a greater security role in the Indo-Pacific - that is India should be more proactive, rather than reactive. India should take advantage of the opportunities, and take on responsibilities.
Bangladesh still struggling to establish fully functional democracy
06 December 2014
Bangladesh's journey of democracy did not have a healthy start and it is still struggling with establishing a fully functioning democracy as is seen by the presence of confrontational politics and the dysfunctional parliament, according to former Bangladesh Major General Muniruzzaman.
Need to restructure Defence Ministry: Former DGMO
05 December 2014
There is a need to restructure the Ministry of Defence in order to ensure better co-operation between the civil servants and the military officers, according to Lt-Gen. V R Raghavan (retd), former Director-General of Military Operations (DGMO).
Five recommendations for US to make its South Asia policy effective
04 December 2014
US President Obama's top priority now is the crisis in West Asia, ISIS and Ebola, and India-US relations though, not inconsequential, is not on Washington's top priority now, according to Michael Kugelman of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington DC.
Bangla MPs hope Modi Govt will take bilateral relations to a different level
28 November 2014
A delegation of visiting Members of Parliament from Bangladesh, taking part in an interaction with academics, media-persons and ORF faculty, hoped that the new government in India would take the relations between the two countries to a different level.
Modi effect: Revival of trust in India-Nepal relations
20 November 2014
To foster India-Nepal relations, the focus should be on the 3Cs -- connectivity, communication and communities - according to Sujeev Shakya, Founder CEO, Beed Management and Chair of the Nepal Economic Forum.
Indo-US ties moving to transformational stage, says ex-diplomat
17 November 2014
Viewed through the prism of recent difficulties in India-US engagement, the focus of PM Modi?s US visit was in the nature of the leadership of the two nations getting to know each other, as well as aimed at building trust and fostering commitment between them, says former Secretary in the MEA, Mr. M. Ganapathi.
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