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India should act as an elder brother to Bangladesh
The new political leadership in Delhi has given a ray of hope for the prospect of regional cooperation. In this regard, it is very important for India to understand how it is perceived by neighbouring countries in the South Asian region, says Bangladesh's Deputy High Commissioner Mahbub Hasan Saleh.
Nuclear strategies in the modern era
26 August 2014
China has modernised its nuclear arsenal to enhance mobility and concealment in order to increase the survivability. And, China's nuclear strategy will remain immune to any Asian nuclear imbalance, even in a scenario wherein Japan acquires nuclear weapons, argues author Dr. Vipin Narang.
Incubation space for terror groups in Bangladesh a worry for the world
25 August 2014
Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, which is threatened by the formation of the Narendra Modi government in Delhi, have been reactivating networks of LeT and Jaish-e-Mohammad in Kashmir since May/June 2013.
From 'clash of civilisations' to 'clashes within civilisations'
25 August 2014
If the ISIS is not brought under control, the chances are that it could spread to Pakistan, especially Waziristan, a tribal region which plays host to most terror outfits. This could in turn affect India by means of border infiltrations.
China's role important in South Asia water management
21 August 2014
Engaging with China is crucial for any sustainable water management strategy to take effect in South Asia and India need to play a central role in garnering this support, says Mr Suresh Prabhu, Advsior, Power Ministry and a former Union Power Minister.
Deconstructing the NaMo campaign
20 August 2014
The BJP's decisive election victory should be seen as a bye-product of Narendra Modi's precisely-run election campaign, his effective use of social media to relay political messaging and the sophisticated technological inputs that guided the course of the entire campaign, according to experts.
Lack of bankruptcy law making process slower, says expert
16 August 2014
India neither has a well-defined bankruptcy legislation for businesses to close down systematically or special courts to take care of such issues; and, as a result the process becomes slower, says former Revenue Secretary M.R. Sivaraman.
BRICS makes all the news: IBSA will continue to be relevant
16 August 2014
"Has the emergence of BRICS had an impact on IBSA," was the question posed by Mr M Ganapathi, former Secretary (West) in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India.
India-China Connectivity: Past and Present
14 August 2014
The use of past to pitch present-day India-China interaction is not a very helpful strategy because the situations, political entities were different and the role of Buddhism was more complex than acknowledged, according to Dr. Tansen Sen of the City University New York.
India-US partnership ripe for development
14 August 2014
There is huge potential for development of the relationship between the US and India. Yet achieving this promise will require careful strategic planning from the governments of both nations, according to panellists at a discussion on the "India-US Partnership".
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