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South Asia on land and sea: Old networks, new Links
China uses history in imaginative fashion. This aspect is evident in Chinese expansionism over land and sea. Therefore, the challenge is often to locate South Asia within the broader configurations of land and sea, says Prof. Rila Mukherjee, Head of History of the Hyderabad University.
String of Pearls' highly hyped and speculative: Expert
24 July 2014
Dismissing the theory of 'String of Pearls' as purely speculative and over-hyped, a former senior Indian Naval officer says that China's port development activities at Hambantotta in Sri Lanka and Gwadar in Pakistan were to ensure that its SLOCs were networked and constantly replenished.
National Energy Security Vision 2022
19 July 2014
'India Energy Security Vision 2022: From Scarcity to Abundance'', a report prepared by Observer Research Foundation in association with the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was released by Planning Commission Adviser Dr Anil Kumar Jain.
BRICS leaders accept BTTC Recommendations
19 July 2014
The BRICS leaders have accepted the report titled "Towards a Long Term Strategy for BRICS", the recommendations made by the BRICS Think Tanks Council (BTTC). Observer Research Foundation is the Indian representative at the BTTC.
Hope on Abe and Modi to take relations to a new height
16 July 2014
There is a strong sense in Japan today that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and India's new Prime Minister Narendra Modi would take India-Japan relations to a new height, say senior officials and scholars in japan.
Article 370 a burden on Jammu and Kashmir people
15 July 2014
Article 370 is a burden on the people of Jammu and Kashmir which has been misused by successive State governments to stall the delivery of several public welfare initiatives of the Central Government, according to dean of Jammu Central University.
Evolving maritime geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific region
10 July 2014
A four-day maritime conference on "Maritime Geo-Politics in the Indo-pacific" was organised in Chennai, Kochi and New Delhi recently. The conference saw speakers deliver perspectives from India, China, Japan, US, Australia and Indonesia.
India, China need to institutionalize water resources sharing: Jairam Ramesh
09 July 2014
India and China should begin a full-fledged dialogue on water resources in order to address the suspicion that China is diverting river water away from India, according to former Union Minister Jairam Ramesh.
Geography counter-productive in Pakistan's case
08 July 2014
In a few years from now, Pakistan would occupy an important position in the region and must prepare itself for it, says Prof. T.V. Paul of McGill University, Canada. He says that Pakistan's future would be South Asia's future, as the country is slated to be the fifth largest country in terms of population in the years to come.
India, Pakistan need to shift focus towards CBMs
07 July 2014
India and Pakistan need to begin a dialogue on economic and military relations. It will be a challenge for both countries to balance the provision of security for its populations with the need to create the enabling environment for economic and social development and growth.
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