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Multistakeholder policy making very important: Google official
The future of the internet is by no means simple, and that the deeper the analysis became, the more complicated it would be, according to Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google.
International finance can't be divorced from politics: Ex-Economic Advisor to PM
25 February 2015
International financial institutions are critical in global development and in achieving sustainable developmental goals, says Dr. Paul Cadario, while Mr. Ashok Lahiri says "international finance cannot be divorced from politics"
Crisis in Maldives: Testing time for India?
24 February 2015
With Maldives again in the midst of political chaos, its former Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem says India can play a crucial role in taking the country out of the crisis by keeping a close watch on it and helping reform the judiciary to ensure that the Yameen administration does not kill off democracy.
Need for a neutral, international cyber framework
23 February 2015
A neutral, international framework is needed to manage cross-border requests related to the cyber sphere, says Bertrand de la Chapelle, director of the Internet & Jurisdiction Project.
India, China and the media
23 February 2015
Senior journalists from India and China discussed various important issues affecting the India-China relations and the role of media in both the countries in giving a right perspective to issues and help improve relations further. The platform was the India-China Media Exchange, organised by ORF in Delhi in association with the Global Times Foundation.
Renewed interest in internet governance in New Delhi: US cyber official
21 February 2015
With the new government in New Delhi, there is a renewed interest in internet and internet governance in India, according Mr. Thomas Dukes, US Deputy Coordinator for Cyber Affairs. He said the Digital India initiative has been revived and the Government's interest and investment in furthering it is clearly visible.
Rise of China has upped significance of Myanmar
21 February 2015
With the rise of China as an economic and military superpower, the significance of Myanmar in the geo-politics of the region has assumed new dimensions. India therefore cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the country where till recently Chinese influence was allowed to grow unchallenged.
Pragmatic approach to combat climate-change: Former Secretary
21 February 2015
"India, China and the US share a similar perspective on balancing economic interests with climate-action, seeking a pragmatic approach to combat climate change through plausible self-determined contributions that are cognizant of national interests," says former Union Environment Secretary N R Krishnan.
The threat and opportunity of data in cyber sphere
20 February 2015
Participants at a panel discussion on "The Changing Face of National Security Work - The Threat and Opportunity of Data" reiterated the importance of striking a balance: between civil liberties and national security, between sovereignty and international cooperation and between individual convenience and protection.
US keen on investing in alternate energy sources: US official
16 February 2015
The US is keen on investing in alternate energy sources, especially in Southern India where there is high potential for such innovations, says Samuel F Rothenberg, Political/Economic Officer at the US Consulate-General in Chennai. He said around $1 billion has been earmarked by the US Exim Bank to ensure the implementation of such plans.
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