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Europe's deepest crisis
Many of the former communist countries in the EU are afraid that they would not be able to deal with a large number of migrants. And some of them are "discontent about their economic situation after the fall of communism", says Prof. Igor Luksic, chairman of the Social Democratic Party, Slovenia.
ISIS and Taliban competing in Afghanistan for supremacy: Dy FM
30 November 2015
In Afghanistan, groups like the ISIS and the Taliban are competing with each other by using such tactics of intimidation and fight to win more fighters, resources and geography, says the Afghanistan's Deputy Foreign Minister Mr Hekmat Khalil Karzai.
India-Africa partnership should focus on altering position on labour
27 November 2015
India-Africa partnership should focus on altering the position of African countries in the international division of labour, says Lorna Daniels, Political Counsellor of the South African High Commission in New Delhi.
New Zealand look forward to India's more strategic role in the Indo-Pacific
21 November 2015
New Zealand's High Commissioner to India thinks that India's 'Look East' policy was not markedly different from its current 'Act East' with regard to New Zealand. His observation came during a track two initiative on strengthening India-New Zealand relations.
Robust India-Japan ties vital in Asian security architecture: Japanese scholar
19 November 2015
Reiterating that China should not be contained, Mr. Yukio Okamoto, adviser to former prime ministers, has underlined the need to foster cooperation between Japan and India, including in their efforts to be represented in the United Nation Security Council, with or without the veto powers.
Tensions in South China Sea can destabilise region and the world
16 November 2015
Tensions between India and Pakistan or North Korean provocations or South East Asia's maritime problems should not be perceived as local. The tensions in the South China Sea can single-handedly destabilise the region and the world, argues Prof. Rory Medcalf.
ISIS returnees could pose problem to India
12 November 2015
The terror-cadres who have returned home pose a serious threat to India, as they might serve as potential recruiters for the Syrian rebels and start sending young fighters to Syria, says media-veteran-turned-academic, Dr. Sridhar Krishnaswami.
Tezpur University wins ORF Kolkata inter-varsity debate
12 November 2015
ORF Kolkata organised its 2nd annual Inter-University Debate Competition on 7 November, 2015. Students of the Tezpur University won the competition that saw participation of representatives from eight universities from eastern and north-eastern Indian states.
Is India prepared for new global trading regimes?
07 November 2015
India will have to decide what the TPP means for its domestic reforms agenda. India need foreign markets to grow and it cannot presume that the size of its domestic market will force others to come to its terms.
Economic forces driving US, India closer, say Senators
06 November 2015
The Indian diaspora in the US has been instrumental in deepening and strengthening India-US relations and will continue to do so in the future, says State Senator Ellen Roberts from Colorado Legislature and Minnesota State Representative Paul Thissen.
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