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Delhi, Dhaka need to strengthen further ties on border management, counter-terror
During the recent "5th India-Bangladesh Dialogue" organised in Delhi, there was consensus among all participants on the need for strengthening further cooperation on border management and counter terrorism in order of tackle threats which are common to both the countries.
Awaiting Launch: Perspectives on the Draft ICoC for Outer Space Activities
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan,Daniel A. Porras (Edi
17 April 2014
It has become a bit of a cliché to say that outer space has become crowded, congested and contested. Yet there are no comprehensive international rules that have been established since the Outer Space Treaty was concluded in 1967.
Social Media and Politics
14 April 2014
ORF hosted a panel discussion on "Social Media and Politics", based on Shaili Chopra's book, The Big Connect: Politics in the Age of Social Media.
Challenges of managing Knowledge Based Cities
09 April 2014
Delhi needs to follow a more integrated approach to make the centres of learning a part of city planning authorities to make the Indian capital, which has two famous universities, a knowledge based city.
Brazil Ambassador says there is need for trade growth in qualitative terms also
07 April 2014
Brazil's Ambassador to India, Mr Carlos Duarte, thinks that trade between Brazil and India should grow not just in absolute terms but also in qualitative terms.
ORF- GIZ Economic Policy Forum: Resources Policy
04 April 2014
Experts from the BRICS countries and Germany discussed in Delhi 'Supply Side Economics and the Need for Energy Diversification'; 'The Future of Global Energy Systems'; 'Industrial Efficiency and Business Responsibility' and 'Energy Access in BRICS Nations'.
Majority of Americans disapprove of Obama's foreign policy
04 April 2014
Talking about Americans' perceptions about the Obama administration's foreign policy, Mr Bruce Stokes, Director for Global Economic Attitudes at Pew Research Center, US, said 53% of Americans disapproved of his handling of foreign policy.
Ukraine crisis: Are Cold War clouds gathering again?
03 April 2014
For Ukraine, joining EU or NATO would not be prudent as well as joining the Eurasian Union as it would not serve Ukraine's national interest. A close association with Russia as well as special partnership with EU may be a better option.
Free speech, privacy and E-surveillance in the digital age
01 April 2014
In this digital age, how free speech is dealt with in a multipolar world, and the emergence of the new and complex forms of censorship were discussed in a talk on "Rethinking Media Freedom in the Digital Age" at the Observer Research Foundation.
West Asian countries will have to develop their path to democracy: Experts
29 March 2014
At a conference on "Transformations in West Asia: The Next Steps" in Delhi, speakers said each country must develop its unique path to achieve democracy, based on the historical and current social, political and economic context.
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