Vol. III Issue. 51
Bill to make Pakistan weapons free
24 November 2012

Islamabad: Daily Jasarat, November 20, 2012. National Assembly has passed a Bill to make Pakistan weapons free, a tall order considering the number of weapons circulating in the country, especially in violence-prone areas like Karachi, Quetta and Miran Shah. The killing spree in Karachi and other towns in Sindh, the stronghold of the ruling party, PPP, had fast-tracked the passing of the Bill. There were however objections from JUI-F, PMLN and ANP. Some PPP members also objected to some of the provisions in the Bill. MQM, which was one of the movers of the legislation, argued that weapons in the hands of extremists were causing mayhem in Karachi. MQM leaders said over 7000 Taliban cadres were present in Karachi. A large number of weapons are not registered and are freely used in targeted killings in the port city. On an average, over a dozen people are killed in targeted killings in Karachi. JUI-F objection was that making the country weapons free was a difficult proposition. The party argued that it was the wrong policies of successive governments which created the violent atmosphere in the country.

Al-Muhajiroun declared Fatwa against Malala

Islamabad: Daily Khabrain, November 22, 2012 British-based Al-Muhajiroun claimed that a fatwa has been issued against the young Swat student, Malala, shot by the Taliban in October, from Lal Masjid in Islamabad. However, the spokesperson of the mosque, Maulana Amir Siddiqui, refuted the claim. Muhajiroon claimed that Malala episode was being exploited by the US to prevent Islamic rule in Pakistan. On its website, the group posted an article titled "Don't Trust Malala's crocodilian Tears".

D-8 Countries will work to resolve Common Interests

Islamabad: Daily Ausaf / Jasarat, November 23, 2012. Eight Muslim countries declared that they were committed to working together in resolving their common problems. This was expressed during the D-8 Conference (Developing 8 Muslim Countries) held in Islamabad on November19-20. In a statement issued at the end of the deliberations, the conference decided to work Democracy, Peace, Tolerance, Fraternity, Security, and Governance to moderate and make their people economically strong in future. The participant countries decided to work with the international community in countering terrorism. The conference also adopted a Global Vision-2012-2030 as a guidemap for its future activities. The conference was attended by leaders from Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Indonesia and Egypt.

8500 person arrested but no one sentenced

Islamabad: Daily Khabrain, November 21, 2012. Senator Mushahid Hassan said that 8500 persons were arrested for various offences in Karachi but not even one had been sentenced or punished. He was speaking during a discussion on the Karachi situation in the Senate. The Senate discussed worsening law and order situation in Karachi, Quetta and other cities in Sindh and Balochistan. Elsewhere, President Asif Ali Zardari, reacting to the recent Rawalpindi blast, said it was shameful that Muslims were killing Muslims. Interior Minister Rehman Malik addressing the media justified the ban on mobile use and motorcycle pillion riding and said over 90 bombs were defused in the run upto Moharram.

Human beings are more important than Ka'abah

Karachi: Daily Ausaf, November 20, 2012. Jamaat-e-Islami leader Qari Mansoor Ahmad Qureshi said killing of innocent people was a sin against humanity. He was reacting to the killing of three Jamaat workers in Mohmand Agency by a woman suicide bomber recently.

(This is compiled and translated from Urdu by Shahid Raheem, Media Researcher, Observer Research Foundation)