Vol. III Issue. 52
Duplicit policy on Tehrik-e-Taliban
01 December 2012

Islamabad: Daily Ausaf, November 29, 2012. The government's recent decision to declare a bounty on the head of another Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan leader, Ehsanullah Ehsan, has further incensed the terrorist group which has been targeting the Pak security forces on and off since its creation in 2007. Ausaf said the bounty of Rs 20 million on Ehsan raised more questions about the government's policy. The newspaper said the government was well aware that the real leaders of TTP were Hakimullah Mehsud and Wali-ur Rahman, and not any one by the name of Ehsan. In fact, the newspaper raised serious doubts about the identity of Ehsan and alleged it was a fake name.The newspaper asked the government was aware that Ehsanullah was in touch with the media persons on a regular basis and it was not a difficult task therefore to locate his whereabouts. The newspaper also quoted Interior Minister Rehman Malik admitting that Ehsan was not a TTP leader and was on the pay of foreign countries. Malik was quoted as saying that the government was aware of the hideouts of Mehsud and Wali-ur Rahman and the size of weapons they possessed. The newspapers wondered why the government chose to declare a bounty on some on who was not a TTP leader.

Freedom is the Basic Right of Palestinian and Kashmir Muslims: Hafiz Saeed

Lahore: Daily Khabrain, December 01, 2012. Chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawah Professor Hafiz Saeed said that freedom was the basic right of each and every Palestinian and Kashmir Muslim. He accused Israel was killing innocent Muslims under the patronage of America. He accused the Pakistan government of abolishing death sentence to save the Indian, Sarabjit Singh, from the gallows. He said the Mumbai terrorist hanged to death in India recently was not given a chance to meet either the lawyers or the members of the judicial commission.

Hafiz Saeed was speaking at the two-day conference in Muridkey near Lahore in the last week of November. The meeting was attended by over 200 ulema, 100 political cadres and 500 others including imams and Jamat-ud Dawa cadres

83 Arrested, Huge Explosive and Arms Recovered from Karachi

Karachi: Daily Khabrain, December 01, 2012. Security forces made 83 arrests, seized a huge amount of explosives and weapons as the administration, goaded by the Supreme Court, began efforts to stem the tide of violence in the port city. A thousand Pak Rangers supported by two armed helicopters have been sent to Karachi for an intensive search and seize operation. The security team includes members of anti-terrorist squad and women police. Three TTP elements were killed during the operation.

Relation with America is Good, We will talk with Taliban Soon: Heena Rabbani

Islamabad: Daily Khabrain, December 01, 2012. Foreign Minister Heena Rabbani said the relationship between Pakistan and United States of America was improving rapidly, especially in the areas of security and intelligence sharing. She said both the countries were trying to reach out to each other and keep the recent bitter events out of the way. She pointed out that Pakistan had recently released some Taliban leaders and were engaged with Afghanistan on the issue of reconciliation. She said Kabul was an important capital in South Asia and it was in the interest of all in the region to ensure stability to Afghanistan. In that context, she referred to the normalisation of relationship with India.

Politics should be separated from religion

Islamabad: Daily Jang, November 26, 2012. Communal conflicts are rising in the country. There is no easy solution to the communal violence. Scholars believe that perhaps the only way to put an end to the communal violence was to separate politics and religion. During a discussion on the subject recently, noted scholars like Dr Mubarak Ali (historian), Dr. Jawed Ghamdi and Manzar Abbas Naqwi (religious scholars) said Pakistan must learn from countries like India where different communities co-existed. They admitted the religious leaders and the intelligentsia had failed to bring about this understanding among the people

Ulemas of Pak-Iran and Afghan should meet against terrorism: Iran President

Islamabad: Daily Jasarat, December 01, 2012. Iranian president Ahmadinejad said religious leaders of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan must come together to address the issue of terrorism sweeping across the region. Talking to a private television channel, the President said that Islam prohibited killing without reason. He said people were being killed by terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan without any reason. He said the terrorist violence was provoked by the presence of the US in Afghanistan. He said there was need to work together like Muslims and not remain divided on sectarian lines.

(This is compiled and translated from Urdu by Shahid Raheem, Media Researcher, Observer Research Foundation)